Online Tonight: Creating with Masculine and Feminine Energies in Divine Alignment
Join us at 6 PM PDT / 9 PM EDT + New Helpful Videos
Christopher Dilts You are invited to join our Angel Circles with Christopher Group where I have been posting new videos and discussing the New Energies of the Spring Equinox, New Moon and coming Easter Celestial influences:

These are Highly Challenging and Highly Transformative times and it is vital to connect with Angel Assistance to help assimilate these accelerated evolutionary forces. You will find new videos in this group and on my Ask An Angel Facebook page.

You are welcome to ask questions and share in the group during our live online event tonight:
Manifesting with the Optimal Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies –
The Alchemy of Change

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Archangel Michael Energy Transmission Many people are overwhelmed with anxiety and fear and co-creating with mixed energies that manifest both Love and Fear in their work, relationships, health, and finances

As a spiritually evolved being it is vital to be as conscious as possible about your focus so that your thoughts, emotions, inspirations, higher purpose, and your soul gifts, can be created and grow with the highest levels of the energies of love.

Balancing your masculine and feminine energies during these times is essential for your most successful and harmonious journey through the current energies of transition and transformation.

Masculine energy will keep you safe, focused, ready to take right action, and prepared for all positive and negative scenarios.

Feminine energy will keep you attuned to your intuition, your higher purpose, your Soul Gifts and guide your higher choices that create inner peace so that you can remain centered and grounded and give you the ability to access the qualities of compassion and Grace under all circumstances.

To create with optimal energy, you need both your Yin and Yang to be in optimal balance and abundant flow. To truly create your highest vision of your most desired future, you must be fueled equally by your masculine and feminine forces.

Please join us on Tuesday, March 31st for a Live transmission, where Christopher Dilts and Dr. Sky Blossoms will guide you through a clearing and awakening process designed to help you:

• Heal the wounds linked to the masculine or the feminine
• Balance your energies for optimal performance
• Realize your Divine protection
• Make conscious Soul-aligned choices

As always, we’ll invite Angels to co-create with us and facilitate powerful energetic activation to support you.

We encourage you to invite your friends so that they too get the benefits of this potent transmission.
Would you like individual assistance to connect more directly with your Angels and Higher Self and to learn to do this faster and for effectively for yourself? You can schedule a personal session with Christopher here:
Archangel Michael Revelations & Blessings
Ask An Angel
Would you like more Angelic Assistance? Join me every week to learn how. I promise your connection with your angels will improve:

Angel Circles create an opportunity and special focus for us to receive energy that is primed to assist you in manifesting your Soul’s Higher Purpose – your Angels will assist you with:
Allowing yourself to accept and assimilate Angelic Blessings
Increasing the Attractor Field of your Soul Gifts and Abilities
Receiving Guidance from your Higher-Self and Co-Creation Angels

AskAnAngel.prg Full Moon

Accessing your Angels at this time will help you in accomplishing your most important inspirations and in pursuing your most important life goals.

Your Angels will assist you to refresh and renew your highest soul gifts and your soul agreements so that you can move powerfully forward in achieving your intentions and plans.

Bring your highest intentions with you to this Angel Blessing Circle event where we will call upon our Angel teams to energize and bless your goals and plans.

The Ask An Angel Angel Circles provide a very special opportunity to work with your Angels for guidance, abundance, healing energy and for fresh inspiration for achieving your true life goals.

All Angel Blessings to you!

Angel Circle Experiences…

“Never having an interest in angels, I was somewhat skeptical and didn’t know what to expect. In this powerful, guided, 90 min. session, I went from a state of deep relaxation, (loved that I only had to lie on my back and relax!), to receiving an inspiring message about a current issue, and then finally, an out of body experience where I was in bliss, joy and one with everything. I’ve since been to several more, and each one has been a deeply profound experience.”
-Elaine W., San Diego

“Christopher has accepted the”everyday miracle” of angels and has learned how to make that experience real for anyone who wishes to join in his beautiful meditations.”
-Mike H., Retired partner from “big five” accounting firm
Denver, Colorado

“Since I have attended the Circles regularly over the past several months, I feel more connected to my Self. Trust and happiness have increased. After a group session I feel refreshed, new…. with a different understanding of what is going on in my life. I can understand what is really happening from the Soul’s perspective.”

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