Hi everyone.

Today’s message is from me, with some answers about healing from my partner. Also, a correction.

I am not a comic book reader, as you may have guessed. (smile) My reference to kryptonite was wrong. And I’ve been corrected! I am sorry guys! I was thinking about the strength of Superman and how it was enhanced by our sun. I used the word that came to my head when I think of Superman, and well, obviously that is not what I meant, as kryptonite is deadly to Superman. The paragraph should read like this:

” Part of the beauty of the Pods is they work purely as an extension and expansion of your own intent. They will not, cannot harm you, or take away your ability to choose. They are like our sun and it’s effect on Superman’s body, and will amplify your superpowers and maintain your physical perfection.”

I’ve corrected it on the blog post as well. Oops.

Here are some more answers from my partner. They concern his healing journey and it is hoped that they’ll be of some help for you on yours.

He has a measurable method to determine his daily progress (testing his blood sugar) , and this is fortunate. He has pretty near instant answers to how his body is healing or not responding.

Our friend wrote out some questions and I added a few of my own. These are his words.

1. What is the illness? Diabetes .

2. How long have you had it? 25 years.

3. What are your thoughts on self-healing?
I’ve always believed in self-healing. I’ve healed other things and myself since I can remember. My parents believed in it too.

4. Have you researched it?
Self-healing is intuitive. Diabetes has been explored deeply and thoroughly.

5. Have you tried to maintain good health?
Yes. I’ve been good about my health since I found out about the diabetes. But, not always. I’ve been good and then I’ve been terrible. Currently coming off of a terrible phase.

6. What do you think of the Pleiadian technology?
It’s not like ours. It’s effective, but mainly you have to be in the driver’s seat. It’s more of an amplifier than a healer.

7. What did you do “internally” to heal yourself?

I had to stop being pissed off, and accept it as a condition I created myself. I decided to do everything I could do, to stop taking insulin. It’s not like I said “I’m not taking insulin” over and over. It’s more like the decision to finally take care of a toothache. You’re going to do it. That’s the clear intention that’s required.

8. What were you feeling inside when you did this?
Desperation. Fear. And then, the decision made me feel great. It made me feel calm and in charge.

9. Do you feel these “feelings” come from outside? No.

10. Did you construct a picture of a “healthy you” to look at during the day? No.

11. Do you meditate? Yes.

12. How often d o you make your intent? It varies. It is sometimes 4 or 5 times in a day.
Sometimes it’s not at all.

13. What part do the Pleiadians play in this?
They are the ones who helped me heal faster and better. My diet isn’t perfect. I have visualized the Pleiadians in a dream. I’m getting muscle tone and more vitality. It feels like on a cellular level I’ve gotten better.

14. What does their technology look like?
It’s a thing you lay down in and it’s clear.

I think the results I’m getting are from the Pleiadians. It feels like they’ve engaged my body to re-construct faster. When I do something for my body/my health, I see results in days that exceed my expectations.

Additional note from Sophia:

I’ve seen the results and I concur with his belief that the Pleiadians have enhanced and super-charged his healing. He was in really bad shape before we met them. He was sick and our friends were calling me to ask what we weren’t telling them about his health because of how he looked. He has muscle tone where it had been lost, and is stronger than he’s been in a long time. This is NOT because he works out at the gym either. It just seems to have happened since he made the decision to be healthy. It is remarkable really.

That’s it guys!
I hope this helps you on your journey!

With appreciation and love,


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