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Heart Pattern

I have so enjoyed the last of the warmer days of summer while also sensing the energetic shifts underway.

The edginess that I had been feeling earlier in the month has left, and in it’s wake is an enormous sense of inner peace, expansion and wellbeing.

I trust that you, too, are moving through this powerful time with ease and grace—that you are in full-on witness mode and have adopted the tools that best help you to stay inwardly focused, above the chaos and in the flow.

Given the message that flowed forth this month and after coming out of a recent meditation (see Seer message below), I was comparing notes with my husband about how the manifestations of the global patterns have dramatically shifted over the years. Just a short time ago the heaviness of war, FEMA camps, mass arrests, stock-piled body bags, and in short, the dismantling of life as we know it loomed heavy in the collective consciousness field.

Now those oppressive planned actions are nowhere to be felt or seen. It’s as if we have jumped a timeline. Instead our shared reality has morphed into a more invasive form of control and oppression. Even so, in this current climate of intrigue, the patterning running underneath all the drama has the energetic imprinting of impending liberation written all over it.

The gift of that earlier scenario of demise galvanized a legion of spiritual activists. No matter how messy the world appears to be right now, and how dramatic the events that are bound to unfold, humanity is in the process throwing off oppression on every level.

And that’s where we do our part. We now better understand how to remain embodied while infusing the consciousness grid with Light. We have refined our discernment skills enough to move away from the ensnarements that occur when oppression and control show up in life.

Spiritual activism is not about avoiding life in it’s manifested form either. It’s about the mastery of our super power—Love and connection to our divine source.

We now know that we are to witness what is presenting in the moment, clear that which triggers fear within us, and transcend the field altogether.

If you are finding yourself still awash in overwhelm or feeling demoralized, use this time to reclaim the lost aspects of Self on every level and embolden the heart to muster the courage to dream a different dream for your life and your world into form.

Our tools of transformation have been, and still are, meditation, positive intention, immersion in nature, music and song, dance and soulful artistic expression in all forms. Staying surrounded by an uplifting force of light in community is the essential ingredient.

As we listen to the inner promptings that guide us forever forward some are called to take action while others are guided to remain immersed in the stillness and continue to infuse the grid with Light. No matter how you are so inspired, know that a new earth is ever present—one where all beings, all realms are fully honored—is manifesting into form.

We are on our way.

As we embody the Love that is coalescing into a higher state of consciousness, many of us are being called to speak, to share, to lead, and to model this new way of being. This is so that others, still triggered or mired in fear, can reclaim their power and find their way to this self-realized form of freedom.

Regardless of what plays out in our present future, I’m so encouraged by what I see and feel, and I hope you do too. Keep up the great inner work. We are all arising, and it is very exciting indeed. Now for this month’s channeled message:

Everything is love.

Everything everyone and all realms are one. The great turning has already occurred. You are to understand that all that is is already decided. Race mind run amok is being tamed. The underground chambers where unspeakable horrors were carried out by those who hate are nearly cleared out from the debris of torment left behind.

The cycles of deception shall continue but like an unwinding clock slowly coming to an end, new harmonious manifestations shall come into play. The desire to dream and to be creatively inspired shall lead the way.

There shall be many who shall say that the time of the dark ages came and went. The spell was broken. There shall come a day when pleasures shall be family, sunshine and nature. The need to struggle shall become a distant memory.

Many shall come to know this time as the great turning, turning away from violence, hatred, oppression and anger. Many shall know the way forward by one’s inner world reigning high over one’s outer manifested world. There shall be many who shall come and say that the awareness that comes shall create the new way forward.

Trust in the wisdom of your heart, and know that all is truly well.

~the Guides

Moving forward, may we set intention for highest outcome for all as we each navigate the waters of change, with ease and grace. And may you decide what you truly desire. Be that which you desire for yourself. live it. Do it, and as you flow, watch as the whole new world flowing around you, and with you.

Loving you so,

Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach

Copyright 2020, Arayu Productions, LC operating as Center for Planetary Awakening

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Life in Seer mode:
I’ve had some of the most amazing conversations and experiences this past month. There is no doubt that we are all connected and are being guided by a higher realm beings that have a much bigger picture of our world than any embodied one.
In meditation last Friday I saw a large boat with life rafts attached and sensed people in the water expecting help to arrive. Then I heard, you are not the boat or the life raft or even the people. You can discreate this scenario altogether. It is not real. The metaphor directly related to current events. We are led to believe that our world is limited and that we have only narrow choices, but the choices are limitless. The field is wide open, and we are to know that. I am constantly reminded that the world is not what I might think it is. The message is to see with my heart, not my mind. Listen to inner guidance, and pay less attention to the world at-large. We are being guided to dis-create what seems to have been chosen for us and, instead, imagine a new way forward. And I keep hearing. Create what you so desire, and keep it simple!

~ Carol


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