Prayer – The Council

At this time, we wish to speak to you regarding prayer, regarding how you emotionally and mentally approach the Divine.

For thousands of years, for many lifetimes, and for all of this life you have been instructed by those you have placed ‘above’ you, and by your peers, that you must beg, that you must plead, and that your chances of seeing the result you desire from your begging and pleading were exceedingly small. Further, you were taught that you needed another to intercede for you because you were unworthy.

Steadily now, if somewhat slowly, you are beginning to understand that there is a divine spark in the breast of each of you that is not, and cannot be, unworthy. Slowly you are learning that prayers and intentions ARE answered. You are learning that the this entire universe has only the very best of intentions for each of those that comprise it. That means you.

The universe, the energy field, the Being in which you have your own being, has no interest in depriving you of anything that you need. And you ARE a part of that field, that energy, that all-encompassing love.

“But that doesn’t work for me.” you say. Actually, it an only work for you. It does help if you understand what to do and how to do it. What is it that, if you understood it correctly, could change your entire relationship with yourself – with your Self? What might you learn that would change the way you pray from begging to accepting and thankfulness?

First, understand that you are not intimately connected to Source. It is not a connection. It is being. Source is what is. You are. Therefore? Does that not mean that you are, and every cell of your body is, Source? And is the form that you express through not a means for that Being to express through?

Now, we do know that some of you are living through major difficulty. We know there is pain for many. We know there appears to be failure for many. Know this, at the very least, you are learning. You cannot fail, except in not reaching false and deceptive measurements devised by yourselves and others, many of whom you will never meet and are very likely dead. If YOU truly wish to accomplish something, then go for it. But we would ask you to know for certain why you wish it.

Are there huge mountains on your way? Are you burdened with physical difficulty? We do not make light of your circumstance. What will you become when you make the most of your possibilities?

You have almost certainly suffered greater pain. You have almost certainly faced greater obstacles. You have also been far wealthier, stronger, taller, more beautiful, poorer, uglier, shorter, and every other adjective that you can think of. One thing that is certain is that you will continue to grow and learn.

So, with those goals in mind, let us give you a theme around which you may wish to construct prayer and intention in your life. “I bring to myself all that I need to bring forth my greatest potential for myself and others. Whether I recognize it or not, I give thanks for the realization of this intention.”

Phrase any prayer in ways that make you feel good. Spend your days in what makes you feel good. You will be met with more of what you choose to feel. You are a magnet of sorts. This is what you know as the Law of Attraction. There is also then Law of Acceptance. You will not bring to yourself what you cannot accept, for whatever reason. If you erect barriers of ‘I cannot’, ‘I must not’, I don’t deserve’, It is impossible’, etc., then you are creating those conditions. You will never see that which you consider impossible.

The universe is made of Divine Light. The universe is made of Divine Love. You are made of these things. So is every other being in existence. Know this. Know this. Know this. It will change you.


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