Be Calm and at Peace. – The Council

Your function at this time is to be calm and at peace.You have indeed entered the beginning of the chaotic time we have been speaking about for quite some time, preparing you for, for quite some time. 

Understand, please, that almost everything you will hear from your media is designed to put you into fear. When a populace is in fear, it can be easily manipulated. Holding the reins of the media gives immense power.

There is an actual situation upon the planet. But the danger from fear is far greater than the danger from what is continually being blared from the speakers of your devices. So what is it that you can and should do?

Firstly, and most important, you must realize that you have been given the information and the tools that you need. Your personal vibration is strong enough to not only see you through, but to influence greatly those around you.

Turn off your media for a while and listen. Feel what you are and what is around you. Feel the peace. Go into your natural environment when you can. There is peace around you. There is love within you. Life goes on. Birds sing. Flowers bloom. You cannot feel gratitude and love and still be in fear. They are mutually exclusive vibrations.

Now we will tell you that one of the most important things that you have agreed to do at this time is to be a rock of peace, knowing, and love in this time of great change. For this is what you are witnessing, great change. Your world is standing on edge and waiting for the moment to tip over. This is NOT a time for fear. It is a time for “At last!” You cannot imagine what comes next. But you can create it with your loving heart.

And you, dear friend, are where you are because you can best be that rock in the stream for those close to you. It is not yours, perhaps, to change your society. Others are making that happen. But you can be an anchor for your family and for those who trust you. You can be calm for those who reach out.

Know this! You are safe. There is nothing to fear. As one of your presidents said, and it was never more true, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” We tell you that you are safe. Even should someone around you get a runny nose, know that.

Hundreds of thousands of you die every year from complications that come from their physical conditions and the seasonal flu. The world does not panic. It is not even mentioned by your media. Compare that to what you are hearing now. You need not even ask why. Just be the rock where you are. Allow this to pass. It will pass. And it will pass much quicker than you are, perhaps, hearing.

Do not let the chaos outside of you change the peace and knowing inside of you. All of the things we have told you in the past were to prepare you for this. This was our promise. This we have done.

Blessings upon you and those around you.
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