Rate of change will increase. Be ready to act as defenders of Now begins the acceleration. Data will move quickly. You will find the right pathways to share what you are given and to receive what you need. Don’t worry. This has been anticipated. Those of the light forces must come to the now-moment of power. You can only do what you are here to do by acquiescing any doubt in what you know is right and taking upon yourself the mantle of truth. You know what to do: it is to allow love to conquer hatred and evil in all its forms. Justice is coming. The actions of love will become clear. To become clear yourself, move into a state of higher love. Preparations are completing. Cake time is coming. Do what you can to make sure everyone gets some. Everyone is welcome to love’s table. Not all will come, but all are welcome. A Message from The Order Higher Orders honors a conversation celestial in nature, as the League of Light introduces their angelic and celestial counterparts https://ninespath.com/higher-orders/ Visit Nine’s Path for more from the League of Light. https://ninespath.com Explore the celestial mechanics of divinity. Books from the League of Light await your ready mind. See them all at Nine’s Path: https://ninespath.com/books Subscribe or send a token of appreciation: https://ko-fi.com/divine9


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