Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 8 July 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Huge things are happening that I know many are privy to. The fact that NXIVM and Epstein are going down and justice is getting on top of these things, we must know that the dominos can only fall from here, taking down and exposing not just the root of it, but all it’s tentacles.

This Eclipse time could not signify the fall of the Cabal anymore than it is revealing astrologically right now m. Capricorn (south node) full Moon partial lunar Eclipse – July 16-17th is going to bring up great intensity in the World and many people in their own personal lives.

Here are the alignments— Pluto (death, rebirth, alchemy, transformation) conjunct Full Moon (Illumination and revealing) and Saturn close by too (structure, authority, Matrix). Self Mastery is the highest expression of Saturn and we achieve this through deprogramming and being our true authentic self.

Mercury retrograde is helping us go inward as Chiron (wounded healer) makes tense aspects to Venus and Sun, forcing us to look at our wounds.

South node in Capricorn signifies something we have gotten comfortable with and is a foundation that needs a transformation because it is built on many lies. Cancer where the North node is, is what we are striving to integrate.

The great Mother and our empathic sensitivite nature connects to this and July 2nd we had a New Moon solar Eclipse in this sign. It is the guiding principle as everything that has comprised true union and balance falls away. Nodal axis and Eclipses are merged.

As these crimes against humanity get busted more and more, peoples foundational beliefs begin to crumble too, because a massive denial can’t be denied or hidden anymore.

You know why everyone’s stuff is coming up to the surface as these crimes against humanity are exposed?? Cause people are mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally detoxing from where they ever bought into the mind-control or social engineering and also what we inherit through ancestral patterns, manipulated global events and the things we pick up on through osmosis, even if we consider ourselves AWAKE.

The willingness to do this deep inner work is what allows this outer shift to even happen! The greater forces are pushing us to do this, or the ramifications are quite critical.

Traumas are rapidly being healed or at least addressed as the predators and perpetrators that hide behind outer facades are now being revealed. Shadow work within and without is clearing the entities and demonics from the personality Matrix and the Earth grids, breaking DNA fences and seals.

We can now more easily flow with the rest of our Multi-dimensional nature. The vampiric siphoning of life-force ends here.

This is a huge Eclipse window to reset, purge what no longer serves us and experience a true love relationship with life — instead of a shifty imbalanced relationship with a narcissist sick and twisted system that is now going Bye bye!


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