Themes for the month:


  • THE FIRE ENERGY AND ‘POWER/CONTROL/FREEDOM’ TRIANGLE which I mentioned in the JULY Update will continue through first week of AUGUST
  • POWER AND CONTROL GRABS have less power than ever before on the planet – but attempts will be there, making for a tumultuous period (will play out over next 2-3 years)
  • AUGUST IS THE CLEANSE AND ‘RESET’ MONTH OF 2020 – a month where SPACE can appear and cleansing (physical and energetic) will be swift and most supported
  • PURGE OPPORTUNITIES – memories, energetic releases and old ideas/ways of being will also be part of this ‘fast-release’ cleanse energy and period
  • CHANGE MOMENTUM on HIGH – the change energy that has been brewing (as a result of the internal and introspective nature of 2020 for our collective) goes into ACTIVE mode in August. New growth, new building and new plans are easier to make work. There will be a COLLECTIVE energy of change happening, supporting this.
  • AUGUST WILL BE THE MOST ALCHEMICAL AND ELECTRICAL MONTH OF 2020 (for transformation and creation)
  • TO GROUND OR TO FLY? Depending on where you normally live more of the time in life (more in your body or more in the ethers) the ‘more in the ethers folk’ will need to get GROUNDED to harness their alchemy, and the ‘more in the body folk’ will be the opposite – INVIGORATED, INSPIRED and WOKEN UP INTUITIVELY by this energy. Those of us with an equal foot in both worlds will go between the two states.
  • INTUITION INTEGRATION – a deepening of your inner senses, inner knowing and intuitive faculties – the DOWNLOADS that many have had over recent months are grounding and galvanising in the month of August – coming into form.



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