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July 13 to 19, 2020
by Pam Younghans
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THE COMET NEOWISE is now gracing our skies, having survived its closet passage to the Sun on July 3. This visitor from the far reaches of our solar system is visible from the Northern Hemisphere, both an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset. NEOWISE will be at its closest proximity to the Earth on July 22, after which it will gradually disappear from our skies, not to return for 6,800 years.
A comet is a messenger, bringing new energy and expanded Truth to those who are open to receive. Astrologer Mary Elizabeth Jochmans writes that a comet’s messages “come as sudden flashes of information that may be difficult to retain.” Like dream imagery, if we do not capture these insights by writing them down, they can quickly fade.
Ms. Jochmans also suggests that if we resist the transformational energies and insights brought by a comet, “unusual illnesses may arise that are difficult to diagnose or cure.” Whereas, if we receive and utilize these energies, “they become useful tools for expansion and growth,” with the potential to affect the etheric field from which our physical reality is formed.
ASTROLOGERS always consider the name given to a celestial object when setting out to interpret its meaning. For this comet to have been dubbed NEOWISE emphasizes its role as a bringer of New Wisdom – something that humanity greatly needs in these changing times. With the comet so clearly visible now, we are encouraged to turn our attention upward as much as possible to receive higher perspectives and Divine Truth.
Since the comet NEOWISE has become visible, many have reported an increase in symptoms of mild to moderate dizziness. Might we be adjusting to changes occurring in the etheric blueprint as the comet draws ever closer to the Earth?
WE START our new week with a lovely sextile aspect on Monday between Neptune and the asteroid Pallas Athene. Athene was the ancient Greek goddess of Wisdom, Strategy, and Healing. Her collaboration with mystical and compassionate Neptune enables us to more clearly access higher realms and bring information through that can help us resolve current problems.
This influence is likely to increase that heady or “other-worldly” feeling that we’ve been experiencing of late. We might want to use the energy of this sextile through meditation or a creative project. As we engage in this way, disconnecting from the harshness of “real” world for a while, we can grow our spiritual faith in the unfolding of a cosmic plan, while also enhancing skills of intuition, telepathy, and psychic healing.
OLD PATTERNS come to the surface throughout the coming week, with the Sun opposite Jupiter (Tuesday) and Pluto (Wednesday), and square Eris (Thursday). With the Sun in Cancer, we may be feeling especially emotional and vulnerable, and can easily default to fight-or-flight mode.
If you start to feel defensive, remember that the Crab has the ability to sidle, to move sideways out of range of a perceived threat. Doing this helps us regain our composure and allows us to observe the situation from a different, more objective perspective. Once our pulse is no longer racing, when the fight-or-flight instinct has subsided, we can then return to calmly address the issues that have been raised.
AS THE SUN interacts with Jupiter, Pluto, and Eris, it will trigger events that relate to the longer-term Jupiter-Pluto alignment and the Jupiter/Pluto-Eris square. This means we are likely to see important developments this week in the profound global and personal transmutations that are underway.
The first Jupiter-Pluto conjunction occurred back in early April, when we were at the height of the first wave in the COVID-19 crisis. A quick glance at today’s news headlines, just two weeks after the second Jupiter-Pluto alignment, confirms that the crisis is reaching another peak in many parts of the United States and elsewhere.
It follows suit that new restrictions (Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn) will most likely be put into effect this week to try to interrupt the current momentum. Meanwhile, protests (Eris in Aries) against existing social behaviors and political systems (Capricorn) continue to be waged across the globe, in response to decades and centuries of racial injustice, human rights violations, and political corruption.
ADDING to the tension this week, Mars aligns with Chiron in Aries on Tuesday. Any time Chiron is involved, we have a two-step process. First, a wound is revealed, exposed to the air so that it can heal. Then, we have the opportunity to heal the wound, and to emerge with fewer scars than before.
The wound of Chiron in Aries often manifests as a deep fear that we will never have what we want, that our needs and desires will never be met. As a result, we can experience equally deep anger – at life, at others, or even at ourselves. 
The healing of Chiron’s wounds always require that we invoke new levels of self-love and self-care, for what we are experiencing is the fear and reactivity of a small-child aspect of our being who feels hopeless and helpless. As we turn to these parts of ourselves, embracing them with understanding and love, we enable them to heal and to become an ally on our journey. Because, it is this childlike part of ourselves that knows what we truly do want, and has both the courage and idealism to help us pursue it.
IF YOU MISSED my recent “Transmutations & Rebirth” webinar, you can still  purchase the video, monthly calendars, and slideshow! The class covered the last six months of 2020, including the all-important Jupiter-Saturn alignment in December.  To learn more, please send an email with “Webinar Replay” in the subject line to, and I’ll reply with next steps.
IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You are in the midst of a powerful time of change, not only globally, but also for you personally. Your self-understanding and core identity are undergoing a profound transformation, to such a extent that you may not recognize yourself by the end of this coming year. In many ways, you are reclaiming your inner authority and personal power after many years of having identified yourself based on how other people respond to you or treat you. You may be able to relate current shifts back to 1980-81, when you were also experiencing deep changes. This coming year provides opportunities for you to take what you learned back then to new levels, and to emerge with stronger boundaries and self-worth than before. (Solar Return Sun opposite Pallas Athene, opposite Jupiter, opposite Saturn, trine Neptune, opposite Pluto)
In Gratitude and Light,
Photo: “The Tails of Comet NEOWISE.” Image Credit & Copyright: Miloslav Druckmuller (Brno University of Technology)
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Aspects of Note This Week
All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours. 
MON: Neptune sextile Pallas Athene
TUE: Sun opposite Jupiter, Mars conjunct Chiron
WED: Sun opposite Pluto
THU: Venus square Ceres, Sun square Eris
SAT: Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn


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