Divine Greetings,

It was an honor and privilege to spend time with so many truth seekers and my good friend Dannion as we shared some vital messages from “the other side.”

Dannion has spent over 34,000 hours with 2,000 + people as they took their last breath, releasing their soul into the higher planes.

And, during his own NDEs, he was given prophetic visions.  The accuracy of what he saw in 1975, compared with what is happening now, is utterly astonishing.

And it’s so important for both of us to get this work out to you NOW. (Not yesterday, not tomorrow… time is literally of the essence here.)

Here’s the recording from today’s webinar over 125,000 views already – I want to make sure you’ve got it on hand in case you end up needing it!

I also want to invite you to join Dannion, Elizabeth and me to an all-new course called The Path of Light: Exploring the Nature of Reality, Discover Who You Really Are and Uncover the Prophesies & Pathways to Ascension.

This is the first time we’ve offered this information together…

When you join The Path of Light, we’re going to go deep into a cosmic curriculum that will put you in contact with “the other side…” and your “highest guides.”

There has literally never been a more important time to connect to these energies. If you feel called to join us, here’s what we’re going to reveal (much of this for the very first time):

  • What NDEs reveal about the Ascension process we’re currently in
  • Pandemics, Rioting & Fear… how to access higher states of consciousness no matter what’s crumbling around you
  • The myth of death and the “Boxes of Knowledge” (Dannion’s afterlife prophetic visions)
  • How to clear the spiritual space around you, and connect to the other side
  • Meeting with “Light Beings” and Increasing your awareness of current Ascension requirements

Dannion’s prophecies from the other side are coming true now. There’s a good chance he won’t make it too much longer on “this side…”  and he wants to do something “magnificent,” as he keeps saying, before he goes.

This is why we are skipping an early summer vacation and coming together one final time for The Path of Light:Exploring the Nature of Reality, Discover Who You Really Are and Uncover the Prophesies & Pathways to Ascension.

Read all about the course right here. We would all love to work with you over the coming weeks!

In gratitude & light,

David, Dannion & Elizabeth

P.S. Dannion says the most important consideration souls face when they cross over is… “What did God and I accomplish together?” It’s a powerful question, and one we don’t take lightly at all.

The Path of Light is a step by step process to show your soul the exact way to co-create with God / Creator in the way you were designed.

You can join us here. We’re getting started very soon!






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