Beloved Rainbow Scribe Family!

Our summer temperatures here in the West Kootenay area of British Columbia for this week of July 26-31, 2020 was on average, 112 degrees F – a new record! It is so hot that all one can do is lie on the bed or couch with a fan blowing directly on you! We live in an area of the world that has four distinct seasons so installing an air conditioner is usually not necessary…except at times like this! We have a river beside us but I cannot get down there and into the water to cool off as I used to before.

This morning, for the first time in weeks, I notice a haze of smoke on the mountains that surround us. It was so wonderful to enjoy clean air and sunshine all these many months of shutdown. I do not know where the smoke is coming from, it could be in our province or it could be the state of Washington or Idaho as well because any forest fires they have, we usually get there smoke here too.
My husband was talking on the phone to one of our community members who was relating the story of their young grandson who suddenly needed emergency brain surgery a few weeks ago. The family could not gather together to give each other support because of the corona virus shutdown and she and her husband contacted their prayer circle who immediately started praying for her grandson.

As she finally dozed off that night, all of a sudden, she saw the brightest white Light coming down towards her and in that Light were hundreds of Angels that also flowed towards her! She did not know what that meant so she was worried. My husband explained that his wife Marlene was a Lightworker and what she had described meant that their prayers were being answered and her grandson was being protected and cared for. What a wonderful vision! I know that it is so!
Another member of our spiritual community who lives in Saskatchewan, Canada had been waiting for a kidney donor for many years and he was on the prayer circle list as well. On July 26th he got a call that a new kidney was waiting for him in the hospital. It was a successful surgery and on day 7 he was released from the hospital and allowed to go home! There will be a period of having to take mega drugs for about six months and hopefully his new kidney will be accepted by his body. He has 3 children that live with him (he just turned fifty) so he is very grateful that he will get to spend more time with them!

My husband has been reading the book called “Medical Mafia – How to Get Out of It Alive…” I think it has been an ‘awakening’ book for him…he didn’t really believe anything I would say before he read it and now, he is actually coming to me and saying “You were right!…about many things. Wonders never cease! LOL!

A new super human from the future!
Dr. Jacqueline Hobb – “You Were Born For These Times!” The only other person from the future I know of is Bryan deFlores and he has similar abilities…






Stay grounded and in peace, Beloved Family! This helps very much during these days! Being out in nature is a must in order to reset your system.
Much Love, Blessings and Gratitude,


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