The Coming Year – The Council

How often we have said to you that ‘it is time’. How often we have asked you to make full use of your powers of discernment. We will speak now to both your incarnate selves and to the greater, higher if you wish, parts of your beings that some of you ‘hear’ and most do not… yet.

You have asked for freedom from pain and suffering. You have asked to know truth. You have asked to live in peace and safety. Your planet, your living planet, has asked for those same things. Those things are your right as divine sons and daughters of your Creator to have. They always have been.

In these infinite multiverses, there exists a great spectrum of evolution. And the Universe in which you live contains many who do not live according to the things that you agree to be ‘good’. You, we have said, have come to see that this last part of the evolution of your kind reaches its agreed upon goals finally, certainly, and with dispatch.

Now, from your viewpoint, there is good news and bad news approaching in this coming year. From your, and our, higher vantage points, it is all good news. We see the outcomes while you live things out in a linear series of events. This is a method of experiencing. You will grow out of it. But, believe us, it is a done deal, as you would say.

What is coming? More of the same, we say. You can already see the approach of a great deal of exposure of the underside of society as it has been for a very long time. Those who lived in that manner have had a deal of success in reaching into all aspects of your world. Their exposure will not come easily, and will not be pretty. But it will come. It has actually more than begun. But as more and more comes to light, many will be traumatized.

We remind you that your function will be to keep, and even increase, the rising consciousness on its upward path. And we stress that forgiveness is paramount and mandatory if mankind continues to desire the new world. This world is available, but it cannot and will not contain fear, blame, guilt, rage, or any other low vibration. You cannot evolve into it and hold on to those old habits. Many will rise. Many will lift others. Some will not be able. But eventually all will come. This is inevitable as all are divine and all are on these upper levels in the greater parts of themselves that they do not admit to.

Also, however, if you are looking for the good news, you will be able to find more and more examples of higher behavior, advanced technology, and expanded consciousness. These things are interdependent. As you have advanced, your sciences have advanced as well. Much has been hidden from you, but now a great flood of this is going to reach you. Your world will advance in what will seem to your ‘public’ as a great leap. Things which will at first seem impossible will soon be commonplace. Science, medicine, history, and more will be utterly transformed. If you can keep your own mind occupied with this, then what others are charged to do to force change will be less bothersome to you.

Change is messy. Change is seldom enjoyed. You do so love to live in the world you know. Even the world you desire, if you imagine it, is constructed of what you know. But the world you are to have will not be, we stress will NOT be, what you know, at least on that plane. It will begin to resemble those higher planes that your higher selves know as TRUTH. And you will become the selves that you truly are and have always been. Your pain and suffering are due to your inner knowing that what you are experiencing is not of this TRUTH. And your drive to return to it is going to be fulfilled.

Now, that being the current state of things, allow us to say Happy New Year. Lift your chins and charge ahead. Dive in. The water will be fine.


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