Editor’s Note: Well… actually yesterday is the day when the astrological alignments happened, but…not to worry as the effects of these alignments will definitely affect your life! Please read below, watch the video included in the link, and BE…



Today is perhaps the most potent transformational day of our century. And you might not feel it. Two power planets Saturn and Pluto are meeting up at 22 degrees, (alongside their trickster friend Mercury). You hear about planets being conjunct all the time. So what makes this so special? Saturn and Pluto are slow moving planets. Their meeting brings long-term implications affecting society as a whole. This doesn’t mean they won’t affect you personally. (Anyone who’s ever experienced their Saturn Return between the ages of 28 and 30 knows that you WILL feel these planets’ energy in your life!). Yet, the effects of this celestial connection will bring permanent and lasting changes that will transform the world forever. The last time Saturn and Pluto met up in Capricorn was 1518 – the year of the Protestant Reformation. Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld. Capricorn rules the structures of our lives including government, our economy, authority figures, and even our bones. Pluto is unearthing the shadow side of Capricorn. Saturn is the task master forcing us to come to terms with our unconscious actions. This is why he’s known as the Lord of Karma. It’s time to get real. Very real. These planets are teaching us about reality itself. There are things we want to sweep under the rug. There are uncomfortable truths of our lives that have previously been too inconvenient to think about, yet we need to come to terms with them.
The beauty of this is that the truth will set you free. This isn’t a platitude, it’s universal law! Today, during this powerful celestial connection, think about how you can take some tangible steps to be more real in your life. What have you been avoiding because you’d rather not deal with confrontation or change? Do some journaling. Have a chat with your Higher Self and I know you’ll have some beautiful revelations.
Have hope not fear! Many people were writing me about how frightened they were of these energies. So, I created a video for you to help you channel your fear into hope. I share with you what these planetary shifts might mean for you personally, as well as globally. More importantly, you’ll learn how to step out of the shadows so you can use your immense gifts for positive change.

video: https://karisamuels.com/2020-life-lessons-karma-hope-healing/?popupally_stop=subscriber&inf_contact_key=f9a1ecec00121dc08e76723dfbf4f05cd18a532c4142cb79caf2b269de1401fa



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