This has been the strangest month thus far in recent memory. I feel like the shifting sands of time, and the very concept of time itself, has become more fluid. Are you aware of what you are feeling and thinking–manifesting, morphing and changing–as you are guided to shift gears? It’s just weird. 
As I am understanding inner guidance to allow Love to Breathe Me, that means all my creations, relationships and even goals that I have set for myself are up for grabs. It’s a weird feeling to experience all that I have held near and dear morph and bend, shift and ebb and flow… there’s that word weird again. 
 It comes as no surprise that the guidance that came through when I set intention for highest good of all, addressed Time. Go figure. Here is what poured forth from the Streaming:
“You’ve passed through another gateway of time. Linear time tracks with the mind while the heart-soul tracks with love beyond any measure of the mind.
“As you allow your heart to let go of the mind’s way of tracking on the details of story and the impact of life on the emotional component of your inner life, you will find an entirely different universe waiting for you to discover.
“Simply soften the mind’s way of seeing your place in this world, and allow your imagination to show you what is possible. There are many beings here upon the planet now, embodied ones, that dream the dream of a brighter, lighter future present. Trust that as you allow Love to permeate all aspects of your soul-heart-mind (impulse to express, feeling of expansion, competence to manifest) that the two timelines shall come together as one.
“You are not to concern yourself with the physical manifestations of life and living. These creations shall come and go. You are to determine your fate–not by yearning– but by honoring all. You shall go forth with an air of expectancy and purpose. Honor thyself, and as you do, know that all is well.”
Note to self: Lighten up!
Personal Impressions: I always learn so much from the private session work. As much as I am serving, I am also learning every day, every interaction. These past few weeks have taught me more about geography. We know that geography matters. It determines our motivation, opportunities, whether we feel inspired or stuck, connected or thwarted. But what about two? In relationship, we bring our past, literally lifetimes of experiences expressed in patterns, and harmonize or contrast, with the person we find ourselves so attracted to. This is obvious and logical, but check in with the energetic pattern, and the choice points of each soul and it’s a fascinating read to see what magnetizes us to come together and how geography plays such a key role in influencing our choices to be or not to be happy or fulfilled with the other.
The other thing I have been learning about is how the light flows into the body, and how we heal. The star-being aspect of self is partnered or enmeshed with our human DNA. Therefore what we respond to and what causes a stirring of light within us ultimately heals us. 
Joy is the barometer of our health. That’s why it is so important that you make choices that fully honor yourself and open your heart without any measure of hiding. Full transparency with yourself first, then your loved ones, is the key to all healing and expansion. Talk with any light being that is compromised and the guides will tell them when they started to give up on themselves or give their power away. The person’s recognition is always immediate. The ultimate cure is to get back into the flow of joy and allow nature to heal the body.
It’s been a powerful month to say the least and humbling. 
May your August be peaceful and your soul-heart choices delight you. Now off to New Mexico I go!
Carol Fitzpatrick
Channel, Visionary Guide and Soul Coach


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