Angelic beings speak:

We can feel your worry. Do not doubt your heart. The rivers of love for humanity overflow with love and compassion. The very nature of being human is to express one’s higher nature. You are to move about your world in knowing that all is truly well. You are to understand that your intentions are powerful but it is your awareness of love beyond measure that ultimately sustains you.

You are not to worry about moving this way or that. You are to set your sights on that which you desire then to go forth and create your life in the moment of your chosen reality. There shall never be a time when you shall progress only to believe that you are not safe. Safety comes with preparation. Yes; this is true. Ultimate safety is the feeling and the knowing of who you truly are.

You shall not want. You are loved beyond measure. This is where you are to be with your life and living. Love and honor thyself and as you do, know that all is truly well.

[Internally I asked if I was sensing the manifestation of all the larger global patterns that had been shown to me over this past month, if MY personal intentions were in alignment with the energy patterns that are shaping the flow of 2019…. (I’ll speak to these in a webcast later this month)].

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes to all your heart’s desires my dear one(s). There are many, many, many, many who shall receive this message who are wondering if their deepest truest life dreamings will anchor into form [in 2019], and we say, Yes!, and yes again.

This is your time and your year. . . no waiting for this or that. Claim that which you desire. Move, jump, play, love and honor thyself. Love, love, love, love, love thyself… and just say “Yes” to what you so desire. Feel it, sense it, be it… the feeling of that which you desire is who you are, and as you see yourself there, we shall be [t]here with you.

We shall be [t]here with you always to love and support you as you go.

Everything begins with faith and knowing of who you truly are. Trust in the knowing that you are more than the physical manifestation of a mind-body. You are light expressing as human.

So now we go!

In closing, I echo that sentiment: Now we go!
Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach

Copyright 2018, Arayu Productions, LC operating as Center for Planetary Awakening

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January 30th Webcast
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The Energy Patterns of 2019
As mentioned above, the patterns have streamed into my awareness, and I’d like share what has poured forth that may be of help to you as you move through the year.
For starters, old systems are crumbling and humanity is upshifting into a new 5-7 year cycle with the higher consciousness grid supporting us to create in new foundational ways. If you have been working on various themes in your life that have had you feeling stuck or thwarted, it’s now your time to fly.

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NOTE: The following webcast is free to join, while the recording will be posted in a new member portal. Details to come.

Carol Fitzpatrick is an internationally-known intuitive. As a visionary and global community builder, she guides others to their soul’s purpose. Through energetic healings and activations, she supports economic, spiritual, and social leaders in creating the shift to oneness global consciousness. She is author of two books and a founder of the world service organization, Center for Planetary Awakening.

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