July 16th, 2019 
Hello everyone, and welcome to this months publication, which takes place on the day of theHalf Blood Moon Eclipse. For those of us in North America, it’ll be over by the time the moon rises. But just about everywhere else it is visible.
Here’s a video about the energy it heralds:
Shadow Crystal Stargate, Lunar Eclipse 16th/17th July 2019
Shadow Crystal Stargate, Lunar Eclipse 16th/17th July 2019
Here are two fun videos that illustrate our connection to the other species we share the planet with, and that communication with them is only a matter of effort.  The second one continues the story. It is just lovely…
The Big Baboon
The Big Baboon
Baba Baboon & Big Trouble
Baba Baboon & Big Trouble
Today’s conversation is one I initiated because it’s been awhile since I’ve asked specific questions, and there have been markers that seem to have been moved or delayed since then, as well as a whole bunch of disclosure dialogue in the MSM regarding UFO’s and corruption. I wanted to see what ONE had to contribute. 
I’ll add this. The overall message, when combined with others I’ve heard in private conversations, seems to be that our real work isright now and internal. There is one line I’ll share here – 
The process of acceptance of the true life you’ve lived will put you in touch with your heart – your actual heart. This is something you’ve kept shielded.
Those were words from One also, and what they mean for me is that until and unless you see clearly – everything about your life here – you won’t evolve. This is deep work and so, so personal and challenging. You’ll have to know yourself. Absolute authority of your life occurs then. A sovereign, free, equal being is nothing less.
I hope you enjoy these words from One and are encouraged by them as well.
With appreciation for all that you are,
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