Transcript of “What is the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force? Timothy Charles Holmseth explains”

October 15, 2019  

Timothy Charles Holmseth – investigative journalist

* * * * * * * *

Hello, everybody. This is Timothy Charles Holmseth.

The word is quickly spreading that Navy SEALs and US Marines executed a rescue mission in California where Special Operators stormed Deep State Underground Bases and bunkers and rescued 2,100 children from their torture chamber cages in what can only be described as “hell on Earth”.

I reported on the operation yesterday and I am now being flooded with questions about the task force.

The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force is a joint operation of law experts, legal professionals, certain elected leaders, investigators, media digital soldiers and prayer teams who are operating in conjunction with American military Special Operators who are conducting Special Operations directly under the Trump Administration.

While some of the Task Force are in the media and very visible, much of the critical strategies and anti-pedophile operations are being executed by the American military men and women whose names you will not hear and faces you will not see.

What these warriors face when they enter these nightmare hall-type bunkers is beyond the understanding of the average person.

This horror can only be described as biblical.

Please remember to pray for these soldiers who are presently conducting operations.

You may see me and other members of the Task Force in the media, be mindful of the old saying, “Thunder is just a noise, boys, lightning does the work.”

Or, alternatively, “While thunder’s busy talking, lightning’s kicking ass.”

God bless.


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