Breathe – The Council

by Ron

Many times you have been urged to breathe. Breathe deeply into the center of your being. Breathe in light. Breathe out love. Keep your attention on your breath. Why, do you suppose, has there been such attention paid to your breath?

Well, it clams and centers you. Correct? Yes, but is there more than that?

We have discussed many times the energy environment in which you live. This is not only surrounding you. It is pervading you. It is that of which you consist. And we tell you that this IS the being that you call by the names for the Divine that you use. It IS the vibration. It IS the frequency.

When you begin to understand and accept fully that you are OF that field, that being, that mind, that thought, that energy, that all-encompassing, unconditional love, then you will begin to realize that there is nothing you need to be that you are not already. There is nowhere for you to go. And in your being, not your doing, you affect everything else… to some degree.

So when you breathe in something that you consider to be a substance, you are breathing in much more than you perhaps realize, just as you are more than you realize.

There is nothing for you to become that you are not. There is nothing for you to become that you are not. While there may be many things that you may wish to experience, to see, to feel, to taste, to understand. None of those things will make you what you are not.

When you truly know this, you will truly know peace. You will truly know love. We speak not of an emotion. We speak of your beingness.

What is it that you ARE, have always been, and will always be?

Release all that you MUST keep and accept all that you can only BE. Breathe the love, the Divine energy, the Divine light into your selves and know it as what it is.

Be all that you have been led to believe you could not be, could never be, should never wish to be. Know as Truth all that you have been told you must not think.

If our words raise the specter of fear within you, ask yourself why. Why have you been told that your Creator is Love and then told that you must be God fearing? Why does every instance of communication with the Divine begin “Fear not”?

We know that more of you than ever before will read these words and agree to them. But we say them now in as direct a manner as we can so that there can be no mistake in what they mean, no “What they really mean is…”. What we really mean is what we really said, no more, no less.

It is time for mankind to know what they are, accept what they are, and live as what they are. This will not happen overnight. But in your hindsight, you will see that it happened overnight. And we, you included, are seeing that it does so.

We celebrate you.


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