No Rest For the Light-Filled ~ July 19, 2019

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Editor’s Note: So here we have an article highlighting the difference between that which we want in our heart vs. that which the world has taught us to want. How do we recognize the difference? Well, not to worry, for if we choose the path, not from our heart, the world will change our path for us. 
  This change may not be the easiest for us, but definitely WILL put us back on the path belonging in our hearts! This is THE reason why we need to spend time with(in) ourselves which will yield the path we need to take. 

So…please read this article, “to thine own self be true”, and be…



No Rest For the Light Filled

By A Gift From Gaia

How are you feeling? Wanting yet more alone time?
Perhaps it feels like a plug has been pulled and all is leaving…..and it could feel a little confusing.

I’m seeing a number of posts stating how “it’s” going to get easier…..let’s get one thing incredibly straight, and Aligned….have you looked at the world? I mean all of it? Have you realised yet that we are the changers?

This means we are in a giant timeline of change, change that begins with you and will at some point herald the start of VISIBLE, I mean physically VISIBLE breakdown or breakthrough of the world as we know it.

In order for the harmony to restore in the garden of Eden, all must move back into harmony and we are by no means close to a trickle of change…..that all starts with you and barely anyone has come close to walking on their path of light, so the idea of things getting easier would only be ego choosing to find pockets to indulge and divert you from the internal work that must be done.

And in true planet/asteroid style Venus, Saturn and Pallas deliver the goods….from the Gods.

Whatever stream you are surfing we are going deeper. Most are simply realising the discord within and wondering why things always happen to them, some folk are realising the energetic patterns and wondering how to break the chains, some are taking the keys from keyholders and are busy and yet comfortably identifying programs and zero pointing as they go, some are realising they can’t feel and are learning how to reconnect themselves and then the cosmic surfers are diving through the sands of time and seeking the Divine Truth of All, to find the most deepest lock of all….and let me tell you, it’s quite a journey whichever stream you are taking, we have surfed them all and we know how once the human yearned for it to be EASIER.

All this highlights is the resistance and after the super lunar eclipse creating the cracks in the blind spots resistance is certainly going to present.

Before I continue I have a vision that keeps flashing in front and I just want to mention it, for whatever the purpose, it’s going in here. 
Just before I woke this morning I was in dream, but then it flicked and I was sat on a hospital bed in a cancer treatment ward, with a lady I believe to be called Helen.

Well a nurse came in and my head turned and the name Helen was said, however was I Helen, was she Helen or was someone else in the room called Helen.

A lovely lady, I would say in her 50’s hair light brown, possibly highlights, very very chirpy, she was wearing glasses, and she’s a jeans and slippers kinda girl, the slippers were prominent as she crossed her legs in the dream.

I asked her what was wrong, she pointed to the tubes that were about to be hooked up and said it was leukemia.

I told her I was sending extra goodness, extra light through those tubes, that’s when my attention was turned and the nurse walked in and the name Helen was heard and I woke up.

I don’t normally share these things here, but as I’m writing about this energy the dream keeps flashing like a news flash so I’m putting it right here, it could be symbolic for someone, it could be symbolic for me, but it was definitely an energy jump into a field, because it was all too real and isn’t leaving yet.

Ok back to the energy…….

Let’s begin with Pallas, the daddies girl of the skies, the daughter of Zeus said to have been born from his head, which also means she had no Mother.

She took on her Father’s traits and became the warrior maiden, known for her courage, her strategy in war, she is the feminine super hero, known for her beauty and as strong and as fast as any man. 
She uses her wisdom and diplomacy to steer away from conflict, her heart desires peace but woe betide those who resist the truth she holds because she will stand in her light and fight the fight…..and win…..if there were to be winners and losers…. harmony would be her feelings once peace restores as she dusts herself down and continues her path of fight the good fight.  

Feeling the Pallas within yet? 
Is she striking a chord of action?

She will….

Whilst Pallas squares Venus we know that there is discord within the areas we value, relationships and finances have been under the microscope for a while and the quakes are getting more frequent in those learning about Self through the mirror of their partners, however the ultimate relationship is with Self and to truly understand the coordinates you find yourself in today it’s essential to realise the patterning, and to not only look within at the relationship you have with Self, are you seeking out there? But to take a good look at the programming picked up along that masculine line, where are the cracks, where is the lack, where was the absent father, where is the absent father within you….and how has this formed you into the person you are today.

The recent templates of unity, balanced masculine and feminine were tuned in and up, set and restarted by myself and Linda, FOR OUR SPECTRUM (please remember we guide our own bandwidths, in which those in our webs experience the power of being in the light grids we hold, codes have been transmitted into the water and we are asking for Truth to be revealed…..and it is….

Which means that which is not in unison in the physical realities will be presenting for the changers to keep the changes changing.

No rest for the light filled…..

And whilst Venus Squares Pallas, well let’s throw in an opposition to Saturn for good measure, firstly giving us the keys that this is karmic for those still working their way off the wheel, that is is deep, that it is sent from the Father Cronus (and we all know what he did to the kids) that this frequency requests we look at that core programming, our foundations, our beliefs are lit up so we can see the repair work required.

Are you feeling you need that SOULitude?

Well, this energy will lead you into some amazing discoveries the moment you release the resistance to your opening Eye.

Full responsibility for all presentations occuring, seeking the symbols and the patterns to retrace your steps back out of the programming.

When faced with opposition we surf by bringing forward the diplomacy of Pallas, holding the truth and yet, perhaps, now is not the time to have those emotional conversations out there, perhaps now is the time to observe and focus on the practicality of things, this energy will support the physical movement and clearing, it will support firm decisions and plans, it will create hell in the space of indecision and bring instant relief to those willing to take the next courageous step.

We have entered Phase 2, next stop 88 portal and this energy will see many falling away…..again, the moon will be making connections with Mars, Vesta and Juno

Fast pace into 2020, we have much MORE work before we begin to see the reflection of the breakdown/through on our physical world stage but every step you take, every decision made that is a conscious movement, speeds up the Quickening we are all experiencing.  


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