Do you hear that? The Ascension Trumpet is blowing… with the sound of INEVITABILITY!

In order to wrap up our Great Awakening series that’s gotten over 2 million views so far, I will be giving you a special live Q&A livestream tomorrow to answer YOUR top quesitons…at 4 PM pacific!

If you’d like to attend, go ahead and register for the free Docu-Series here.

That way, we can fill your cup with a stiff but beautiful drink of Ascension Elixir when I go live!

So far we’ve covered what’s going on behind the scenes of this pandemic, what’s coming around the corner, and what forces are at play in the collective unconscious.

We’ve been on a dazzling journey of prophecy, ET activation, spiritual downloads, consciousness science and fractal wisdom for a coming Golden Age. 

Life on Earth will be forever changed.

The negativity is soon to be a thing of the past. Those types of folks will still carry on, but not here.

The prophecies are very specific on this, regardless of which symbol set you interface with. 

We also did some inner work and inner practices together to help jump into and activate the first wave of ascension that’s happening now.

If our final Q&A call is anything like the first few broadcasts, then I sincerely hope you will attend! 

This has been life-changing for hundreds of thousands of people as we create a group field of energy, and raise consciousness on the planet at this critical time.

I am truly awed to see all the messages I have been getting since the mid-1990s coming true. The prophecies said that all the timelines would converge into a single meta-event, and it is sure looking like that’s where we’ve gotten ourselves to now!

In gratitude and light,

David Wilcock

P.S. If you’d like to submit a question, you can do that here

Either way, make sure to also register for the series so you get notified when we go live!


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