Current Energies highlighting Betrayal Wounds

Also this Energy update for 2-5-2020 

The energy is very interesting right now. It is beyond powerful as it streams in. It feels so multi-layered. It’s uncovering things while simultaneously bringing in new ideas and possibilities. The downloads are very intense, the nervous system may feel fried.

Many may be feeling at the top of their threshold for being able to handle things. So any little thing may set someone off. Give yourself lots of space and grace to go through this and give it to others.
The throat and pineal gland seem to be affected. Joint aches (particularly wrists and low back/hips). Sleep is interesting and all over the place. Dreams can be intense, pay attention to them. they can be information that you need to be obtaining or they can show you what you are clearing.

There is also this roar building of “enough is enough”. Pele, Kali, the other destroyer energy coming online.
For some, this will have them walking away from the circus swirling all around. Others will want to burn it to the ground.

In all things choose you, your peace, your happiness, your vibration. Whatever that looks like.

Some will embrace the warrior and the dragon of change. Some will embody the lighthouse showing a saving light in troubled waters. Some will do their best to not be pulled under and that is enough.
None of these are right, and none of these are wrong. By embracing our diversity we actually embrace our unity.

With all that is swirling in the collective, I find that breathing through the heart and sending love indiscriminately to all helps to bring calm into the body.

Sending you all lots of love as we move through this shift.

Jenny Schiltz


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