January 22, 2019

Hello Sophia! Welcome! We are here and have information for you, for all of you. Would you like this to be shared with you now? Are you ready for us?

I think so, yes. Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

You are so very welcome.

I feel that there are many of you here, more than one, more than three.

We are seven. We have come to introduce to you now some of our sub-categories of contact. You see, some humans hear us in this manner and telepathically. Others are in direct communication and although the ideas are shared telepathically in those cases, there is also a visual component.

Some of you have clear recall.

Others have dreams and still others see us in this physical realm. For those of you able to see us, it was an arrangement made prior to now.

Our messengers are many.

Our messages, you will discover, are suited to the audience and the transmitter of them.

Your readers want to know if they’ll have contact. Contact in this current life place. The answer is an individual one, yet we are pleased to tell you that, & especially right now in your collective awareness & cycle – what you find yourselves drawn to and interested in is absolutely telling you more about who you are what is in store for you.

There is no focus without consequence.

There is no focus irrelevant.

Those of you now finding your way to these words do so because we are connected and have experienced worlds together.

Our memories co-mingle.

You are not alone, and visits from us will most assuredly happen in this current life-cycle.

In order to prepare, you will have to de-sensitize yourselves. We do not follow an earth-written protocol, and it can be off-putting and feel strange to you to be around us, while at the same time feel very much like home.

Ideas of love and acceptance will have to take precedence in your heart.
These, over thoughts of ALIEN and FEAR.

You will not recognize us precisely, but magnetically the pull will be there.
You’ll have to trust that pull. It will not be because we are doing something to you to cause you to accept us. These are tricks perpetrated by your own kind.

You won’t forget meeting us.

When we show up physically for you, it will be because you are ready to accept us.

We look as you look and there will be no physical re-coiling.

These are things you have heard, most likely.

What you may not know is how quickly you’ll accept our arrivals and interactions as commonplace. It will coincide with our initial arrival.

In other words, we will not land and leave; but stay and interject ourselves into your world.

It is easier seen now than perhaps it was three years ago.

(This blog was started in 2017. Sophia)

This is due to frequency changes.

You are, right now, moving towards a time that sees other life from off-planet as probable. When that moves into equal,

(Meaning other life from off-planet is equal to human life. Sophia)

we are in a whole new arena. It is in this atmosphere that contact with us becomes commonplace.

This is what we came today to say.

We love you and are honored to be a part of your awakening.

Goodbye Sophia. Goodbye human friends.

Goodbye. Thank you.


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