July 31, 2019
Is there someone now who wants to connect?
Why yes, Sophia, several of us do.
Hello. Thank you for coming forward.
You are so very welcome.
We would begin then.
This time is accelerating in events and in the rapid nature in which they seem to occur for you. This does not mean that “time” actually moves faster, as “time” is merely a 3D perception.
It does mean that as your awareness expands, so does your attunement to events that occur in your reality. This expanded attunement/awareness feels like everything is speeding up.
You could say then, that this is indicative of your growth and expansion.
Yes, I sense that.
Would you introduce yourself for us?
I am what you would perceive as a member of an insectoid race. It may be uncomfortable for you initially to engage with me physically. My audible sounds are more clicks than words, as yours are. Telepathy works best here.
What is it that you’ve come to say?
There are multiple reasons for my appearance. The first would be merely to greet you, dear human, and welcome you to the inter-species dialogue. It has gone on for much longer than you’ve been participating.
Well thank you again. We are glad to be here.
We are glad to finally see the moment that you have arrived.
What may be helpful to share would be our method of hierarchy.
I am not sure what you mean.
I can tell you that what we are interested in is your way of life. Mostly how you do things that are different than humans do.
There are so many things that differ Sophia. Our form, initially, as primarily an exoskeleton, has different needs and structures and even functions than the human form.
Beyond that, we are set up in a sort of monarchy. I know that is distasteful for you, or I feel it, yet it is how our society functions.
There are known to be different species of my race. We co-inhabit our planet and we do so cooperatively.
This social order is set up to accommodate the strengths and needs of the varying species.
I am not following you. Would you be more specific?
Yes. The race considered “royalty” (your term, not ours) has several distinctions. It is the first race. It began here. It is the larger race.
Would you give us an indication of your size?
The race to which I refer now, the primary race, stands six to eight feet tall. This provides some distinction for it and sets it apart.
The remainder/other races are less tall – we range from three to four feet in height. There are occasional mixings that seem to almost always result in five foot beings.
This royal portion of us are gifted with the ancient history, wisdom, methods and gentleness that you would expect of an older being.
They do not “rule” as much as “oversee”, and there is no cruelty or obsession with oneself here.
The order that is discussed and maintained in this “royal” class applies to everyone, including themselves.
Due to their sheer size, they require a separate set of housing and other accommodations for living. You could see if you thought about it, all of the needs that would vary.
The numbers of “royalty” vs “remainders” are not equal. There are more “royalty”.
What is interesting is that the lifespan differs for each of us – significantly. The “royals” lead longer lives of 70+ years, while those of us who make up the remainder live to a maximum of 60 years.
I sense your disdain at the term “remainder”, yet I do not feel it myself or know of another more appropriate term.
There are distinctions here on my planet and the term defines them.
Would you describe the lives of each species?
They are similar, but not exact. Our roles differ. We serve each other and provide aid in ways only possible within our own kind.
Teaching is done by the royalty, as in most cases, is governing. Not all though.
Care is spent always to include a member of the opposite race on any gathered body of beings – to promote and insure accurate representation.
Our lives are not that much different from the basic existence of any being.
We procreate and protect and expand and nurture the members we share our planet with. We supply our own food naturally, and do not destroy another in which to get it.
We are focused mostly on intellect. Our bodies are not designed for rigorous physical activity.
You will find us engaged mostly then, when it comes to games of skill, in games of the mind; strategy and planning.
What do you look like? I do not have a visual with this connection, only some robes when you spoke of “royalty”.
We have very large heads. Our bodies are not frail, but they are thin. We walk bi-pedal, as you do. We have two arms.
Do you live in family groupings then?
We do not.
We gather together according to when and where offspring start out. Also, according to which part of the planet they began.
There are no “formal” rules for living among my kind. You would see us as very practical minded. Everything happens for a reason that adds value to the situation.
We are not warlike or aggressive.
It is in this area I’d like to speak to humanity. You would fear us if you saw us and this fear would have no basis in truth or fact. We mean you no harm.
Engaging with you now is a way to introduce an idea of us into your consciousness.
The formal meeting of us may or may not take place in your lifetime – we do not know. For sure there will be meetings with the more “human looking” species and humanity, but how, where, when and with who is not something we know.
As humanity grows accustomed to other species, it will be ready to meet the likes of us.
We wonder if there is anything else we can do for you?
Thank you, no. Not at this time. We appreciate the introduction.
You are most welcome.
The conversation ended here.


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