July 20th, 2019: Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius Inconjunct Vesta

  • Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius inconjunct Vesta in Taurus (15 deg)

Expansion (Jupiter) must be adjusted with the focus on security (Vesta in Taurus). The overall goal is sustainable growth, but this incompatible aspect can trigger an exaggerated preoccupation with more money/security (especially since Jupiter is Rx, which means growth is concentrated in one area). The result can be tunnel vision that denies growth.

Vesta’s devotion to safety/habits and Jupiter’s ideals (about exploration) are at odds with one another, so the key is to make small adjustments to both until they are compatible. You may need to broaden your focus on security just a bit while slightly decreasing the push for expansion.

In other words, add something new to what you have but do it gradually.


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