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QUESTION: Can a runaway imagination manifest freak accidents? For example if I’m swimming in the ocean and my crazy mind keeps picturing a dangerous shark swimming up on me or if I’m on a vacation and my head keeps imaging returning home to find my place has been broken into while I was away, can those crazy thoughts actually attack such situations? Sometimes I feel as though my imagination runs away without my permission. What should I do in those situations where negative thoughts pop into my mind?

Well let’s see what the Angels have to say:

ANSWER: “Well thank goodness that all of your thoughts don’t erupt into your physically manifested experience because there are many times that there are thoughts that pop into your mind that you don’t really want to materialized. They just kind of seem to have popped in there and so we would always say that anything that materializes in your physical environment is a result of finding a way to dominantly tune to that experience. Everything in your physical environment is the result of your perfect alignment with it.

When you have these sudden negative thoughts; perhaps it’s something you’re fearing may happen like the example you gave that you enter an ocean and all of a sudden think of sharks, the question is, does it summon this experience to you? Yes, if you held it long enough, it would. Remember “skipping to the end” works both ways, so if you’re putting yourself in a fearful place very regularly and remain in that frame of mind, then yes your fears eventually materialize.

Yet, as you know, not every single thought that you hold manifests.

Skipping to the end brings you to a place that makes you feel like it’s happening right now. In order to have that fear manifest, you must really hold on to it as you’re really playing out that scenario in your mind. In that case you are summoning it to you; you are pulling it in. So what you can do in those situations is redirect the thought as quickly as you can. Just having the thought doesn’t make it manifest. Surely there are plenty of thoughts you’ve had both good and bad that have not manifested into your reality. Why? Because you have not come into perfect alignment with it.

You see, by holding a thought and staying in that vibration intently, you inevitably tune to that vibration. This certainly pulls that experience to you and eventually materializes that experience. Redirecting the attention back onto something else that feels good is essential in those moments. Remember you cannot erase any thought, you cannot delete a fear however you can more dominantly tune to its opposite.

It all comes down to which thoughts and therefore vibration is the most dominant at any given time.The strongest vibration will win out every time. So, as soon as you have fearful thoughts like that, that pop in to your mind you want to redirect the attention back onto the opposite of that thought. So in this case we ask you, how does it feel to walk into your home knowing that everything is safe and sound? How does it feel when you walk into your home that everything is exactly where you left it? How does it feel to go into the ocean and thoroughly enjoy being able to swim amongst the waves and to feel completely safe and comfortable knowing that you were able to then leave the ocean freely and in good health?

Skipping to the end in a positive manner counteracts those thoughts as long as you are feeling the relief, the satisfaction, the contentment that it is accomplished already. As soon as you have those negative thoughts that pop in, you want to redirect your thoughts as soon as possible. So just having the thought alone doesn’t materialize it; you must tune to a thought so accurately, with such intention and focus that no other experience could possibly manifest.

This is why we always encourage you to be mindful and deliberate about the thoughts that you hold your focus upon.

So we hope that that helps.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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Much Love,

Dr. Taryn Crimi

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