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June 29 to July 5, 2020
by Pam Younghans
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IT WAS GREAT  to see everyone who attended my “Transmutations & Rebirth” webinar last Thursday! Whether you joined us live, or will be watching the replay at your leisure, I hope that you find the astrological insights helpful as you navigate the next six months.
If you missed the event, no worries! You can still purchase the replay, calendars, and slideshow. Just send an email with “Webinar Replay” in the subject line to, and I’ll reply with details.
WE ARE HALFWAY through 2020 now, and it has truly been quite a year. Take a deep breath and come to center, because we have yet another pivotal week ahead of us. On the agenda is a trifecta of significant planetary events: the second alignment between Jupiter, Pluto, and Pallas Athene; Saturn’s retrograde back into Capricorn; and a penumbral Lunar Eclipse. 
Our physical, mental, and emotional bodies are weary at this point, with so much having transpired in just a few months’ time. It is vital, under the pressure of all of these energies, to get plenty of rest and increase your self-care. Be sure to press the “Pause” button whenever you can throughout the coming week, and find ways to reset yourself – perhaps by taking a walk in nature, or relaxing with your eyes closed as you listen to your favorite music, or giving yourself permission do to another activity that you know will rejuvenate your soul.
This quote from Eckhart Tolle, which you will recognize from the webinar, can help us understand the higher purposes of all this upheaval. Collectively, we are in the process of awakening, of evolving to a new level of being:
“When you are trapped in a nightmare, your motivation to awaken will be so much greater than that of someone caught up in a relatively pleasant dream. On all levels, evolution occurs in response to a crisis situation … when the old structures, inner or outer, are breaking down or are not working anymore.”
PLUTO is the planet most associated with the breaking own of old structures, especially when it is traveling through Capricorn. This year’s Jupiter-Pluto alignment in Capricorn, with Jupiter amplifying Pluto’s ability to transmute, is a major contributing factor in the current disintegration process. Systems that are of a lower vibration, created from fear or other lower-frequency consciousness, must be transmuted if humanity is to evolve into a higher form.
The Jupiter-Pluto wave crests again this week, as the two planets align for the second time this year. The first alignment, which occurred on April 4, corresponded with the first peak in the coronavirus crisis. From today’s news headlines, it’s clear that this second alignment is synchronized with another another peak.
Each of the Jupiter-Pluto waves is also involved in an opportunity to transmute lower-vibrational emotions and thoughtforms. The primary focus back in March-April seemed to be fear-based thinking; the main focus now appears to be emotions that register as anger or rage.
FOR EACH OF US, our job is to become aware of where we hold those lower-frequency thoughts and frequencies, and to do our personal work to transmute them. As recently shared by Summer Bacon, channel for Dr. Peebles:
“It first has to start within you. The only ones who can make this stop, the only ones who can do it, are you, and it has to start with yourself. Stop the fear, stop the fighting, stop the hate, and start loving fiercely. Be courageous enough to do that, and eventually your planet Earth will be alight with love. But it must start within you.”
Each individual both contributes to and partakes of the energies that are in the quantum field, what we commonly call “mass consciousness.” As spiritually-aware contributors, it is our responsibility to hold the highest-level frequencies of thought and emotion that we can muster. We must start loving courageously, to be willing to lead the way in holding light and love as our primary consciousness. 
SATURN has been in Aquarius since late March. During the past three months, we’ve already seen much of what we would expect of this pairing, especially in the polarization between individual rights and the dictates of authority.  Here again, we are having to dive deep into the shadow before we cry out for the light – Eckhart Tolle’s “being trapped in a nightmare,” that motivates us to finally wake up.
Saturn’s return to Capricorn this week takes us into a review process of how social and political/governmental systems are or are not working. Saturn always provides a reality check, so that we see more clearly where we need to do our work.
With Saturn in Capricorn until it re-enters Aquarius in December, we are likely to see continued (or additional) stalemates when people become so entrenched in their own agendas, and so resistant to alternate perspectives, that they are unable to work together to find solutions. We’ve seen that resistance very strongly since Saturn first entered Capricorn in late 2017. Perhaps this final dive into those antiquated, frozen perspectives will finally get us to move beyond the “two-party system,” wherever it occurs in our lives.
THE LUNAR ECLIPSE  next Saturday is a penumbral eclipse. It occurs at 9:44 p.m. PDT on July 4, when the Moon is at 13°37′ Capricorn. This event is not as flashy as a total eclipse – we won’t see the Moon turn red, but those in the path of the eclipse (most of North America) might notice the lunar disk dimming somewhat.
Even so, an eclipse is an important event energetically, and this one is especially profound, being the third eclipse of a three-eclipse season. When you’ve already climbed two mountain peaks, a third ascent can really get your attention. 
A LUNAR ECLIPSE  is like an enhanced Full Moon. Emotions are heightened, with the intention of helping us see what has been residing primarily in the unconscious realms. Eclipses in general tend to be “karmic” in nature, bringing forward the past for us to assess and learn from.
We’ve had many opportunities to review old attitudes and behaviors since our first eclipse on June 5, which was another penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The issues that have been raised during this eclipse season will be with us for at least the next six months, until the next pair of eclipses in November-December.
With the Lunar Eclipse occurring in Capricorn, this is our chance to take responsibility for missteps of the past, and to set a new course – especially for the United States, since this eclipse occurs on the anniversary of the nation’s birth. As a nation started by renegades and revolutionaries, the country is being called to wake up, to consciously implement its ideals of equality for all, and to transmute a history of violence and domination.
THE SUN is tightly conjunct the asteroid Vesta at the time of the eclipse – within a mere two arc minutes! This close involvement of Vesta activates a deep commitment to a cause. With the Sun and Vesta in Cancer, the cause may be related to emotional well-being, home, family, and homeland. We can also use this Vesta influence to begin or renew dedication to a spiritual practice.
As the Sun and Vesta oppose the Moon in Capricorn, our challenge will be to feel empathy but not to be overwhelmed, to be both soft and strong. Capricorn requires that we maintain healthy boundaries so that we can act responsibly. If we merge with another’s pain, we can easily default to fight-or-flight mode, which circumvents our ability to be agents of productive change. But at the same time, we must truly understand what another is feeling – walk a mile in their moccasins – if we are to take those feelings into account.
This opposition between the Moon in Capricorn and Sun/Vesta in Cancer calls for a new approach to all the issues currently before us. It requires that we utilize the qualities of the yin and the yang, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, in equal, healthy proportions. We may want to call in our spiritual support teams for their assistance in this much-needed shift, for the benefit of planet Earth and all of the multiverses!
IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This may be a somewhat introspective year for you, Cancer. You are being called to invest your energy in a cause that speaks to your soul, or perhaps in your own spiritual unfolding. Listen for the voice of your heart to guide you. You will also be healing old wounds, related to how you express and respond to assertiveness and anger. As you do your inner work, many new roads to creative fulfillment will open to you. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Mercury, conjunct Vesta, square Chiron, sextile Uranus)
In Gratitude and Light,
MON: Jupiter conjunct Pluto
TUE: Sun square Chiron, Mercury sextile Uranus, Sun conjunct Mercury, Sun sextile Uranus
WED: Mercury square Chiron, Saturn re-enters Capricorn
THU: Pluto conjunct Pallas Athene
FRI: Jupiter conjunct Pallas Athene
SAT: Sun trine Ceres, Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon 9:44 p.m. PDT, Sun conjunct Vesta
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