The times you are in are all about releasing self-imposed limitations. Many of you have been doing a good job at recognizing where fear or old belief systems have held you back. But there is another way many of you hold yourselves back that you don’t realize. That is holding onto old positive experiences as being the highest potentials that could ever occur.

Dear Ones, you are ever-expanding beings. That means if you have had an amazing experience it has shown you what is possible and you can open to even more wonderful from there. It might help to think of each expansion as a platform that opens you up to new worlds of possibility.

So by all means have gratitude in your hearts for the high points in your lives. We want you to celebrate your joys and successes! We just wish for you to realize that if you created that much magic once you can create it again and again and again, in new ways that match who you are today and where your soul wishes to go tomorrow. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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