This writing flowed forth just a few days ago when setting intention for this edition of LS. Enjoy!

In our awareness of Light and shadow, we embrace love, the zeropoint, of God consciousness within us manifesting through form. We celebrate all that is through the pureness of heart we hold for ourselves and others. Simply to hold space for another in need of finding their own internal re-centering on that zero point (love without and beyond polarity) is an act of selflessness, and a recognition that we are all truly one expressing through our unique perspectives.

We are simultaneously masters of the universe within us and perpetual students, life learners, of the larger universe beyond our current capacity to expand outside the confines of the mind. It is only when, or as, we let go of the mind’s conforming nature of life in a physical form, and allow that which we are to expand into our higher perspective of an expanded version of what it means to be alive as a universal being of light, that we find ourselves in awe and wonderment of all that is.

The capacity of the human spirit to love altruistically is greater than the limited self-centered reality that seeks personal gratification. To serve a higher purpose inspires acts of generosity and joyful expression without sorrow or self pity.

The light expressing through our shared humanity calls forth the ancient wisdom that activates the highest ideals within societies that are built with love of nature and all things sacred.

The new humanity seeks to love beyond the drama of human struggle, and seeks to find and anchor solutions that honors all beings, all realms of light.

We are one family of humanity sharing life with all other species on the planet. As we fully understand the concept of “do no harm”, truly, we shall overcome the petty differences and allow our higher nature to anchor solutions that honor all.

This, in essence, is the mission of the many souls I have had the privilege of sharing time and space with. Our purpose is to grow a grid of light through the embodiment of oneness. And as that pure source light expresses through our shared humanity, the joyousness flows forth through the discovery and fulfillment of our shared purpose.

To model what is possible as we joyfully move about to anchor light in energetically significant locations around the world is thrilling. These locations are enlivened with intersecting inner stellar frequencies that travel along the earth’s subtle ley line system, and are more potent and accessible in particular locations.

These locations evolve into Centers of Light because more are attracted to the energy signature. We are called to download light codes for receiving rarified gifts or for serving as code carriers for others we will meet along the way. These downloads of light stir our imagination and provide the missing pieces to solve challenges for revolutionizing life on the planet.

It’s all so very exciting even as the chaos of transformation is in full swing. As you consider your life, your soul’s purpose, what is your to be and do?

Now that is something to consider as the year closes out.

Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach

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