Special Alert! Energetic Update w/ Laura Walker, the Oracle Report, 8/6/2020

PIR Special Report

Laura Walker, The Oracle Report

  • Intensive week with energetics
  • Mars conjunct with Eries Point, rebellion, rebirth, renaissance
  • The “time” we have been preparing for… today through Sunday night, stabilization of everything, reformation, deconstruction of the old imperial deep state, tryanny, the “people of the Seas”, Admiralty Law
  • The elite use the energetics to lodge manipulations at us during powerful points
  • Moon moving into Aries, the Black Moon (also in Aries) the shadow side, the hidden, deception, perverting everything we believe in… Moon into Aries @ 9:05 EDT.
  • Transmit of Mars through Aries is going to be a long period of time (will go into retrograde) amphified with the presence of the Black Moon. Moon will activate Mars and the Black Moon at the same time
  • Transformational point, aggression, people acting from their shadow side, makes people highly critical, negativity, war-like, discourse, and chaos
  • Energy comes in waves.
  • Moon will conjunct Chiron on Friday (in Aries) regenerate from past wounding, pain that occurred over last 9 years, time to heal, some people are experiencing reversals in energy
  • People may be called up to “duty”, time to step up, take action
  • Galactic wave is finally here, joy is coming


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