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July 6 to 12, 2020
by Pam Younghans
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WE ARE NOW RIDING the energetic wave of the second Jupiter-Pluto alignment, combined with the ripple effects of a very tumultuous – and extra long – eclipse season. With all this extreme planetary activity, it is no surprise that a great number of emotional hot spots have surfaced. Both internally and externally, we’re navigating a volcanic landscape, with potential eruptions being triggered at every step.

With the Lunar Eclipse occurring just last night, we are still officially in eclipse season through the end of the current lunar cycle, which completes with the New Moon on July 20. And the overall effects of eclipses are said to influence at least the next six months, until the next eclipse events occur.

ECLIPSES follow specific cycles, usually occurring at the same zodiac degree every 19 years. Last night’s Lunar Eclipse is a repeat of eclipses that occurred in early July of 2001, 1982, 1963, and 1944. This means we can look back at those times, and the six months that followed, to see how we handled similar energies at an earlier time in our development.

Since this Lunar Eclipse coincided with the solar return (birthday) of the United States, we can assume that this next six-month period will be especially impactful for the country. Looking back at the previous eclipse years, we can see events in the last half of those years that profoundly affected the trajectory of the nation.

No, we’re not in monochromatic Kansas anymore. Life is in full color, and we are individually and collectively on a hero’s journey. Just as it did for our legendary foursome as they trekked through the Land of Oz, this journey is meant to open our hearts, inspire courage, stimulate new creative ideas, and help us find our way Home.

MERCURY is still retrograde (appearing to move backward) for one more week. We continue to benefit from observing life more symbolically than literally, and to discover more satisfying truth by going within than we might find by seeking answers in the outside world.

This is an important time of review; what is revealed during Mercury’s three-week retrograde phase is always meant to inform us and perhaps alter our course going forward. Once the Messenger Planet shifts out of reverse and into first gear next Sunday, July 12, we are more supported in advancing any projects that may have been on pause.

Mercury will still be in its post-retrograde “shadow phase” for the next two weeks. On July 27, it reaches the degree where it began its backward journey, and finally enters new territory. Until then, we may still wish to proceed somewhat cautiously, making sure to integrate everything we have learned while Mercury was retrograde. Once we are beyond the shadow, we can shift into a higher gear, able to move forward with greater certainty.

AFTER the “perfect storm” of recent planetary events, it makes sense that we will continue to ride some high waves over the next few weeks. This week, however, the aspects are not so much adding to the storm as reflecting its after-effects.

Venus is under stress throughout the week, forming hard sesquiquadrate aspects with both Jupiter (Tuesday) and Pluto (Thursday). These aspects represent challenges to our relationships and perhaps to our financial situation, as well as uncertainty of how to handle a lack of stability in these areas. We can over-react to problems that arise, perhaps out of sheer frustration and exhaustion; but to successfully navigate these issues, we must develop greater patience, calm, and objectivity.

It may be helpful to realize that Venus just recently went direct, and so is still in its post-retrograde shadow. This means we are in the integration phase of what we learned about our values while Venus was retrograde (May 12 to June 24). Venus emerges from the shadow on July 28, coinciding with Mercury’s emergence on July 27.

WEDNESDAY is probably the most temperamental day of the coming week, due to a hard square aspect between retrograde Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Aries. We tend to think very emotionally with this aspect, and to react instinctively and defensively.

As always when we’re working with sensitive Cancer, we can remind ourselves not to take things personally. Instead, we can use the Crab’s ability to move sideways. As we remove ourselves from directly receiving a perceived threat, we can gain more objectivity and a different perspective. With new understanding, we can then re-enter the situation and handle it from a more balanced stance.

CHIRON , the Wounded Healer, goes retrograde next Saturday, which means its influence is heightened throughout this week and next. We are likely to face some fears and insecurities with this increased Chiron effect; if we do, it is a powerful time to do some inner child work.

Chiron always reveals where we have a small child within who is uncertain and even fearful. With Chiron in Aries, this aspect of our being may be convinced that we will never get what we want, so it is useless to even try. This frustration of “it just doesn’t matter,” or “I just don’t matter,” can result in deep anger and resentment being expressed.

If we become aware of this aspect of ourselves, as the wound is revealed, we then have the opportunity to utilize Chiron’s healing abilities. This always involves softening our hearts in caring and compassion for the part of us that is frustrated and afraid. As we give that part of us a hug on the inner planes, and reassure it that we understand and love it, we enable it to heal, which moves us beyond needing to create situations where the wound is activated.

NEXT SUNDAY , we have a lovely cosmic configuration with the Cancer Sun trine Neptune and opposite the asteroid Pallas Athene, with Neptune sextile Athene (exact on Monday, July 13). This arrangement of planetary objects assists us in opening our hearts, and supports us in finding spiritual solutions to problems.

Neptune is the pivotal player in this dance, providing creative, compassionate alternatives to issues that have caused polarization. It helps dissolve the mental/emotional blocks that have caused us confusion, and kept us from accessing our intuitive knowing. This makes Sunday a wonderful day for meditation, connecting with inner guidance, and opening to a creative flow of energies.

MY RECENT WEBINAR, “Transmutations & Rebirth,” covered the rest of 2020, through the long-awaited and exciting Jupiter-Saturn alignment in December. If you missed the class – no worries! You can still purchase the video, monthly calendars, and slideshow pdf.

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IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Your potentials for spiritual and creative growth are activated this year. You may feel especially dedicated to being of service, and it will be important to find practical outlets for your deep caring. You are naturally empathetic, but this year, you want to feel that you are able to contribute in more tangible ways. While your caring wants to be put to use, be careful not to go overboard. Always remember the importance of self-care, of nurturing yourself through retreat and rejuvenation. Keep a healthy balance between the needs of self and other. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Vesta, opposite Pallas Athene, opposite Jupiter, trine Neptune)

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