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Early July was foretold as an expected shock followed by another implosion that would impact both the world at-large and perhaps felt or experienced on a personal level. The Guides’ forewarning was to stay above the chaos, to witness and to suspend all judgment.

While I was moving through last month, anticipating that July 2-7th timeframe the Guides spoke about, life in the world at-large seemed to sail right on by without hardly a ripple. Then just last week, the energy of the implosion struck home. Who knew?

How did you do? Were you surprised, and how are you now?

At first, not only did I not stay above the fray but dove, head first, right into the chaos. It didn’t take me long at all to realize that I had reacted to a challenge in the old way but not before I was awash in distortion, and all the fall out comes from untangling the turmoil. Now on the other side, the learning was profound, and I am thankful for the clarity.

Implosions cause us to upshift in our awareness by pushing outside our comfort zone, and forces us to choose love differently. I trust you have made it through your version of July’s implosion and have transcended judgment and have more fully set your heart free. And if you were simply called to hold sacred space for those of us flushing through this version of shadow release, thank you for doing so!

What follows is the message that poured forth on July 31st about what we are all working toward:

We are here. Yes. As it is so. You have reached the entry way of an energetic tunnel. It is a vortex that connects you to the light-filled reality where Oneness permeates all living things. You need not struggle to be reminded of all things connected because, in Oneness, the mind has fallen out of its hyper vigilant state of seeking to allay fears and avert danger. The Heart has chosen to open to the resonance channel of pranic life force that knows all, sees and hears all as being in harmony. You have nothing left to do but to accept that you are loved and safe in the arms of the Mother.

The Mother that we speak of is the feeling and knowing, without knowing, that you are loved beyond your human comprehension. This state of being is YOU, and all others, in your innate understanding of life in a new way.

Beyond the tunnel is all that you, as a collective dreaming, have manifested through your heart’s desires. This unified field of oneness leaves no one out. Sickness and lack are distant memories of another time, another world. Your current world of creation has come to an end. What say you? The new intergalactic terrain awaits you.

August begins the new 1000 year cycle of repair, renew and build-out of the new society. Everything about the world we will have left, will be reformed, reframed, and recreated as systemic Oneness. Each individual counts. There is no free pass. The awareness of love beyond measure abounds.

This was a very fitting energy stream that flowed in right before my own version of the implosion occurred. The streaming reminded me that the momentum tunnel of Oneness requires us to relinquish old core beliefs that are at odds with honoring oneself, and to remember to make choice from a stance of transcendence.

In many of the private sessions of late, the Guides are describing how the human energy system is transforming and flowing one’s panic life force in a new way. The key is to open the throat chakra, this was (is) the whole point of these latest waveforms and implosions of light—to prompt us to speak up, be creative, play, speak up, and light up our world with joyousness.

The energy center of the throat is the gateway to self-expression, empowerment and creativity. This center has a direct relationship to the heart, and when opened, light flows into and through the will center (the area of the diaphragm.

The feeling of honoring the heart’s choice, is to feel neutral or open, expansive, joyful. If you are still running a fear-based pattern, you’ll feel constriction, fear or conflicted in your solar plexus. Your heart will hurt, contract, close, or experience pain and indecision. These sensations all shift with the choice to relinquish the contracted feeling, no matter what it is or how any scenario has shown up in your life. After recognizing your choice to relinquish the constriction, your inner calm will flood back into your body and, once you set your resolve to stop the resistance to opening, your body will be flooded with the panic life-force that supports your heart-soul path. Then the feeling of being drawn into the momentum tunnel begins where all your heart’s desires are already made manifest.

Just remember: It’s no longer about trust but knowing.

Wishing you well as this new intergalactic cycle begins. And so it is!

Love all, Serve all.

Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach


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