Happy Halloween!! The moon is bright and full this morning here in my crazy world. This blog has been trying to get written for the last 4 days and well, today is the day I am going to push it thru to finished!!

This past week, in 2 of the combo readings (body/ET) that I had done, there was a focus on energy fields I never realized held its own consciousness and desires. Things like, neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, etc..

I will start with the easiest to understand. Neighborhoods. Once a neighborhood is built, regardless of the intention of the builders themselves. a neighborhood forms a vortex of consciousness. Of course, its consciousness is directly aligned with that of the city vortex, but we will get to that in a moment. Now, every neighborhood has houses/homes/businesses. etc. located within them. Those buildings also have their own vortex within the vortex of the neighborhood.

As you can see, this spreads outwards and connects to the other larger vortexes like cities, counties, states and so on.

All are born with special qualities that are prominent within the earth area it was developed upon, as well as the star alignments.

Not once in my life did I ever conceive of these things. Yet, we are working to clear these things back to its purity.

They all have their own magnetic push and pulls, but there are times (some places more than others) where misalignment of humans move in. Things go downward and we say things like “that’s a bad neighborhood or city, etc. Every time we say such an (absurd to spirit) thing, its like tossing a mudball at the vortexes. These mudballs (if you will) dampen the light of the vortex time and time again, reducing its ability to attract what it needs to fulfill its desires.

Well, our A team of combo players (those working within the new body template with our ascended masters and ETs) are helping to restore the light of the vortexes.

This will allow the magnetic stream of the new fields of energy to lay itself down as we conclude this year (energy system) and start to move into the next one (2021.)

Think of the times you feel like suddenly going somewhere, or focusing your energies in a certain place. Hell even moving is a pull from these areas to assist.

Now I am going to couple this with some information I heard from the audio book I listened to the other day (in my ongoing starting and stopping of it) “The Convoluted Universe” by Dolores Cannon. Her subject (as usual) was in a deep hypnotic state and a Being not from our universe was talking thru her to Dolores.

He was explaining how important alignments were from his vantage point. In a way, aligning their space time with our spacetime points to allow for higher information/knowledge to come thru and be received.

He was also explaining thru these personal alignment’s of connection (what we refer to as scheduled appointments) that there are times they cannot be held, either because of the energies between the two points of connection (theirs and ours) or because the person scheduled has not received the geometric patterns of energy that would allow the information scheduled to be released to be understood and utilized.

Let’s look at these geometric patterns. He was explaining some (and I also understood so much more from the readings when coupled with this Being’s information) people that are pulled to certain areas or places choose not to go and their geometric bundle (if you will) does not get received, leaving what we can think of as a huge gap in processing new information.

How many times we are pulled to go to stores, landscapes, whatever, sometimes to simply cross the paths of other people we don’t know and may never know, yet, the combination of place, person, time and space have been conjoined to allow for a connection of receiving energy that could not otherwise been had.

The Being explaining this on the audio book said that there are times, due to the above, that appointments are rescheduled a week, months, years or can never be done.

There are equally the opposite reasons we go somewhere, to deliver the geometric patterns we hold within us for others and/or other places.

So with all of that understood (I hope) when we have powerful events like the one we are in now, the October energy system, it is changing us, rewiring us, in ways that will allow for deeper, higher, more complex connections going forward. Evolution at its best.

He was also explaining how intense these energies can get, as if you and I didn’t realize it already!! To the point of needing assistance to equal out the physical body/mind. Either by others on the ground here or others in other realms.

So imagine the light bursts that take place within neighborhoods when two or more crazy powerful Light Beings (me and you) get together. We are recharging the world forward, once section at a time. Ohhhhh when we meet either on the phone or on the internet, we create light strings of connections from one neighborhood (city, state, country) to another.

It really makes even more sense now when the days I cannot see but have my voice, spirit says sometimes the conversation is just as important as the readings. That is why I do not email anyone, we talk and reschedule those days.

On a completely different (way more down to earth lol) note…

Valorie officially entered New Life Rehab yesterday for her year long travels to a new, more empowered Self. I am so hopeful for this transition. The place was very nice and homey. There is a 10 lady maximum that will live there as residents. I’m excited.

I am going to leave out for Texas a week today. Now that I have my daughter set up, I will spend my week reading and packing and picking up the pieces of my heart as I get ready to leave my Zachariah behind and find the way to make it as easy a transition for him as well. We have a very close bond and I am praying for the guidance to have the separation be gentle for him.

I am sure there is so much spiritual news I am leaving out, but dammit, I am going to get this blog published today!!!

This full moon energy that we are being pummeled with today, has been infused with sun bursts these last 2 days as well. I would see occasional sunbursts sitting on a moonbeam as they pierced the human I was reading for. The sunbursts seemed to target the head area.

The fact that it has been since 1944, 76 years, since the full moon last fell on Halloween seems to be important, but not sure how.

On that note…

Great big ole ((((HUGZ)))) drenched in pure illumination of full moon energy to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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