Australia fires – Archangel Metatron Message (Global)

Amanda Ellis

Uluru Firing up – Coming back online – Solar Plexus and Lower Chakra energy for the WORLD
Creation of Merkaba vortex and portal
Botany Bay – Red Posts of SW England (Convict Trail)- Healing the ‘Snake’ – Ceremonial Crystal grid work to clear the line
Carbon to Crystalline Earth – Crystalline Body coming back online
Carbon Earth Moving away timeline wise
Consciousness of Individual countries versus Countrymen (all countries)
Scott Morrison – Leadership in general – Bringing Higher selves back online
Australia in mourning
Koala as an animal totem, and Black Swan
Relearning our love for Mother Earth – appreciating what we have lost and rebuilding
Goddess Kali Message – Transformation of Man and Earth via baptism of Fire – & Offers Strength and Clear up Energy – the humbling of man
Water Dragon energy and message – and connecting to them
Dr Masaru Emoto – Water Ceremony – Changing the frequency of the seas around Australia – reprogram it to WELCOME…
Quan Yin Message
Sending love to all affected by the fires and for all wildlife, humans and Gaia.

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