I had a dream the other night. I experienced, in vivid detail, how humanity has crossed over the vibrational thresh hold, beyond the time of the quickening, into the era of revelation and the merging of the two worlds–the upper world, perceived as a kind of celestial heaven where all is in balance, and the other, our earthbound world inundated with polarity and the intrigue of deception. 
Then I awoke and realized that I was not dreaming at all. I was experiencing a future out-picturing of our time on earth over the course of the forthcoming decade.
The shift is already occurring at every level of society, in every part of the earth’s eco-system. The chaos that stems from radical change will continue until it will transform into a more harmonious waveform. The year of 2024 (which has come through the channeled guidance and the early writings) signals the gateway into this merged new world. It will be marked by peace and an awareness of global harmony. 
Humanity’s new normal?
By the time we reach 2037, we’ll be in a more integrated state of embodied awareness. The Guides over the years, have articulated the transformation in the following statement , “what was north will be south”. In other words, rather than looking to the world for validation, we’ll know the truth in all things through pure awareness. Interactions with others will be more through the light body, which leaves no room for deception . 
The higher frequency fields have already begun to merge with this our earthbound world. The infusion of the higher realm frequencies are the very source of the inner confusion and outwardly manifested chaos so many are experiencing. The emotional body is being most impacted as the irrationality of the mind is trying to make sense of the shift.  
Over the next few years, the mind will continue to destabilize until it fully gives way to the heart. We will then enter into a fuller spectrum of understanding of our true power and capacity to harmonize all earth bound systems through our higher vibrational nature
Once we are more fully acclimated, we’ll come to better understand that this new earth matrix is intentionally created and manifested through pure heartedness. Right now, as we interact with the polarized creational fields, even as they are dissolving while we are interacting with the manifestations born from them, many of us are feeling stuck or lost because our life-force feels like it is loosing power. In fact, it is. The simple explanation is that it is powering down in order to reset the body’s consciousness to accept the intelligence of the heart. 
My advise to you is to just “be” for a time. Make no decisions on changing anything about your path until you can feel the sense of joy well up within you again. Allow the merging of these two very different creational fields to catch up to you. The new way is a magnetized flowing that emanates from you and to you, and only your heart can recognize the connection.
The above description is how souls feel when they first leave the body. They are, at first, confused yet protected, guided yet disoriented, that is, until they adjust to their new normal. We, too, are in that place of transition but have chosen to move through this same transformation embodied. Humanity is confused yet protected, guided while also feeling disoriented. 
We are each working to find our new normal. The matrix that is anchoring into human consciousness is just as interconnected as the higher dimensional realms with souls projecting love through their intention. And just as in the higher realms, we are awash in a sea of oneness, and are fully honored for our true essence. It’s our creative force that is in need of practice and fine tuning.
Humanity is evolving, and it’s a messy business. 
The new earth consciousness is in flux. We still debate who and what we can trust. Who is right and who is wrong yet it is our intention that creates our reality, where love heals and transforms our lives. We are remembering who we are even as we convince ourselves that we must live in a world that someone has defined.
Our task now is to revitalize the planet in the way that we have been shown by the Star Elders. They have said that if we can idream  what we desire into creation by first feeling everything we imagine down to the nuance. Then we live the dream by taking the steps as they show up in form. The heart-to-heart connections and synchronicities show us the timing, players, collaborators, lovers, friends, and the resources, and our only task is to sense the alignment with the vision then take each step as it shows up. 
In essence, just as in the celestial realms, once anchored into our embodied awareness, form is manifested through the expression of Love that emanates through the purity of one’s own heart, and is shared through acts of kindness, compassion, generosity of spirit, and selflessness.
We are made humbled by the knowing that the manifested new earth matrix is being formed from thousands of years of human evolution, countless visitations from inner stellar beings offering their help and assistance, light beings choosing to embed themselves in human consciousness to evolve, and with the continuation of millions upon millions of prayers, visioning, and manifestations, the merge of the upper worlds with the lower earth world is underway. 
Humanity is the benefactor of all of those prayers, visitations and out-picturing of fully honoring all beings everywhere.  
Like any idea or way of life that has served its purpose, the old is dissolving while the new has already arrived. It may take time for Oneness to become our collective new normal. As these next few years radically rock your world, put your attention on honoring the integrity of your very  own heart while extending the generosity of spirit and selflessness to others. 
Most of all, practice self care. Get your rest; be kind to yourself, and just remember that all that you have ever desired is yours to discover. There’s no waking up from this dream. We’re all in together. Stay the course, and know that all is truly well.
joyously so,
Carol Fitzpatrick
Channel, Visionary Guide and Soul Coach


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