Welcome to July and the beginning of a wondrous and auspicious global transformation leading us into an entirely new waveform, a harmonic convergence with our star brothers and sisters. They are at the helm infusing light into the planetary grid.

This waveform signals a time of great beginnings. And with all beginnings, we’ll experience a collective “aha” moment, a time when we reset our lives to begin anew.

Our present moment is riveting our attention to what is right and true about the human race, and how we are to live in a way that is to do no harm to others while also celebrating our sovereignty. With this infusion of light, what has been dividing us will come to a complete halt. The emotionality, caused by a very different global vibratory pattern, is being fully neutralized. Calm is being restored yet it will take time for the collective body of humanity to heal.

Now for this month’s message:

“You are not to worry about your safety. Know that
we are now here with you. You are not to awaken. You are to liberate yourself from the shackles of your own mind. Your mind has kept you locked into the illusionary nature of your reality and has convinced you that life, that love itself, is limited. You are to know, to see, to feel and experience an infusion of light as no other before you.

“The age of limitlessness has begun. As you have imagined your life into creation, so shall it be. The inner pathways have been in existence all along yet they shall reveal themselves to you.

“Go now and reclaim your birthright of liberation within the context of your physicality.”

~ The Calaphon, Arch Angelic’s, Ascended Masters.


The feeling I get within the context of the above message is that humanity is exponentially opening up to express as pure awareness regardless of outer projections. Globally, we are at the tipping point of recognizing the control programs that have influenced the divisional thinking and acting out.

Once the programs are revealed many will feel disoriented, betrayed, let down. This too shall be a source of healing for some, a clarion call to awaken for others, but primarily, the embodied ones will celebrate the light of day.

This too will be experienced as our collective moment of choice. The angelics will minister to those who feel most disoriented and traumatized. Others will see, sense and feel the ascended masters and interstellar beings here to help with the more subtle senses opened up to discern truth.

Compassion is the ultimate elixir and unifier. Stay steady, celebrate your liberation from the physical constraints of the body-mind continuum as you also hold sacred space for healing and restitution to take place in others all around you.

Love all, Serve all.

Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach
‌ Carol Fitzpatrick is a Seer who serves as a channel and soul coach.

She is a founder of Center for Planetary Awakening and two new charitable organizations formed to support and grow the 32 Global Light Centers mission: Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance and Global Centers for Planetary Awakening.

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