Today’s edition is a bit of a change of pace. Please use your discernment with all of it, as what is presented is information I have been told, and some interesting scientific reports that may or may not be connected.
The information shared in the segments of the conversations you’ll read below, happened at about the same time as the scientific reports were noted. It will be shared as it happened and you can draw your own conclusions.
There was a report seen here ( click here):
It was also reported here ( click here):
with the title:
“Something just rocked the earth’s magnetic field”.
These were noted on June 23rd.
Yesterday, there was another report of unusual nuclear particles that were detected, this time it came from Disclose TV. Here is the report ( click here):
This is the quote from Disclose TV, from Twitter:  ” BREAKING – Sensors in Sweden have detected a rise in nuclear particles from somewhere near on or near the Baltic Sea. The Stockholm monitoring station detected 3isotopes; Cs-134, Cs-137 & Ru-103 associated with nuclear fission at higher than usual levels.”
There was an illustration, which I’ll include below. I found it interesting, and said so, on Twitter, noting that  the two reports came on the same day.
What happened next was amazing… It sparked hundreds and hundreds of comments and reactions, and still is ongoing, along with a diversion into the origins of COVID19, which was fascinating to witness. Two of the memes will be posted below. (smile).
This is being shared with you all here, because, although “correlation does not equal causation” and none of us are scientists, it is another piece to this 2020 puzzle. It may or may not have anything to do with these comments from One this last week, but it is sure interesting, and worth noting. Enjoy.
Many blessings and much love to each of you.
With appreciation for all that you are,
June 22, 2020
There are more players to this process than simply humanity. There is Gaia. There are the Draco. There are also the Progenitors. When you add to these, the group within humanity now carrying out orders of the Draco, and largely unknown to humanity in general, you get a more complete picture.
Your next phase will be an initial step towards defining some of the players. These are players to which most of you are completely unaware and the few of you who suspect, do not have the complete story. It will come as a surprise on some level for all of you at once.
Imagine the moment when the wizard steps out from behind the curtain. Now add to it, multiple wizards and curtains and you’ll begin to grasp what awaits.
Will you be more specific please?
Suffice to say that you are at the door. It will be opened from the outside, and suddenly.
June 24, 2020
An okay has been granted, and universally so, for outside help for planet earth. The light has been switched and is now green.
What does this mean specifically?
It means that help arrives…I will not use the word “soon”. This helps comes in so many ways and answers much.
You’ve been praying for help. It is on the way for you now.
In this season it begins.
June 26, 2020
Change is here.
Change also arrives.
The two statements define the coming moment. It will strike those members of humanity who are least awake to the true nature of the abuses here, the hardest. It will have no connection to either “side”, but will be brought about by both.
This is a planned event.
This is an arrival.
You call them Progenitors because they came before your current race and had a hand in the formation of this one. They are not connected to the Draco. They are not human either, but the designers. They arrive now as a part of their plan to return and observe their creation.
Their purpose is observation. The Draco fear them, are not “sanctioned” by them, and will thus back off.
The explanation of why they are here will come from them.
They will not stay permanently.
It is not a “fake invasion”.
They mean no harm to the race.
With this knowing you are forewarned and can then assist in explanation.
©2011-2020  Sophia Love  All Rights Reserved.


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