Partial Transcript of “The CHILDREN’S CRUSADE Known to POTUS, FLOTUS Will Support PENTAGON PEDOPHILE TASK FORCE”, including testimony of Agent Beck (aka @CABeck1961 and Cheryl Hersha)

Live streamed October 19, 2019:


Field McConnell: I’m hoping to go to Ireland. There’s some people over in Ireland that have a organization that is somewhat similar to the Children’s Crusade where their only agenda is to shut down pedophilia and make families and for the children and to reduce the incubated breedings . . . That’s not the right word.

But a lot of a lot of fetuses are created by unwilling mothers and then the babies that are delivered are put into the equivalent of baby prison and they grow up in cages and they’re just used for some very evil things.

And I would like to credit Donald Trump and his wife Melania for being very visible leaders in the battle against child trafficking and organ harvesting.

* * *



Mad Dog: Elijah Cummings, Field, was a Deep State thorn in the side of President Trump and the American people’s agenda.

What you’re seeing with Pelosi and her current insanity tirade, rant, toward President Trump is being that it’s being dismantled now.

It’s been an on-going process, but this is being terminated.


“There aren’t going to be any more bankers’ wars” is the message President Trump is trying to convey and trying to condition our military leaders [unintelligible] well for as long as I’ve been living, you know. And I’m 64.

And you know as well, Field, you’re a military officer, naval aviator, and an Air Force pilot as well.

[Unintelligible] old man Bush used to say: “War is a profitable endeavor” for some. And what he was referring to was the military-industrial fiat banking industry. Phony baloney false flags set it up. Do it again. Repeat after me.


Now, our veterans have been harmed severely. The carnage is enormous, field.

And, of course, the bankers, they don’t want to be libel.

So it is my opinion that what’s happening now is that President Trump is fully engaged.

In 1917, that was the year JFK was born. And today is October 17 [unintelligible].


And the reason General Dunford was up here in Boston for his retirement is a foot-stomper, in my humble opinion, [unintelligible], recruited in the summer of ’76, the year Saigon fell.


And he had an amazing journey and he’s seen amazing changes in the Pentagon and he’s been in a unique position ever since the Marine Expeditionary Unit landed at CIA Langley headquarters, which is basically a control operation for Bush, the crime family, and I mean that sincerely, the Bush crime family – nefarious black ops, CIA black ops, and these phony baloney wars that profits some. And I’m talking Bush, Field.

And Bush and John McCain were keystones that kept that contraption running.

And I honestly believe that McCain was a part of the Jewish mafia out of Canada. They’re pure evil.

Bush is part of the banking family all the way back to the Prescott Bush days. And he was fueling the Nazis with funding for World War II.


It’s funny how the mainstream media never, ever touches upon that. But you have to look at who owns and controls the mainstream media up the food chain and I suspect it’s the Rothschild family.

They have endless, endless subsets of their wealth. It’s just an endless [unintelligible].

So the only way to set us free from this madness, Field, is to go to a gold-backed reset.

[Unintelligible] and not only GESARA in every nation and restore a sound monetary policy which is gold-backed.

So today is an interesting day. It’s also an interesting month that’s coming up, Field.


As you know, I’ve got tied into this matter on a personal level – documents suggesting November 1 is All Saints’ Day. And November 3 is another [unintelligible] matter that’s about to drop something.

November 10, Field, is the Marine Corps’ birthday. And it’s being celebrated everywhere but it’s a significant event up here in Boston. And there’s some pretty noteworthy White Hats that I anticipate from my sources will be attending.

November 11 is Veterans’ Day and November 22 is the Day of Infamy. Hopefully, we’ll reclaim our Republic that JFK had set out to do with a sound monetary basis and get rid of the Federal Reserve, these private bankers with pay per diem, which is basically just controlled and operated by the Rothschilds and the banking families.

They are the root of all these wars, Field, because it profits them. It doesn’t profit the Lance Corporal in the field, Field, the Marine Corps, running up the hill [unintelligible]. But it does profit the bankers in obscene ways.

General Dunford and the Marine generals, General Kelly, General Mattis, General [unintelligible], all the White Hats, they’ve been unseen every since they landed at CIA, Langley headquarters.

If it wasn’t for those Marine generals at this time point, Field, I honestly believe we would have been thrown right back into a civil war state, because there’s no real leadership in DC other than these endless bankers’ wars.

So we are embarking on an interesting month coming up and an interesting event going on in Texas [unintelligible]

* * *


That’s it. That’s all I have for now. Stay tuned. I’m watching. And everybody stick together in love and truth.

Don’t let rage, don’t let your emotions rage. Just stick together in love and truth and expose the evil.

And I think President Trump’s done a great job so far.

Elijah Cummings was one of the nastiest people who I honestly feel, Field, didn’t do much for the citizens of Baltimore. He raped and pillaged. There are millions of dollars missing, just like Hillary Clinton has millions of dollars missing from the State Department.

And this paper fiat money, no one knows where it went. It’s just like Obama when he palletized paper fiat money and flew it to Iran. Where did it go?

Well, remember this, Field, who prints that paper fiat? Federal Reserve, Field, private bankers. And it’s nothing but seed money to start some bullshit wars.

They are Satanic. And that’s where I’m going to leave it with you. Over to you, Field.

Field: Okay, and I’m going to respond to you point by point – not every point – but I just want to make sure that listeners understand what your message truly was.

You mentioned the Marine Corps and the way it works in the military of the United States of America when there is a conflict. And in the past those conflicts would have been contrived.

In the future, they’ll be no contrived conflicts because China Russia and America don’t want to surrender their young men and women.

So the reason the Marine Corps is mentioned is first of all you and I were in the Marine Corps but if we are listened to by good people who were in the Army they might want to say, “Well, what about the Army?’”


So here it comes: The Marine Corps is sent in first to establish a foothold and then the Army’s comes in to occupy the territory.

And the reason why that difference exists is the Marine Corps can be deployed to foreign soil without the permission of the Congress.


And keep in mind that 443 members of the 535 member Congress appear to be pedophiles or pedophile friendly. So the leadership in the Congress will be evolving in a good fashion.


You also addressed McCain and Bush and the CIA.

McCain and Bush: they’re evil people. And I personally have been involved in exposing the nature of their evil which many in America don’t know [about], but Bush was evil from 19 . . . Well, let’s see.

He was shot down, according to the story, in 1944 or 45. Well, that was a contrived thing.

Bush was of German Nazi roots and Bush was executed shortly after his funeral. And his funeral was in the Washington Cathedral, which is a phony baloney, fake religion outlet.

And it wasn’t a state funeral because he was a traitor.

That takes care of Bush. He was executed. He didn’t die of old age. He was executed.

Then McCain was executed several months earlier. And nothing I do is about me, but it just so happens that I very visibly accused McCain of treason on the 6th of April of 2008. And he was executed.

But the CIA, which you alluded, was always loyal to the United Kingdom. Up until 1947, they were called OSS – Office of Strategic Services – I think.

* * *



. . . and By the way the AMA is owned by Northern Trust. Northern Trust is an international private corporation which deals only in evil. They control the AMA, American Medical. They control the ABA, American Dental. They control the IRS, now defunct.

They control the ABA. That’s the American Bar Association. And that will be defunct.

And I know of what I speak because I’ve got a very powerful law expert coming to my house for one to three months and he’s going to take down the court that has fraudulently  attacked me, but it’s not about me.


It’s the first court he’s going to take down.

And then Donald Trump and the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force are going to take down the entire justice system which is a misnomer because we’ve never seen justice in this country.

* * *



I want to point out that the United States Marines and cooperating military people, SEALS, they rounded up 2,100 kids in Deep Underground Military Bases in Northern California within the last 10 days.

And they they’re operating under the auspices – correct me if I misspeak, Greg, good English – when I say under the auspices of the Pentagon . . .

The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, which operates by direct support and commissioning of the President and an equal measure his wife, they want pedophilia to be something that’s vastly reduced, knowing it can never be completely reduced.

But I think I heard . . . Ryan, did you hear the number of 9,000 pedophiles in this country and a majority of them are either judges or attorneys?

Yeah, that was an affirmative.

So, you know, if anybody wonders why we’ve had a proliferation of pedophilia, it’s because the guys that are wearing black robes to match they’re black, black hearts, they’re rubber-stamping every . . . It’s like a club where they can abuse little girls or little boys and they think that they have impunity but they don’t because God’s been watching that.

And I think one of the most critical things I could say at this point, because I can tell the world right now why Mike Pence was removed on the evening of July 4th of this year 2019.

Many people don’t want to consider that. A lot of the people who care about the truth cannot understand that, but it was very clear to me and other people in aviation when . . .


There were three people that I’m aware of that plotted an assassination for the 4th of July, and those three people are John Sununu, who was in the Nixon White House, and Paul Ryan who was the Speaker of the House . . . Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, and John Sununu and Mike Pence, who’s a child murderer – 186 children murdered by him and his wife Karen.

* * *



The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force is something that I’ve been aware of for a couple of months, but the truth is that on July 22, which is a Monday of this year 2019, Donald and Melania Trump asked for, ordered, and I think when they ask, it IS an order, but they called up the protectors of Timothy Charles Holmseth and they said, “Take Timothy to Plum City [Wisconsin] and don’t tell him why he’s going.”

And so they put Timothy in the car where they had armed protection and they started driving, and I think at that point they were roughly two to two and a half hours away from Plum City wherever he was located.

* * *


Okay, the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force put Timothy and I together on Monday the 22nd of July.

Within a month, we had a conference up in Grand Forks, North Dakota the day before his kangaroo court, which he didn’t show up for because elements from the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, starting with the president, said, “Don’t go there. They don’t have jurisdiction and they’re committing fraud.”

. . . In 2009, Timothy Charles Holmseth wrote a book that’s called “In Re: HaLeigh Cummings”. And that case led to Jeffrey Epstein and – let me think of her name – Kim LoCasio. She doesn’t like it when I mention her name.

Well, I don’t like what she did with children running a Broward County, Florida pedophile ring that went straight to the UN, went to the Office of the Ukraine.

And then Ukraine, which has flea bags like Joe Biden’s son, Mitt Romney’s son two little other silver spooner’s . . . Anybody remember the names of the other two silver spooner’s?

Mad Dog: Pelosi’s son.

Field: Who was the fourth one? Do you know?

Mad Dog: I do. John Kerry’s son.

Field: Yes! That’s it. Yeah.


And guess what? Biden, Kerry, Romney, Pelosi, traitors . . . They’re all dealing in pedophilia. . . .

I can’t wait to hear what Donald Trump may say [at tonight’s rally in Dallas] about pedophilia, which may be nothing, or the reason why he’s replacing Mike Pence.

And the reason he’s replacing Mike Pence IS pedophilia.

When he was the governor of Indiana, the state police and the state attorney general were protecting him when he went to a underground facility on an agricultural field and would torture and rape children, boys and girls. It didn’t matter to him, although he preferred the boys, which should have sent a signal to his wife. But if you’ve seen his wife, there was little reason to . . .  The truth is the truth.

And I find it really refreshing that Mike Pence, Sununu and Paul Ryan haven’t come to visit me.

I do know that in May of this year, 2019, Mike Pence was in Grand Forks, North Dakota, so he could witness the assassination of Timothy Charles Holmseth.

Well, Timothy Charles Holmseth was face to face with me within the last six days. So Mike Pence, apparently – it’s sort of like erectile dysfunction – he can’t get the job done because he was there to witness the assassination and there was no assassination.

So I feel pretty safe in telling the truth because that’s what God asked me to do and I’ve been doing it for a while . . .

During the time when GHWB [George H.W. Bush] was trafficking children in and out of the White House on weekends for late-night parties – they were coming out of two states Nebraska, from Boys Town, and Indiana . . .

And people say, “Indiana? Where did you hear that?”

I heard it from a US Air pilot who knew the flights operated out of Indianapolis and they went to Washington DC on Friday night and they took the abused children home on Sunday night . . . .

But he was the Governor Indiana and he was . . . That’s where he was killing and abusing children, and they were shipping children on US Air flights out of Indianapolis going directly to Andrews Air Force Base, I believe, or Washington National.

Mad Dog: [Unintelligible]

Field: I’ve already told you he’s going to get executed. He’s not complicit. He’s been doing it for a long time and he’s killed a whole lot of children and his wife Karen was a witness watching him and he would do things to them that are so disgusting that it would make me cry to tell you.

But anyway, I think, Mad Dog, unless you have some questions, I think we’re going to have a lady call in.

So just before you leave, let me find out. Is that lady willing to call in?

Sarah: Uh huh.

Field: Okay, can we part in peace and talk later, Mad Dog?

Mad Dog: Yes. Forget about the past, we’re going to focus on the future. That’s the whole focus point now – the future. Okay? God bless to all. Love you all.

Field: God bless you too. Bye-bye. We’re in a new paradigm.

Sarah: She’s already on the line. I’m just going to say a couple of things.


We’ve seen the Trump Administration call for CPS whistleblowers in response to Cindy’s [unintelligible], and she just wants to make them know that it’s hugely important in bringing these stories to the forefront and exposing the state courts just like the fake media was exposed.

And then, Field, you and Timothy made us aware the Marines would be saving children which actually did start happening with the 2,100 children saved in California, and then Timothy reporting also 14,000 more to be saved.

And to begin with the Administration requesting a meeting with you, added to all the executive orders done by [unintelligible].

And I was going to say that with the executive orders and the other work done by the Trump Administration, if anyone is interested in a list of that work or what’s been done, it’s posted right there on the website.

There are two child trafficking fact sheets. Anyway, there are two of them.

They did one initial fact sheet and now they’ve updated it. So there’s two of those fact sheets out there on the website – very easy to find.

With all that being said, the next piece that humanity needs to understand is the children who are missing and then slowly bred for sacrificing consumption and never see the light of day.

This is kind of the next piece that we’ve started to learn about, and that, you know, Luciferianism is the reason for ALL of this abuse, pedophilia, sacrifice and cannibalism.

IT IS the reason. And the sooner that this ends for humanity the better, because, first and foremost, this is a spiritual battle.


And Agent Beck is who’s going to call in or who is already on the line waiting to speak, she is a Satanic ritual abuse survivor. And she’s going to bring this to light.

Especially, her experience relates to what is going on above ground but also what has happened underground and will relate back to the 2,100 children saved.

I personally believe there’s been more children saved than that that aren’t reported based on what I’ve seen. But these are the first ones that have been saved from underground that, you know, have been reported.

Field: Okay, I think I can do this. Eager, would you make it so Agent Beck can be on audio but not video, please? We’re ready for her.

Agent Beck: Hi, this is Agent Beck. Can you hear me?

Field: Yeah, you’re loud. Just so you have a familiar voice, Sarah, would you talk to her and just tell her that’s okay here, and we’re welcome to let her run?

Sarah: Yes, you’re welcome to tell us whatever is on your heart to share. And you can take as long as you need. And then I know your story has a lot of different facets. It also relates back into what Mad Dog was talking about. It relates into the children that are recently saved and you know we just really appreciate you being here with us.

Field: And I want to say one thing to Agent Beck and then I’ll be quiet. And at some point, it’s not now, I’m going to ask Sarah and the other Board of Directors, if they think it would be prudent to have a key player in each of the 50 states, you know, to communicate with us, because Sarah has a real life too. And she puts a lot of her energy into this.

And the last thing I’m going to say is on October 2nd Sarah was involved in producing an executive order that was on Trump’s desk from 9:00 until 9:30 that morning.

He had a witness in the White House that explained to him the subject matter and he signed the executive order. Am I right so far?

Sarah: Yeah.

Field: Yeah. And my interest in that is the woman who was the victim of losing children – she’ll remain nameless to me – but her name was on it. My name was on it, and the Children’s Crusade logo was on it.

And I will soon be willing to send the Children’s Crusade promotional items to the people who might be willing to help us in the states that they don’t already have representatives, and without a doubt Sarah Duncan is the greatest representative that we have and she’s on the board of directors along with Timothy Charles Holmseth, Denise Clark and Dorothy Kennedy.

And I get people contacting me, and they say, “I want to be on the Board of Directors.”

I said, “I have nothing to do with it.” The Board of Directors people . . . and I would hope that they get international people like the guy in Scotland and the guy in Sweden.

But over to you Agent Beck. You can say anything you want and if you want an answer from Sarah, just say, “Sarah”. If you want an answer from me just say, “Field”. Okay?


Agent Beck: Gotcha.

Well, I first I want to say, “God bless”. I want to just say, “God bless” to everybody and thank you for having me today.

Field: You’re very welcome.

Agent Beck: And I don’t want to be on the board but I do want to help as much as possible.

So, I’ll be continuing to talk with Sarah and Timothy, as I have been doing online, and hopefully, we can have more discussions in the future.

And with that . . . Go ahead.

Field: Yeah I was gonna say we certainly can have more discussions in the future and don’t ever let me come off with sounding rude to you. If you think I’m being rude and I’m misrepresenting myself then I’ll apologize. Okay?

Agent Beck: You’re never rude. Don’t worry about it. I’m a tough old bird.

Field: Okay, thank you. Over to you.


Agent Beck: Yes. So, yes, I am a survivor. I was born into an Illuminati bloodline family in 1961.

The family that controlled my life was my father’s bloodline, which was from Germany directly in the 1900s. They emigrated over here.

They were American Nazis, and we had to address our leaders in German because they’re Kaiser and [unintelligible].


And I had to learn some German to address what I’m going to go from here calling “The Family”. They would just call themselves “The Family” no matter where they are for the Illuminati.

I had the double jeopardy of also having my step-grandfather as an OSS-CIA agent. And he was my father’s Satanic ritual abuse handler.

And then when MKULTRA came along, he had my father sign my sister and I up for MKULTRA when I was four and she was six.


So not only did we have the Satanic ritual abuse, which starts at birth, they start their programming to create altars at age two. And then by age four, I was also put into MKULTRA.

So there was never a break between the abuse and torture. It was at home. It was wherever I was taken.

And so I never had a break from any of that programming for the first 18 years of my life.

At age 18, they let you go if you’ve survived that long.


They have you as a sleeper cell to recall later, and we’ve seen a lot of those in public, of course, with the shootings. They’re activated sleeper cells.

So I was to be called back at a certain time and date to return to them.

Fortunately, I got my memories back before then and I didn’t return.


So I can go back now and start talking about what these children are experiencing in Satanic ritual abuse. I call it like it is.

I was deemed an expendable child, which meant that my father had dictated my name by letter that my mom was supposed to give me when she gave birth to me.

And my mom didn’t comply and dropped one letter of my name. Therefore, the gematria of my name and my destiny got screwed up, and they decided that I was worthless. I was an expendable.

That means that if I am I was killed in either the ritual abuse or MKULTRA, it would be no big deal.

Field: I want to interrupt you. Agent Beck, I need to interrupt. First of all, you’re not . . . You never were an expendable child. You are a child of God, and he meant . . .

Agent Beck: That’s right.

Field:  Yes. No, but, and as far as your dad and your mom disagreeing that’s . . . That sounds like your dad’s problem, but you’re a lovely child of God, and you were then and you are now, and I want to compliment you for having the courage to tell the truth about what must be broken heartedness for much of your life.

And we’re going to do a lot of things to make sure that what the evil people did to you as a little child of God will be retribution to them and glory to God and also comfort for you.

Over to you, Beck.

Agent Beck: Well, thank you. I’m good. I’m 58 and I’m good. My body’s not so good but I’m good.


Field: Yeah, me too. I’ve got a beer belly. I don’t know why cuz I don’t drink beer.

No, you’re good and you can just you continue and just speak your mind. You know what stream-of-consciousness is.

You just continue talking until you want Sarah to answer or me to answer. Otherwise, just tell the truth and tell it like it is. and if this offends our listeners, you know, they . . . The offense is not on your part. It’s on the Luciferians.

Over to you Beck.


Agent Beck: Alright. So, at age two everything started happening, and we were taken to the Lutheran Church that was the front for the Luciferians.

I will say that again. This is not . . . This was not a Christian Lutheran Church. It was simply a front for the Luciferian family. And all the members were members of The Circle. It was a very big “Circle” of German family members.

At two, they told me the story of Jesus so I could be sprinkled baptized. And I understood immediately that somebody loved me and I grabbed on to the gospel of Jesus and I believed in him immediately.

I wanted to just die and go to heaven immediately. By age two I had already been through a lot of abuse. So I had the understanding that Jesus loved me and I got sprinkled baptized.


We attended Sunday School every morning in that church and learned the Bible. And then every afternoon and evening on Sundays, we’d go to Satanic torture to have what we learned in the Bible that morning twisted and taken away and have us scream for God for help in the torture.

And when he didn’t come riding in on a white horse and rescue us then that proved that Lucifer was stronger than God according to them.

So that’s how my Sundays were. Every morning was Sunday School. Every afternoon and evening was this Satanic ritual abuse.

Now, I had a . . . I guess you would call it a heaven wish. Other people would call it a death wish, but with the torture I just figured I would not renounce Jesus in the torture and I would get to heaven faster.

So no matter what they did, I wouldn’t renounce Jesus. He was mine.

And so in my normal day life, I grew up as a Christian going to Sunday School, singing in the choir, not remembering, of course, everything that happened in the Satanic ritual abuse in the MKULTRA because of the sophistication of the mind control.

Does anybody have any questions so far?

Field:  I’m going to ask Sarah if she’d like to emphasize anything. Sarah, what would you say about questions?

Sarah: I think she’s doing a great job getting her story across. So, I remember you told me one time that when you were about eight, you realized that Jesus was carrying you through.

Agent Beck: Uh huh.

Sarah: I think so it’s so important, you know, that you realized the whole time that he was there. But anyway go ahead and continue.

Field: You’re doing a great job Beck.


Agent Beck: Thank you. So, I want to speak a little bit about what the children that have been rescued by the Marine Corps, praise God, were probably found like.

In my day, we were kept in wire dog cages. We were stripped naked stuffed into these cages so that the edges would cut into us where the wires came together.

And they would put us in the smallest cage possible, literally stuff us in – these are all the expendable children – shove us in the back of a semi-truck, pile the cages on top of each other and drive us to other family circles for ritual abuse because they like “fresh meat”.

And some children did not survive those trips. And you can imagine: if it was a long trip with the twists and turns and curves and bumps, there was a lot of bleeding. There was a lot of bodily fluids, and it was just horrible.


I understand, I missed it, but I understand that Mad Dog talked a little bit about George HW Bush and how evil he was.

I grew up in Southern California, North San Diego County, and at age five, we were stepped into the back of a truck and transported all the way to Colorado to the Kimball Castle.

And they have a dungeon underneath that castle, and George HW Bush was there. W [George W. Bush] was there. Dick Cheney was there.


And it was a Lupercalia ritual, and that is the wolf ritual.

And I’ve always wondered that HW chose the Secret Service named “Timberwolf” because this was his crowning ritual that he loved the most was the Lupercalia or the wolf ritual.

And what happened was: we little girls were lined up along a banquet table, and he took turns going down the table – because this was in honor of him for some reason – going down the table raping us, each a little bit. But little girls were not his favorite prey, so to speak.

So for me, it wasn’t . . . Because I had been through so much more, that was minor compared to other things I’d been through.

And so then he went down the row of the little girls, but his favorite targets were toddler boys.

And W [George W. Bush] was there. He was in a tranced-out-type state. It was his job to keep his father under control. And he was set up to fail at that.

And when his father took on a wolf demon, so to speak, HW was running around on all fours howling like the wolf and running around.

And then he attacked the toddler boys and literally tore them apart like a wolf would do.

So there’s a lot . . . The image I had of HW when he was alive, whenever I would see his face, was of a human arm being held between his teeth of a little boy.

That’s how evil that creature was even way back then in the 60s.


As far as my understanding goes, he was the highest Illuminati male in the United States.

When W tried to stop him, he launched him across the dungeon room with a force beyond human capabilities because he was filled with a demon.

W hit the back of his head, it split open and then he slid down the wall unconscious.

So that was my close encounter with Bush.


When we were put back in our cages and loaded up, unfortunately, it was half the children that we set out from California with that went back. The rest died.

Things like that will happen in the underground, in the ritual abuse, either tortured so many different ways . . .


The Red Shoe Club, as we know with the pedophiles, are made out of human skin.

And they do not only save human skin but body parts and put them in what they call a cold storage area where they supply body parts for different ritual uses, and you go shopping. Usually the area on top [I.e. above ground] is a small farm with little farm animals: puppies, kittens, any kind of sacrificial animal you would want, to goats and pigs on top.

And then underground there would be a cold freezer area where the body parts were stored from victims.

They like to make things like a hand of glory, which is the left hand, a severed hand, of a person put in to the double horn symbol and then covered with wax and with wicks put in.

And they actually have those in their houses as a trophy.

A lot of time these celebrities and people like Anderson Cooper’s mom, who wore, they said, carved bone necklaces, those are usually made out of the bones of their victims.

So I’ve seen bone necklaces made out of children’s or babies finger parts and in toe parts.

So a lot of that bone jewelry, they’ll say it’s, you know, some kind of animal, but it’s really the bones of their victims.


And, of course, with the adrenochrome, there was vampirism all the time.

You know staple removers, how they’re shaped? They would take one of those and clip you while you were being raped so they could suck your blood and be a vampire with those.

And the whole thing is with the adrenochrome is: they want to torture and scare you to have the adrenaline be flowing through your system and then harvest the blood of the victim.


And then also after every sacrifice there’s cannibalism that goes on.

And, unfortunately, when I was 15, I had a baby boy who was sacrificed.

My mom had only given birth to three girls. My father needed a perfect baby boy to sacrifice to move up into the hierarchy and become a high priest.


And so they started breeding me when I was 12.

The first baby I had was a girl. I don’t know what happened to her. She was supposed to be adopted by the family of the boy they married me to, who was 13, but in my search and confronting the family, I’ve not been able to find her. So I don’t know what happened to her.


And then at 15, I had the baby boy. And they induced labor on the Fall Equinox and took him to the pediatrician’s house.

Now, the pediatrician was a Nazi Paperclip doctor. [Operation Paperclip was a CIA operation after WW II to bring Nazi scientists, engineers, doctors and intelligence agents to the US.]

He covered up all my injuries. He was the high priest also of The Circle.

And so I was known as a hypochondriac crybaby kid who always had something to cry about. When in reality, I was living with broken bones and dislocated bones and all kinds of traumatic injuries.

And I was being given by my mama St. Joseph Baby Aspirin for that. So I lived in excruciating high levels of pain.

And I think the only reason I survived was because Jesus was in me and mitigated some of those injuries and pain for me to get through.


So at 15, again, I had the baby boy. He was taken to the pediatrician’s house who was known to have a house full of children all the time from foster care. He never had a foster care license I found out. So he kept all the kids at his house.

And they saved him [Agent Beck’s son] there for three months to sacrifice on Christmas Eve at the stroke of midnight.

And Christmas, for those people who don’t know, is the worst holiday for a child sacrifice there is.

They are sacrificing to the god Chronos. And so it takes place at the stroke of midnight Christmas Eve-Christmas Day.


And, of course, any Christian holiday also is inverted and they are the worst holidays. Like Easter is really bad, Good Friday. That whole week is horrible for human sacrifice.

And, of course, Halloween is upcoming. That’s a bad one too.

The mind control was so profound with me. If I was fat and I had been told I was fat and ugly and useless and worthless my entire life . . .

My mom was not a willing participant. She had to be drugged and brainwashed and controlled as well.


So she wasn’t as hard on me, but she also believed everything the pediatrician said. She was programmed to call him, ask him about an injury. He said, “She’s a crybaby, hypochondriac. Give her some aspirin send her to school. Blah blah blah,” when he knew very well what had happened in the ritual the night before because he was the high priest and he knew that I had severe injuries.

None of my bones that were broken were set. So when I say that my body is wrecked, it’s really a wreck.


With my baby sacrificed on Christmas Eve, I hadn’t remembered giving birth to him three months earlier. My father, for the first time in my life, became kind to me for those three months and spent time with me.

And what he was doing was monitoring me to make sure I didn’t remember giving birth to a baby.

And then on Christmas, his mother flew out for the ritual, and they sacrificed my son. They made me watch.

I was restrained in a horrible way. I had my eyes taped open and was forced to watch what happened.

And then after they . . . Well, let me backtrack a little bit.


He was killed in such a way that my father could kneel in front of him and drink his “living blood”, because they believe that all psychic powers and knowledge of all the generations just carry through the “living blood”.

And so by ingesting it at the point of death they’re supposed to be empowered with all that knowledge and all that energy. And if there are psychic powers, they would get that too.

So after that then he was cannibalized.

And I had managed to . . . I take that back. I was dragged over to . . . They had a bonfire going.

They branded me with a pentagram in my pubic region, and then I managed to crawl over to where the altar [unintelligible] of him was [and saw] two perfect little feet. And the rest had been cannibalized.

And they were engaging in their usual blood orgy which occurs after every sacrifice.

If you want to know what it sounds like, it’s like hyenas and cackling and demonic [unintelligible] or the sounds that humans don’t make when those orgies take place. It’s horrible.

I can’t stand the laughter. It’s laughter that I hated the most because they would laugh at your torture. They would laugh the more you hurt. And the laughter was something that was so evil and sick and demonic that it just never quite leaves you in your memories.

So let me bring Jesus back into this at this point because we need him.

When I was eight, we left the Lutheran Church while my father was being reprogrammed in a mental institution.


This program had . . . Programming breaks down in everybody, and they have to reprogram like we see with a lot of celebrities that “go to rehab”, and they’re actually being reprogrammed.


So we found a home church while my father was away and we learned about our authority in Christ Jesus, learned how to bind demons, how to cast them out of people. This was during the Jesus Movement in Southern California.

And I didn’t want to go in the kids’ room. I wanted to learn all about this.

And they would bring people off the street, and they would be delivered and set free in Jesus.

So I learned that I had authority in Jesus and about the baptism in the Holy Spirit.


So after that, when my father came back and the rituals really amped up again, they had us kids laying head to foot in a circle to make the ritual circle like they are drawing a white circle or black circle, whatever, on the ground. They decided to use kids as the actual circle.

And we were all tranced out in our altered state.

For the ritual abuse, they create a doll alter – D-O-L-L, doll – that “Having eyes, can’t see. Having ears, can’t hear. Having a mouth, can’t talk.”

And they were beginning to conjure up demons with a stroller laying there, and I came out of the trance.

And I stood up and I took authority over them in Jesus’ name. I bound them in Jesus’ name and by the power of his shed blood, and the adults all froze like mannequins.

And I went around the circle and I got all the kids awake and I said. “Let’s run for our cars”, because we were out in the forest. If we just ran for it, god only knows where we would end up.

So I said, “Go hide in the bushes by your cars”.

And we watched the circle. They had been in the middle of conjuring demons. And so the demons came up out of the circle and attacked all these adults that were frozen like mannequins and beat them up.

And so from then on I was bound and gagged and kept far away from the ritual circle so that would never happen again.

Do you have any questions at this point?

Field: I don’t, but we’re getting very favorable comments in the chat room, and . . . With the exception of the disinformation party or two everyone really respects you for what you survived. And I am absolutely positive that our God and our Savior Jesus Christ have done and will continue to do a very powerful work for children through your testimony.

And so I have no questions. If anybody in the chat room has a question, I will ask it for them if you take another break, but I don’t know how difficult this is for you, but speaking for the people in my chatroom, I don’t think any of us would get through this without breaking down and crying. So I applaud your strength.

And your strength comes directly from your light bond direct relationship vertically between you and your Savior.

Agent Beck: Yes absolutely. Amen.


Okay. With the mind control techniques that they used were conscious sedation drugs.

Every programming session you had would be finished with electric convulsive shock to erase your short-term memory so the memory . . .

Traumatic memory is stored in a certain way in people and is different from short to long-term memory. Trauma is stored in a different way in your brain.

And so I never knew what happened the night before. I didn’t know I had babies.


My body was always a mess. I was always in pain. There was always something wrong. I always had GI pain.

I was always, of course, having STDs and irregular bleeding and things like that with as much trauma that I’ve been through. I have a lot of GI problems. [I had] a hysterectomy when I was 33.

And I just thank God that I was able to have my three children after all the damage that was done.

At 18, they leave you alone. You go live your life. You get married. You have kids. And then you have your callback date.


What happened to me in remembering the trauma was: I was in prerequisites for nursing school, my third year, and I was in anatomy and physiology and realized that my body was badly damaged and by . . . what they would call a hallmark condition, you know, one leg shorter than the other that I had.

And they had chopped the end of my thumb off when I was 2 to create that first doll alter that I had, “Thumbelina”.


And I asked my primary doctor to do X-rays of my head and torso, and he did so. He was a good Christian man.

And it was like looking at somebody else’s body because I had been told nothing ever happened to me.

And the truth is I had skull fractures. My face looks like shattered glass on X-ray. There’s so many fractures in my face, my nose.

I’m 50% deaf in both ears because they blew my hearing in a threshold test in MKULTRA. They put me in a green room and turned the sound up until I went into convulsions and was bleeding from my nose and mouth and ears.

And so I’m 50% down in the conversational range. I have been all my life with hearing. For a while, I was almost completely deaf after that injury.

But, of course, the pediatrician covering it up and just said I was born that way. It was a congenital nerve defect in both ears.

My spine, my neck and my entire spine is mostly fractures. My pelvis has fractures, and I actually have part of the pelvic bone missing. It had been broken off somehow and dissolved back into my body.


And I also have an implant in my head from Jose Delgado, MD, which was put in there when I was 5 years old under MKULTRA. It’s called a stimoceiver.

And what they did with the stimoceiver was they popped your eye out of socket and put this device in the cartilage of the sphenoid bone, because at that point it’s cartilage. And then they put your eye back in and the implant is in there.

Jose Delgado was trying to control behavior with a stimoceiver implant. It didn’t work that way, so it’s been encased in the bone in my head my entire life.

When I remembered, got my memories back, my doctor, my neurologist, who takes care of me, because I have a lot of nerve-cardiac problems from what they did, did an MRI in my head, and there was the stimoceiver totally encased in bone, but it shows up on MRI.

And it was the perfect . . . the same as the picture in Delgado’s book. And you can do the search online too and see the picture. And it was the exact specs and measurements that he published in his book of what he was experimenting with with the humans.

And he noted that in his subjects the implant would kill the autonomic nervous system cells around it, and that was acceptable collateral damage to him.

However, they never thought about long term in the 1960s – about what this implant would be like in a Wi-Fi saturated environment.


So what I’m dying of now is a disease called dysautonomia, which is a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, because this implant doesn’t have a battery but it absorbs all the radio signals, like I said wireless signals, and everything and kills the cells.

And at present, I’m seven years passed my prognosis with the damage that this thing is doing inside of me. It’s been a hard year this year surviving. It’s been a hard year.


I have to have a pacemaker to have a heartbeat. I have to take medicine to have a blood pressure.

I don’t sweat anymore, so I have to move to a cooler environment. Even though I’m in the highlands of central Arizona, it does get up in the 90s during the summer, and I I can’t handle anything past 80 at this point.

I go immediately into heat exhaustion.

I took one drive one time during the summer to go see a neurologist, and by the time I got to his office, I walked in and passed out from heat exhaustion. So he got to see exactly what I was complaining about first hand.

I’m fortunate that I became a nurse and I worked with all these doctors, so they were my friends before I got all my memories back.

And I have hand-picked my doctors, and they have stood by me faithfully knowing what I’ve been through.

When my gynecologist did my hysterectomy, she came to me with tears streaming down her face because of the damage that she saw, of course, in my pelvic region, and then, you know, removing my uterus that fell apart in her hand and things like that.

She said I had had STDs probably my entire life and had pelvic inflammatory disease that had start up everything, and, you know, it was really hard for her. But my doctors have been faithful.

Let me see, where was I.


Okay, the implant.

So we found the implant. And my primary doctor took this MRI to a ENT surgeon to have it taken out, and his reaction was, “Oh my god, what is that ‘blankety-blank’ thing? We need to get that out immediately. We need to schedule surgery.”

And so that’s how we were moving forward.

And then I got a call out of the blue saying, “You need to come to office right now. Pick up these films. Get them out of my office and never speak of an implant being in your head and take the images back to the hospital.”

And I was like, “Whoa, okay.” So I picked up the images.


That same morning, my therapist’s house mysteriously catches on fire. His house was for sale, so people could come in and out.

And what the CIA did was put a smolder in his fuse box overnight, and when his wife turned on the coffeemaker in the morning, fire shot out of all the electrical outlets in their kitchen and caught it on fire.

So their kitchen caught on fire, but fortunately they were near a fire station, and the fire was put out, and his family was safe.

So the same day that this surgeon turned on me and had me pick up the films was the same day that my therapist, who was a Christian and a phenomenally committed man to see me through my healing, the same exact day that his house caught on fire because he wouldn’t take the bribe. But the surgeon did.

Two weeks later, he [the surgeon] was driving a foreign import car that would cost probably $200,000 at the time. It was a foreign import with the British steering wheel – the steering wheel on the other side. So he was bribable.


I tried one more time two years later. They sent me down to Phoenix to a different doctor to do a thin-sliced CT scan to see about getting the implant out, because my first neurologist was an Army veteran.

He had trained as a neurologist in the Army. He had trained at Walter Reed and he knew about MKULTRA experiments there. So he believed me 100%.

I didn’t know, at first, whether to trust him or not, but he said, “Remember, I LEFT the Army.” So he was actually my biggest angel on Earth.

So I was sent down to Phoenix. This doctor was very kind. He was going to do the thin slice CT. And then they called me for my follow-up appointment, and I went down and suddenly this nice, kind doctor also flipped like the previous surgeon.

He said, “There’s nothing there. Turn around and leave.”

I was like, “Excuse me? I just drove almost three hours. You know, do I see the films?”

He said, “No, you don’t get to see the films. You just have a misshapen bone. That’s it. Goodbye.”

And I was like, “Okay.” So I knew, you know, when the CIA has interfered again.

So I got my butt out of there and, of course, he was going to transfer the CT scans up to my neurologist, but they got lost and disappeared.

So as it stands right now, I cannot have MRIs because I have my second pacemaker and I’m going on my third within another six months here, and you cannot do MRIs when you have a pacemaker.

So getting a doctor to take this thing out or disable it somehow so it doesn’t absorb all the energy is kind of impossible when you can’t see it clearly like we did on the MRI.

So here I am stuck with this horrible disease and also all the musculoskeletal injuries.


I’ve had to have surgery on both my shoulders because to program you under MKULTRA they would just dislocate my arms and legs to tune me up to do the programming so I would be in extreme pain.

And I’ve had my arms and legs dislocated so many times that there’s tons of arthritis in the joints.


And now I have a disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) where my legs and arms just slip out of place at will.

So I will be walking down the street, and my femur will shift in my hip socket and hit a nerve, and I won’t be able to take another step.

I was at actually my younger son’s wedding, and my femur actually popped out of the hip.

My older son, who is an Air Force airman, Field, he picked me up right away. You could hear the bone snap over the live band. And he picked me up and when he did, the bone went back into place, thank God, and I stayed for the rest of the wedding.

I didn’t go to the hospital or anything since it was back in place. I was in a lot of pain and I couldn’t move for some time.

I always carry pain medication with me so I enjoyed the rest of my younger son’s wedding that night. And just a shout out to my younger son who is a police officer.

Even though I was going through . . . I went through three years of intensive therapy, and the process was really hard, and then I got sick and died and got sent back by having a simple radiology test.

It was the Murphy’s law. The nurse on the floor goes down for a radiology test and everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong.


Even though [I’ve experienced] all those things, I have a daughter and two sons, and they’re incredibly wonderful compassionate adults who are woke and who all fight for this country and all the innocent. I’m very proud to be their mom.

My marriage did not survive. My church kicked me out. I lost all my friends. I lost all my colleagues.

I’m basically alone except for my dogs and I live with my daughter and and my grandchild and I have all these wonderful people online to keep me company who I take great comfort from on a daily basis.

And I speak out for the children because I know what they’re going through, and I have to keep speaking out and tell the truth.

Okay, I’ll pause for a second and drink some water. Does anybody have any questions?

Field: Let me find out. Sarah, do you have any questions for her?

Sarah: There was a couple of things that you had shared with me before, and one was when they decided to sacrifice you but then that didn’t happen. And the story is that. Do you know I’m talking about?

Agent Beck: Okay.

Sarah: And then the other one was when you were underground and what you saw while you were there.

Agent Beck: Okay. So we’ll start with the underground since that would happen first. And you’re going to have to remind me of the second question after I tell about the underground as I’m old.

Field: Let me interrupt you and remind you to get some water for yourself, okay?

Agent Beck: Yeah, I have it right here.

Field: Oh, okay. Sorry. Go ahead. Treat yourself well. We’ll listen.

Agent Beck: Ha, ha. Gulp gulp.


I was in a few underground bases. The first one I was in, I was a preschooler. It was a ritual at Fort Ritchie in . . . [Fort Richie at Cascade, Maryland, the site where 19,600 intelligence troops were trained during WW II.] There is a hill at Fort Ritchie, and inside that hill is a cavern.


And Fort Ritchie in World War II was used as a mock Nazi town. They had Nazi uniforms, all the regalia on all their equipment and everything, and they would train the soldiers to infiltrate Germany at Fort Richie.

Well, Lieutenant Michael Aquino, who I’m sure everybody’s familiar with – MKULTRA and pedophilia – was the presider over this indoor ritual.

His magical name is Malcalm – M-A-L-C-A-L-M – which is another moniker for Moloch.

And he conducted a Nazi ritual where Jewish people had been kidnapped. They were put in a very strong fishing net held by a crane over an open fire. And then they were lowered into the fire alive in that net.

Again, I was a preschooler. My father stood behind my sister and I, and we were forced to watch this.

The Family, as I said of my father’s, were American Nazis.

Aquino is a Nazi, and it was a horrific, horrific ritual in that underground.

And when I was researching, as my memories would come forward, and I would research, I found out about Fort Ritchie being, you know, the place where the Nazi uniforms and all that regalia and the flags and everything were kept. And that’s why they could dress up and do the ritual as Nazis.

And after the fire smoldered down, they made us all march across on top of the embers and remains doing a “Heil Hitler” salute to Michael Aquino.

So that was one underground that was one of the most horrible memories that I have there.


I was in Mount Weather underground [Mount Weather in Virginia is the center of operations for FEMA – the Federal Emergency Management Agency] where they have an underground lake.

They have a Pentagon and they had an alternative Pentagon and everything under there.

It was mind-blowing in the 60s. I can’t even imagine how high-tech it is now.

They had trees, and the trees were in, of course, containers above the ground. And they had the lake.

And the ceiling was a greenish hue. You couldn’t see the ceiling because of the type of lights they were using inside.

They had apartment buildings for the people they were training under there, cafeterias, you know. It was like the whole town under there.

There’s an underground railway they had at the time that runs right beneath the Appalachian Trail that ties together a lot of the underground bases in that area.


Disney, as you know, is evil. They’re a CIA-manufactured Luciferian entity.

And they had monorails that ran through the tunnels before Disney actually put the monorail up in Disneyland.

So, yeah, I’ve been in a few of those.


I’ve been in a lot of dungeons, particularly under churches. The Catholic Church I was taken to . . . I live in Southern California, so I was taken to a mission for a ritual. And they actually have underground dungeons under the mission and they have tunnels that lead to different places.

They had a private part where they would . . . it was actually across the highway. The tunnel went underneath the highway where they had a private part, and that’s where they would do the Child’s Hunt.


The Child Hunt that I was in was the Green Man or Pan celebration. And they would set us kids free, and, of course, you know, we were supposed to run and hide.

And the men were all stripped down to loin cloths and painted green and had leaves

and stuff in their hair.

And they were set out to find us. And when they found us then they raped us and then gathered us all together.

They had poles where they would string us up by our wrists and ankles on the poles and carry us back to the dungeon underneath the mission to continue with the ritual abuse down there.

And, of course, in every ritual there would be someone sacrificed – at least one person – others [other rituals] a lot more [sacrifices].

So in my church . . .  [Sarah spoke off camera] I’m sorry?

Sarah: [Unintelligible] if you could tell . . . if you could tell everyone here that who was walking with the children underground?

Field: Who was walking with the children underground?

Sarah: Yeah.

Agent Beck: Okay ma’am, Luciferians that had gathered for the ritual.

I was abused by priests and nuns. Now, all the men were stripped down to loin clothes.

They had their faces all painted green and brown to blend in with the environment of the forested area.

So, I don’t remember, you know . . . I don’t have any identifiable people in that particular ritual.

A lot of the rituals I was in contained, of course, the people that ran the church that was the front for the men and women that were the elder board and had that Church, the Lutheran Church, were the typical circle that I was abused by.


My father was a civil engineer and he designed the third sanctuary on the premises of that church. And all the Christians left when they approved his altar design.

Field, I sent you two emails last night, and I know you’re busy and will have time, but I did send you a picture of that altar area.

And real Christians left the church at that point because basically it’s Masonic specifications of an altar area.

It’s gray cement with one black angel ascending “Jacob’s Ladder” and one descending. And they’re in black wrought-iron.

And the church was made to be soundproof, and you couldn’t see into it. So they could use the actual church instead of the basement area to do their rituals in.

And Sarah, what was the other question? Oh, when I was supposed to be sacrificed at 12. That’s right.

Sarah: Yes, and then the one about the, you know, about what the kids talk about underground – the person they see.


Agent Beck: The kids that are bred underground and born like the Marine Corps has just rescued, as I understand it, the kids that are bred and born underground that will never see the light of day and be killed and harvested.

Fiona Barnett from Australia is a friend of mine. She’s a survivor of both Satanic ritual abuse and MKULTRA.

And once she was taken to an underground where these little kids . . . It was like Epstein Island where they’re bred to die.

And the little children in the cages had never been up on top ever. They had never seen the Sun or felt the breeze on their face.


And they told Fiona about the Light Man that came and visited them. And Fiona realized that it was Jesus that would come to the children in the cages. And it’s just awesome that our Lord and Savior comes to the children.

Not only that, but in my abuse, in ritual abuse, you don’t feel the torture. God . . . You dissociate and you actually . . . Your spirit leaves your body and looks down at your body and you’re reacting to the torturers, you see or your self screaming and yelling, but you’re not feeling that. You just can . . . You’re out of your body watching it happen.

And it’s just a wonderful thing.

I remember so many near-death experiences as a child where angels would take me flying over my town while abuse was taking place. Or they would be walking among us when we were stuck in a basement or black dungeon somewhere in our cages.

There was always God present walking among us and angels ministering to us. And I really enjoyed flying with angels around him.


They . . . Like I said, they . . . Because they deemed to me expendable, they used me in snuff films. [A snuff film is a film of an actual murder.] And if they couldn’t revive me, that’s what they did.

And so I was snuffed out and revived so many times as a kid I probably can’t even keep track.


So, yeah, it’s hard when you remember everything. And I did have . . . You do hit a point as a Christian where you realized God has allowed all this to happen in your life.

And I could handle the memories and getting through, but then when I got sick and died and our insurance went bankrupt for the hospital, I hit a point where I got mad at God and I screamed and yelled and cussed for six months straight because God is big enough to handle our feelings, our human feelings, our human understanding.

And at the end of six months, I got it all out of my system. It was all out of my system and I had no more to cry about or scream about and I had this peace descend upon me and fill me.

And I said, “So, nevertheless, not my will but yours be done.”

And I was over with the anger and I was free of it and I was over with questioning why.

And God is faithful with Romans 8:28: “He will turn everything that has happened to you by evil forces and turn it for good in your life.”

And he’s done that with me, not only in, you know, my careers and caring for others but speaking out, making people aware, leading people to Christ.

He’s faithful. That’s all I can say. He’s faithful, and and I am at peace with what happened and I keep moving forward with God.


Then Sarah wanted me to talk about at age 12 after I had the baby girl, my father was so mad because it was a girl, and I was not cooperating with my programming in MKULTRA – they were training me to be a seductress-assassin, and I wouldn’t kill the target. I would drug him with: I think it’s pronounced “Jarare”. It’s a paralytic agent. [Muscle relaxant]

So I I would have these diplomats in DC, and we would frame them with me being a little seductress and take all the pictures and videos.

And then I was supposed to paralyze them, the victim, and kill the victim.

Well, I knew even in my programming that there was back up in the next room next to me, and I refused to kill. That’s again how strong your spirit is inside that can break through the programming.

So they got mad because the backup team would have to come in and take out the paralyzed guy and do away with him themselves.


So they thought I was done with my use for MKULTRA and I was done with my use for the ritual, so they decided that I would be sacrificed at age 12.

They put me in a house full of children for the rituals that night. And this was out at a remote farm that was used for the kiddie porn and and films and bestiality – those kind of things. And rituals were done in the big barn out there

So I was to wait in the house with the little kids until they called for me and I was supposed to walk in willingly to be sacrificed.

Well, again God came through, and I was not tranced out. I was not programmed.

And all I could think of was helping those kids escape from what was going to happen.

So I opened back windows in the house and I slipped all the . . . and these were little kids: three, four or five. And I had some older ones.

And I just opened the back windows, and one by one got the kids out, and I told them again like I had before, to run to their cars and hide in the bushes because they were out in the middle of nowhere.

And I got them all out of the house and I didn’t go in. And I didn’t go in. So they sent the butcher [ie, a family member programmed and trained to dismember bodies] in to get me in the house.


He was a literal butcher by day and he worked in our local supermarket in my hometown. He was a pedophile and he got off on his slow torture with a knife of his victims.

I knew this and so, because I had been trained as seductress, I started talking to him and, you know, distracting him from actually cutting me with a knife.

I eventually got a hold of the knife and I plunged it into the back of his neck, and he was bleeding.

I was panicked, like, “Somebody save his life!”

After the time the pediatrician high priest came in looking for me, and I yelled at him, “You’re a doctor! Help this man. He’s bleeding to death!” Because I didn’t want to kill anybody.

And he just stood there and crossed his arms and smiled. “Well, I guess we can use you in MKULTRA after all.”

So the butcher died that night.

They didn’t sacrifice me and they changed my programming. I did MKULTRA, and the Satanists kept using me to try and breed the baby boy which I did have at age 15 and used me still for abuse in the rituals.

A lot of times in the rituals, I would try and con the adults from . . . to pay attention to me, that I could please them and [they would] leave the little kids alone. I was always trying to save the little kids.

After my son was sacrificed, they were completely done with me and left me alone. And I was just in [unintelligible] MKULTRA after that.

So any questions?

Field: Well, I’ve got a suggestion. It’s 3:00, and if we promise to have you back regularly, do you think that you’ve said enough to sort of create the appetite among the formerly ill-informed people about these great abuses?

And it’s been suggested to me that I say a prayer, but do you feel that you’ve gotten much of your message out if we promise to have you back? Could we let you take a break?

I don’t want to cut you off. We’re not going to cut anybody off. We just think that reacting to the chatroom, these people are overwhelmed. And they have a collective frustration that they can’t do anything.

Actually they can. They can pray.

Agent Beck: Yeah.

Field: Yeah and I’m about ready to. And I’d love somebody that . . . Would you rather pray than me? No. Okay, I guess I’m the one.

But are you happy to call it quits on this session and . . .

Agent Beck: Yeah yeah. Yes, I’m losing my voice and I get a little brain fatigue because of all the brain injuries. So that’s fine by me.


Field: Okay. Well, then I’m just gonna make it a . . . it’s a prayer and a promise both. And I’ve taken my hat off and I would say, “Your heavenly Father, and dear Jesus, and dear Holy Spirit, comfort this woman who has been through so much evil that there’s people in our chat room really wishing there was something they can do to help.

“And if they turn to You, Lord, and they ask you what they can do to help, I know that you will tell them, because in 2006, I prayed to you and I asked a question, as you remember God, I said. ‘Isn’t there something more I can do for your people and your Kingdom in this world to accomplish your mission?’ and two hours and 25 minutes after I said that prayer, my life was totally inverted.

“And so I know the power of prayer but I also know the risk. Be careful what you pray for because God might understand exactly how you can help, and your life may be totally disrupted when you’re normal.

“And I would say to any adults that aren’t willing to take that chance of prayer, how can you stand by and listen to the abuse that this child of God has suffered for somewhere between 55 and 60 years, I’m guessing? It doesn’t matter. God knows and so does she.

“But in the Bible, it clearly says in Matthew 18:5: ‘Anyone who welcomes a child in my name, welcomes me. And for anyone who causes one of mine to stumble, it would be better if you had a giant millstone around your neck and then dropped in the sea.’

“Jesus, I know you’re coming, and God, I know you’re acting. And the world, and especially the United States, will see some of this tonight if they watch Trump speak.

“And for those people who still haven’t grown out of the myth of political differences, it’s not political. This country of ours is either good or evil.

“And it’s the time right now today, October 17, when Trump and Melania represent good. They are not going to demonstrate political differences. They are going to demonstrate universal and global cohesiveness.

“And the Children’s Crusade, which just became a real entity about 10 months ago, that’s a force that the pedophiles will not be able to defeat, and we . . . I’m not on the Board of Directors, Lord, but you know we have board members of our Board of Directors, and our mission is global and our impact and our footprint will be global.

“But tonight, if we listen to what President Trump may have for us to be encouraged by, and if we work at the pace that Melania, smiling and nodding in affirmation of the husband’s being ordained and called. He didn’t volunteer for this mission. And I actually know that, because I know which Marines offered him this responsibility to save the United States of America, to save our veterans, and most importantly, to save our children from the global group of evil doers that will be destroyed when God comes with his terrible swift sword. And God will come with it.

“But if Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, can impact this country, we will be the first country saved.

“And if the United States can be saved at this late hour, I believe the world can be healed. And this may be the point where the 1,000 years of peace are ushered in. But I’m very, very confident, 99.5% confident, that this in fact the very point where pedophilia is addressed and the human cost and penalty for pedophilia and treason, they are both the same, and it’s a capital felony offense. And I doubt if anyone listening to my voice and God’s words, because I’m not speaking, I’m being spoken through, God himself doesn’t want anybody to perish.

“But God himself has inspired men to talk to [unintelligible] and show that there’s a narrow path and there’s a broad path. [Unintelligible] President Trump is trying to save all of us, people in Russia, Yemen, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Australia, [unintelligible] where the evil comes from, and Trump at this late hour has been called. He’s been ordained for a battle exactly like this at a time that is exactly as it is now.

“And I pray that God will allow Trump to appear to be the victor over pedophilia and war and abuse on the part of everyone, and the mechanism for starting that abuse for everyone is a network of global ranches where people who thought they were imposing their national will on their enemies will learn that they have no national will and they have no enemies.

“The only enemy anyone ever has is Satan and Luciferians invading their heart, their minds, their country, their neighborhoods and themselves.

“I pray in Jesus name that this historic abuse of children can be broken by the actions that I anticipate Donald Trump may speak about, but his actions go on before his words. Within the last 10 days, 2,100 children were saved from Deep Underground Military Bases in Northern California.

“And on the 4th of July of 2019, Trump ordered Vice President Mike Pence to be taken out of his administrative duties, and that’s why we’re looking forward to a new Vice President nominee, because the evil doer has been taken out and awaits judgment.

“[Unintelligible] Lord Jesus and save your children, in Jesus name I pray, amen.”

* * *

Field: I hope that made you feel better, Agent Beck.

Agent Beck: Yeah. I would just encourage people if they want to follow me on Twitter, it’s CA Beck it’s Charlie alpha Beck or @CABeck1961 and they can follow me on Twitter and if they have questions I’ll get to them

Also, pray for the Marines and officers that are going in and rescuing these kids because the fights and smells and sounds are going to be horrific and a hard thing for them to work through too. So I’m praying for them.

And I’m available for them to talk to be too on Twitter.

Field: Well, we’re going to invite you back and it won’t be me, because when I do things people think it’s all about me and it’s never about me.

But Sarah will be your contact because you and she have spoken. And any time you and Sarah agree to speak through this portal, it’ll be available to you.

I’m speaking as a Marine right now, by the way. I want to assure you that the Marines and the SEALS that are going after these children, many, if not most of them, have children of their own, so they relish this mission.

And even if some of these Marines and SEALS have no children of their own, they are children who were not exposed to this terrible sin.

And speaking for the Marines that have run this country since 2015, whether it’s known or not, there’s nothing the Marines, the Army, the Navy, the Coast Guard, the Air Force . . . Once they see the evil, they will not back down from the enemy and they will either have victory or they will die, because these children and the survivors need representatives.

And [unintelligible] Beck, now have representation. So thank you for speaking with us today. And if you’d like to say anything else, I’m not trying to curtail this, but it hard for me and it’s hard for Sarah, and it’s hard for Dennis, and it’s hard for Ryan to listen to this stuff and not want to go out and do something personal to prevent it.

But we don’t have to go out and . . . for instance, and I’m going to be misquoted on this, I guarantee it, somebody in Chat Room said they wanted to go out and get a concealed carry license and a weapon.

Those types of weapons don’t help. You might be able to hurt yourself. Or you might be able, if you’re lucky, to hurt one person. But God doesn’t bless that type of stuff.

We already have an Army and a Marine Corps of angels and mothers and widows and fathers and . . . We already have the forces assembled. It’s been assembled by God.

And you’re going to see some of it deployed in the speech tonight, I believe. And you’re going to . . . . Over the course of the next few days, between today, the 17th, and the 21st, you’re going to see a whole lot of bad people gathered up or called in.

But this evil has now been ordained to be destroyed and destroy it we will. Speaking for the Chat Room and speaking for America, speaking for black people, white people, yellow people, red people, bald people, young people, gay people, straight people, we have been divided by the Vatican Jesuits and by the UK Monarch for far too long.

Let’s come together, invite peace and terminate evil. How’s that for my last words, C. A. Beck?

Agent Beck: That’s awesome. Never discount your prayers. Never discount your prayers. Expose the underground.

I’m looking forward to the rally tonight and I have my Trump cap on, and I’m ready to rock ‘n roll and have some popcorn.

Field: Okay. And if you have a Trump cap, then what I’ll so is have Sarah – I won’t share it with anybody – but if Sarah gives me her mailing address or hers, I will send you a Children’s Crusade cap. And it says, “Expose evil” on it, although it doesn’t say it that clearly, it’s Ephesians 5:11.

But these evils that have befallen children, innocent children, both genders of all nations, this needs to be stopped and it WILL be stopped.

Will there be isolated episodes in the future? I believe so, but they won’t be as rampant as they’ve been in this country for a couple hundred years and over in Europe for even longer.

Their day is coming. They will be exterminated from the Earth.

We’re all given free will. And if someone uses their free will to injure children, they’re going to pay for it with the eternal price of not only leaving this world but they may well find themselves in a burning lake of fire for eternity.

Agent Beck: Amen.

Field: Amen. So if it’s okay, Sarah and I will say goodbye to you.

Agent Beck: All right, goodbye. Have a great evening.

Field: Okay. Well, thank you very much.


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