The Hermit from the Shadowscapes tarot deck.

“He left everything behind to start the journey, turned his back on the noisy, glistening flashes of light and the multitude of worldly pleasures around the world. In the city, the faint light of the stars is engulfed in the glowing light and the vague mist of life.

He took the lantern. An unknown knowledgeable woman told him that it was part of a captive star, and it knew the path to home. The dim beam of light pulled him into the valley, high above, there was a sparkling lake which its calm surface looked like a mirror. His star-lantern showed the way, so he did not know where he was going, but after each step, in turn, a new sign lighted up, and just like that…

He climbed to the far end of the mountain, where there was no trace of mundane smog, he left the flashy atmosphere. There was only purity that he did not realize that he has missed from the first breath, and therefore, he suffered and could not live without the breath of that life. Others had come to this position before him, but the steps seemed to be pristine and there was no evidence of their journey. It is the essence of where each person comes, they are the first and only one, no one can step on until the presence of the guest sinks into oblivion.

It was a long journey, and during the trip, his eyes finally became familiar with the darkness of wildness. He left his memories in town. The star in his lantern burned, fierce and brilliant; and in that distant sky, the star’s siblings in heaven were swirling in a dance of joy and happiness.”

Dear Reader,

The above description is so pertinent for many of us is it not?  I want to share with you how this card perfectly explains where many of us are stood in this moment as we approach another powerful 8.8 Lions Gateway. We’ve been tossed from side to side in an ocean of tides, and now we’ve come ashore, cleansed and ready to embark on a new leg of this spiritual journey of awakening to higher states of being, higher consciousness.

Here we’re given a lantern in the proverbial sense, an awareness at a greater level of our guiding inner Light. We’re understanding and trusting in our inner Light as our inner truth reveals the Way.

No more are we struggling, as we have come into a deeper sense of who we are, and the knowing of ourselves as Light, as pure Consciousness. There is now a sense of inner peace developing, faith that is turning into a knowingness that all is truly well.

We are reminded in every moment to stay present, in the now. As we traverse once more through another 8.8. Lionine Gateway/Portal, we are being attuned into an even higher frequency of Light that embodies the all-ness of our Being.

There is no question anymore of “Will we make this ascension into one unity consciousness?” Rather the question remains, “how present are you to this energy, and to the Inner Light of your Being?”

The Hermit sets you apart from the crowd. This is a personal journey, one that is individually and uniquely experienced and expressed. The Source of all that is needed physically and emotionally comes from no one and nothing outside of you. You know the way forward. You always have. You just weren’t conscious of this before.

The Hermit does not mean you have to be an island, but it does convey that this spiritual journey is one that is very personal. It is a coming together in union, a marriage of souls, the joining together of the sacred twin flames on the INSIDE, the Inner realms of Light. Indeed….. are there any other?

There is so much excitement now as we move into greater Self awareness! How glorious!!! How blissful!!

How absolutely Perfect!

Now is the time. Ascended Master El Morya is recorded to have said, “If you can be self luminous in 100 years, you can be self luminous NOW!!!”

My love is with you as always!

Namasté 💗

~ Deborah Faith


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