Never before have I seen such astonishing confirmations of the models I’ve been putting out there since I first became active online in 1996.

It definitely appears that we are right on the brink of stunning changes for the positive. 

We have some very interesting briefings starting to come in… suggesting that this year has much greater surprises in store for us than we may have dared to believe.

We have been fighting very hard to see these greater spiritual goals reach their fruition. And we are so happy to have you with us on this journey!

After the last program Elizabeth and I offered, we both wanted to go hide out deep in the woods or mountains for months and decompress. Right now, Elizabeth is visiting family in the gaps between when she is going to be on camera with us in this class… and that’s a good thing!

I, of course, did my best to offer you a complete teaching, and your reviews were very kind. I am amazed at how well The Great Awakening came together. I have since realized that there must always be large areas of scholarship that have to be left out due to sheer time requirements.

Think about it… I can easily prove I have done over 600 episodes of television, each of which are at least a half-hour in length. That’s 300 hours of unique, complex lecture material!

In the Great Awakening class, I added in an extra five-hour module just to try to give you the overview of the binary solar system model, and how it ties all the scientific mysteries together.

Then I stepped back and thought about all the other interesting things going on, and realized there is still much more to say.

This is it… the Ascension… and we only go through all of this once!

Now that I am seeing how the prophecies have been fulfilled, there are constantly new and evolving insights—including where I go back and revisit information I haven’t focused on for years now.

I had also, perhaps naively, hoped that by the time our last class ended, things would be relaxed and healed enough that we could all just take a breath, go on summer break… and feel good about it.

The timing of when my book was released was ironic, to say the least, if not tragic. Yet I clearly charted out a path that guides us through all of this upheaval, and restores balance and harmony.

Even more bizarre was how the cover itself was prophetic. The top of the man’s head on the book cover has astonishing visual similarity to certain little critters with spiky appendages that we all have become quite obsessed with these last few months.

As you can see, the book cover has been consistent for at least the last two and a half years. We designed it soon after I signed the contract. It now seems quite prophetic of the times we would be living in upon its release.

And I since have discovered a wealth of my own intuitive readings that give undeniable prophetic insight into our current situation… all the way back in December 1996.

Right in the middle of the class, we invited my good friend and colleague, Dannion Brinkley, to come and live with us for a majority of the time… beginning fairly early into the shutdown.

I must admit that we have had an incredibly good time hanging out with Dannion. It is a non-stop adventure of belly laughs, cosmic conversation and towering new insights. Both Elizabeth and I have truly been transformed for the positive by his influence!

Dannion has  crossed over four times via near-death-experiences (NDEs). He is now seeing his revelations from “the other side” coming true.

There are big events happening in the collective field right now that are calling us to stay awake and be ready for whatever comes next. And we are definitely not out of the woods yet!

For this same reason, we have decided to “Do the Impossible…” and piggyback another class right after the first one, rather than taking a well-deserved summer break!

Dannion is completely blown away as he witnesses prophecies he received and documented in 1975 coming true before our very eyes.

Such as the announcement earlier this week that Jordan is to be annexed by July 1st, which is “part of the plan.”

Another great example is how Dannion was told that “The Future for the Souls of Humanity Will Be Fought in Healthcare…” and look at us now!

In all honesty, Dannion’s heart is giving out, and there isn’t much more we can do.

Elizabeth and I have been honorably giving end-of-life care to a hero who has spent an astonishing 34,000 hours at the bedside with Hospice patients, and sat with over 2000 of them right as they passed.

The lightning, heart attacks, brain surgery and other death experiences took an enormous toll on his physical body, and created extensive damage.

He is currently at 28 percent heart function, from having it dip to as low as 12, which is usually lethal.

The key area is the third layer of muscle down from the top in his heart. It only has a seven-year life expectancy after the surgery, and those seven years are already up.

Dannion would already be gone if he wasn’t getting these very advanced stem-cell treatments. There’s nothing else we can do now to keep him around. There is no surgery they can do. Nothing.

Each treatment typically keeps his heart function up for about two months. Then all the sirens start going off, his heart function drops back into the teens, he gets weak, his right foot swells, and he needs another one.

Right now he just got multiple rounds of treatments, and he should be plenty good enough to make it through this entire class.

If not, we have already taped well over a dozen different “deadman switch” interviews where we cover Dannion’s secret history as a contractor for various hyper-classified projects. So either way, we will ensure you get an amazing show!

The REAL story of Dannion has never been told to anyone. Elizabeth and I know as much about it as anyone alive, except for his own intel colleagues.

We did not and do not intend to release intel that would damage national security. However, Dannion has a very intriguing body of knowledge and experiences that validates so many of the things my other top insiders have been saying all these years.

We are not expecting Dannion to be around much longer. Dannion considers this class to be his final gift to the world.

We will make it a truly heroic and wildly entertaining summation of his life’s work, with many new insights never before seen.

Dannion has never before worked with slides. Nor has he ever been involved in an interview-format show, like what I did with other insiders in the past.

I like the idea of having a very informed colleague sit down with me, perhaps slow down my whip-crack speed of information delivery, and discuss the deeper implications of the stunning labyrinth of mysteries I have solved… charting a course through this global initiation event.

One of the things we are the most excited about is presenting new information that builds off of the previous class… like data on the Tibetan Rainbow Body practices… and then getting Dannion’s real-time, live feedback on how this relates to what he learned in the afterlife!

Dannion is able to walk between the worlds unlike anyone else I’ve ever met. It is truly amazing to dialogue with him on just about anything, and realize how much knowledge he has.

Many others would build an entire career off of just a small portion of what Dannion has to share… and that doesn’t count any of the insider stuff that I’ve known about now for the last six or seven years.

All together, we are now finally opening up an all new LIVE training called The Path of Light… and you can join us here.

Registration is only open for a few days, as we have to work around some of Dannion’s travel and health concerns… so we need to get started right away.

We want to make sure the class has been delivered by the end of July to maximize the likelihood that Dannion will be able to be with us, live, each week.

If you want to know more about the stunning journey we’re about to embark on together, you can click here.

We’re covering a lot of very important topics, including “Why is the Cabal allowed to exist in a loving universe?”

One of Dannion’s visions on the other side showed exactly where this shadow stems from in the “collective hallucination.”

Once we understand this essential piece of the puzzle, we can free ourselves from it for good. Bye bye, little demons!

Elizabeth will also speak about accessing the spirit world while here, how to transform your DNA, and open your body and spirit to the light of the creator.

And I have several teachings that were not included in the last course, much of it just coming in now… (I have not been getting the sleep I prefer for  weeks!)

My previous class left out information on the ancient prophecies, DNA ascension science, the amazing connection between Dr. Michael Newton’s afterlife research and the Law of One, and a variety of other topics… once I had the chance to step back and meditate on everything.

You can read all about it, and join us, right here for this once in a lifetime journey!

We hope to see you in Path of Light!

Our course is custom-designed  for this specific time. And we start next week.

In gratitude & light,

David – with Dannion & Elizabeth

P.S. I can’t wait to explore some of the other topics that deserve their own segment, including the 160,000 documented cases of Rainbow Body activation, and the practices that were employed  to make that “Graduation” happen!

Accelerate your journey with Dannion, Elizabeth and me by clicking here. This is a true once-in-the-lifetimes opportunity!


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