September 29, 2019
Hello! Sophia! How may we be of assistance today?
Hello everyone! It is good to connect again. I have some questions from readers. The first involves storage for the pods. There are two parts to this question.
– What do they look like and how big are they and how do they operate?
– Several readers are offering to house them. In one case, there is already space available right now and more could be obtained.
Can you speak to how much and what type of space is needed?
Also – should we be preparing for them now or should we wait? Linear time is what we are dealing with and what motivates these questions. Thanks.
Sophia and friends. It pleases us to hear you so invested in our offer to assist.
We spoke early on, two years in your time, about the technology. What is used is light/vibration/energy beams. All creation is the re-formation of potential into the most probable and possible and accepted outcome. Our use of the pods depends on your unique energy signature and what it is, can be best described, is an assist to your own (creative potential/probable/accepted energy).
This is technology that utilizes belief/expectation/creation and magnifies/hones it for the length of time that you are within them (within the pods themselves). Fully encased you are, almost like an extremely long and large egg. Translucent/transparent. Comfortable. What is seen is a soft glow. While encased in the pod you are surrounded in light.
It is a challenge to express the inner workings of the energy, yet if you will again hear that we employ it into our lives here, and thus do not age physically as you do on earth. This is because, and please hear this clearly and fully, we do not expect to.
The technology is in our doorways and available at many “relaxation centers”. We do not call them “healing” centers because we don’t experience sickness in the way humans do.
As for their size, you would be housing a 7 foot long, 3.5 foot wide, 5 foot deep unit.
We do envision needing storage, yet not until the first units are located and operational.Logistics are being figured out as the time approaches, yet is still not defined.
What is this tension I am experiencing from this connection stemming from? This is something new for me.
Sophia, we apologize. Many from other departments have joined the conversation. They are unused to our protocol and method and we are figuring out how to accomplish a smooth transition.
My head is buzzing with it!
Yes, many have come to join us. Marketing, packaging, engineering – all of the manufacturing departments are here.
I see a few “hard hats”. (smile)
Yes. Maybe this will help you to understand what it is you feel now.
It does, can we continue?
Can you be any more specific regarding time?
We cannot offer linear dates. Please do not incur expense or additional space until the time arrives that the pods are on your earth. It is then that logistical arrangements and most likely direct communication will take place.
Thank you.
I believe we are complete for now. Is there anything you’d like to say before we go?
Only that the entire process is an organic and singular one. It is beautiful to watch and we cheer you on from our ships, anxious to meet you!
It is an honor to have achieved your trust.
Thank you.
Goodbye then.
(I see many people there, lots of smiling and some waving! Sophia)
Additional note from Sophia to readers.
Many messages are coming in regarding healing. I appreciate your urgency and suffering more than I can tell you about. Yet I feel as if there has been a pretty significant misunderstanding about the Pods and the Pleiadians themselves. I would like to add here then, what it is I have learned. Also, what it is I do.
These beings are offering an assist, yet it is you and I who are the master magicians when it comes to our bodies. This applies also when desiring help for a loved one. The power rests in your hands, in my hands, and in the hands of those we pray for. This technology has been explored with my partner and myself for several years, yet until he saw himself healed and accompanied that seeing with real physical action, the magic didn’t happen. He had to believe it was possible and accept it as the only option. We have both been helped and healed this way.
I communicate each morning and night with the Pleiadians, and yes, I include your names and intentions when I do. It is becoming a long list! (smile) Yet the real healing spark is self-initiated, and what I see and sense in your requests is a giving up of that power. You are assuming that I can do something that you are unable to accomplish. If those are your true beliefs, then the purpose of sharing this information has not occurred, and I am sorry.
I cannot do your healing for you. The Pleiadians cannot do your healing for you. It is the same with any sort of chemical or traditional medical procedure that we are so familiar with on earth. The major difference between traditional medicine and the pods, as far as I can see, is that the pods will not harm you, as so many of our traditional methods and medicines do. We have “learned” from people interested in keeping us dependent, to rely on something other than ourselves for help. This was intentional.
Part of the beauty of the Pods is they work purely as an extension and expansion of your own intent. They will not, cannot harm you, or take away your ability to choose. They are like Superman’s kryptonite and will amplify your superpowers and maintain your physical perfection.
The healing of our bodies is an inside job. If you are familiar my other work, you’ve heard the being I referred to as “Poseur” say to me, when I was sick: “Why would you harm yourself”? (That conversation is now a book, “The Imposter“) He was absolutely clear on how all things are created.
We are creation machines. We have to believe something is possible, for it to become real. It is as impossible and as simple as that. What that means is that if you are waiting for an outside force to fix what you believe is unfixable, you’ll be disappointed every time. If, on the other hand, you utilize an outside force to stimulate and accelerate your own perfect vision of a healthy body, then you will manifest those positive thoughts quickly. Realize that “quickly” is relative and linear time demands that we witness and fully accept each physical healing.
So I’m asking once again, before you come to me to heal you, please examine your deepest held beliefs. We all have the power to change our minds.
Here is a segment of the last post, (# 46) worth repeating:
Another questioner wants more specifics on asking for help for someone else. Possibility? Method to use?

Yes, this is possible. It absolutely is when done with love.
The method is to add the full name of whomever you wish us to assist. If that person’s body gives a “yes”, we’ll proceed to do so. We are unable to do so if there is resistance.
Unfortunately, we’ve seen this occur. There are multiple possible reasons for this, none of which we are privy to.”
I love you all. I mean it. I hope that you understand what I am trying to say here. The power is yours and it rests within.
With appreciation,


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