Andromedean Brother Channelling

‘Phase 5 has begun. The grace period is over. A cosmic pause button set in 2015 has been released. Intergalactic federation decisions taken in early earth year 2015, to slow down the ascension field, allowed people linear time to awaken. A huge surge in energetic effort from all involved, we hadn’t entirely prepared for. The reasons were Anunaki assault was sustained, relentless and dynamic. The Arcturian council high command were many light years away. They were contacted and agreed to travel to Gaia. Anunaki did the same with their leader. 2015 saw a profound and intensive energetic space of regrouping, plan B was put into action. Inertia programmed, coded, conditioned into the general population is supported by astral possession of humanities souls. A plague of enormous proportion. Devil worship fostered in the elite psyche for many thousands of years. Sacrificial ritual led to a dark energetic machine of recycling, possessing, and siphoning of human souls. Trauma based energetic and mind control technologies destroyed the integrity, the very fabric of the human soul. Shaman from across the infinite multi verse answered the call. Light missionaries walking the earth chose to leave to join forces on the astral, the lightwork entrusted to healers and volunteers anchored to the material plane in human lifetime.

Sky wars intensified. Conflict between dark and light stepped up and all the prophesies were finally fully comprehended. Pyramids, lighthouses, beacons of truth to evil dotted all over the galaxy. Gaia’s sacred geometric alignments are divine, we at Federation central continue to be amazed by the layers, wheels, depths that keep coming from the ascension field. We digress. Phase 4 was implemented. A huge push for enlightenment on the ground coupled with cosmically aligned energetic light waves began. The urgency many of you experienced to awaken loved ones was this surge in awakening cellular restructuring. Upgrades. Lightbody activation on the material plane accelerated. Plant based diet broke into the main-stream. Political awakening swept nations. Journalism took an injection of warrior truth, whistle blowers, anonymous hackers, a coordinated assault on the matrix. Star wars, laser beam technologies to engineer weather were targeted. Chaos ensued. The task for lightworkers was to stay grounded in light frequencies, allow space for karmic growth and raise the vibrations within and so without. The light matrix was birthed in light vibrations, mimicking the matrix infrastructure, woven by dedicated light warriors traversing many dimensional realities. Our teams, on the other side of the veil, operating in quantum time, ensured maximum effort in the mass retrieval of humanities soul integrity.’

Gratitude Andromedean Brother 🙏🏼 


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