Encoding the Future-Steering the Timeship White Lunar Wind, Kin 2

Every moment of choice involves multiple optional pathways into the future.

This Galactic New Year we are having an event: Encoding the Future and Steering the Timeship.

This years Day out of Time and Galactic New Year are coded by Mars (Cosmic Skywalker) and Maldek (Magnetic Wizard).

The main point of the Dreamspell codes and the entire galactic Mayan engineering project is to help keep Earth from the fate of Mars and Maldek and to provide an opportunity to switch tracks into an alternative or parallel reality at an appointed moment in time.

This is the opportunity we are being afforded this Day out of Time and Galactic New Year. 

Our consciousness is a bridge for the re-harmonizing of the planetary crystalline grid. To switch tracks and Encode the Future requires us to break out of our limiting boxes and fragmented thinking into a self-transcendent superconscious identification with the Whole of Totality.

Timeship Earth

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’ Nikola Tesla

A Key theme of our Galactic New Year event is Steering the Timeship, and we have some amazing speakers lined up (scroll to bottom).

Timeship Earth refers to our Planet as a living interdimensional transport vehicle.

A main purpose of the synchronic order and Dreamspell codes is to remember ourselves as time travelers traveling on not a spaceship, but a timeship.

This Timeship Earth operates by a set of codes that can be accessed daily through the system of the synchronic order and 13-Moon 28 day calendar.

This system offers a new vocabulary as we learn to navigate our lives through resonance, frequency, and tones.

Frequency refers to the rate of vibration. Vibration is the pulsation of waves and intervals. A tone is any sustained frequency.

According to the Law of Time, all that we see from politics to environmental destruction are but shadows reflecting back what happens when we as a species depart from Nature. Nature emanates from the center Source or the G.O.D. Source.

Our current world is operating by outmoded forms of corporate and political control governed by artificial intelligence based on an erroneous timing frequency.

This frequency is designed to keep us distracted from the memory of the Center. The more disconnected from Nature we become the more that amnesia of our true essence sets in. This results in a planetary identity crisis. When this disconnection occurs then we are easily swayed to respond to outer stimulus and preprogrammed matrixes of illusion

What was unresolved from within is now being brought to the surface of the planet. At this stage, we are witnessing all that is hidden in the deepest reaches of the Underworld being brought to the surface.

This synchronic order provides a new lens that brings into focus a world of coherence and unity, a resonant matrix within which information transmission is virtually instantaneous.

“The synchronic order and Law of Time is the accelerated evolution program for this solar totality (13:20). It contains the holographic codes of the New Time that is superimposed over our mechanistically encumbered space (12:60). It has always existed but has been covered over by artificial time con…

The Toltecs, who flourished in Mexico before the Aztecs, considered humans to be in a dream state all the time, not just when sleeping.

Could they be referring to the holographic nature the interdimensional Timeship Earth?

Is all we see playing out on the planet a holographic replica of different algorithmic permutations?

What we consider to be Reality are constructs of different thinking layers which permeate the galaxy in holographic bundles. Everyone is at a different stage of development and consciousness and interprets reality accordingly. –Cosmic History, Volume 5

Current State of Timeship

“Evil is whatever distracts.” -Frank Kafka

We are also in the midst of geomagnetic changes and celestial influences that have physical impacts on our bodies and minds.

Nurturance of our physical vehicle has never been more important as we ride the sometimes turbulent waves of these new energy fields. Our body is a vessel of transmutation. Our body is part of a vast interconnected web. Our body is a transmitting and receiving station. Things can feel strange and unfamilar as we are being pushed out of familiar conditionings into a new way of being: a galactic way of being.

Our Galactic ally Sham Tok Maru, Kin 68, brilliantly synthesizes the current state of Timeship Earth in a series of briefings. This is a short excerpt:

“The Veil is thinning, just as if a Balloon too filled with Air, about to Burst… Liars lying, the killing of the Truth where Liars are respected as being sagacious and truth is no longer recognized. It is the ultimate achievement of Those utilizing Sophistry with that utter control over the Imaginal…

Return to Nature

Viewing the world strictly through a third-dimensional lens, things can appear bleak. But when we remember that this is all a spiritual journey designed for our learning, we can begin to shift our perception.

To break out of the time loops of ignorance, violence, destruction, and war requires a spiritual purpose, a conscious return to Universal Principles.

The first principle to remember is that we are all here for Love. The heart is the compass of the Timeship. The more we love, the better we feel and the more we can learn.

Sometimes we can even catch glimpses of the light that is behind all of the illusory constructs. And we can begin to envision the spontaneous healing of of all beings through Resonance with the original divine template.

When we return to this original template then occurs the restructuring of our consciousness that allows us to regain  memory of our cosmic origin and recover our lost sensory capabilities that allow our mind to perceive higher dimensions of Light. This is also what is meant by the Return of the People of O.M.A.: Original Matrix Attained.

The Hindu Vedas teach that at the end of the Kali age that the “practices taught by the Vedas and the institutes of Law shall have nearly ceased”. Yet at the instant of total darkness, the force of Light is ABSOLUTE.

In Aztec legends, Tezcatlipoca, the God of death and destruction, will rise to the fullness of his power and might and then will suddenly remove his jade mask and reveal his true nature–Quetzalcoatl, God of Peace.

“Life is a spiritual journey – to think otherwise is to go astray. …it takes time to know the mind, so that means you have to shift some priorities. Real spiritual discipline requires exertion, otherwise you never leave the comfortable, familiar mental tape loops which you call “yourself.” –Valum Vo…

Please tune in with us for a Rainbow Bridge Meditation on  Red Cosmic Skywalker (25 July, 20019) at 12:13 p.m (Mexico City time).http://lawoftime.org/rainbow-bridge/rainbow-bridge-is-universal-peace.html

And please join us for a special meditation of Memory Retrieval as we cross the Interdimensional bridge of time on White Magnetic Wizard (26 July, 2019). .

We will be doing the Timespace 6 meditation from 4-4:30 p.m. You can listen to the full meditation here:  https://lawoftime.org/timespace-navigator/. Please feel free to share messages received at: info@lawoftime.org. Results will be compiled and  and shared.

Please see speaker line up for Day out of Time event. There are still a few spaces remaining!  Happy Day out of Time and Galactic New Year!

Encoding the Galactic Future And Steering the Timeship: 13 Moon New Year in Teotihuacan




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