Hello there to Each One.
The latest channeling presented to you here. With Love Gratitude and honour!
A BIG CHANGE FOR ME. I have recently canceled all 32 readings that I had booked in taking me through to November. Of late, the ones I managed to complete no longer seemed to have their ‘magic spark’ and the ones I could not complete, speak for themselves. Hence a decision was made. Don’t know if this is permanent … yet, I have to say, for now … I feel so GOOD about it! I think many are now appreciating that they can actually get all they need from within themselves anyway and they do not need ‘outside assistance’. Which is a good thing!!
Perhaps this is freeing me up for other things. The Trust I have in the Universe to look after me, resides deep within and I look forward to watching Abundance play out. I am actually very excited! I share this with you because it seems so many are facing BIG decisions that are ‘Brave and Bold’. Yet, by taking the action  your Heart is requiring … the IMMEDIATE SHIFT IN ENERGY is instantly apparent. Go for it People … Trust yourself and do what you gotta do!!
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In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.


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