November 12, 2018

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The conversation below is powerful not because of its length, (It’s a long one!) but because of its import. As we proceed through our internal awakening together as a single race of beings, we’ve defined so many things, and then changed our mind about them. These things include political and esoteric “sides”, “real” and “fake” reporting, “good” and “not so good” people, to name just a few. We seem to agree on nothing for very long.

The conversation you’ll be reading took a bit to share because it took awhile to digest. What it says, well, you’ll have to decide that for yourself, yet what it implies is that we are doing this enlightenment gig in an perfect and extremely human way.

Our emotions are the single most powerful manifestation tool we possess. It would appear that this current onslaught of divisiveness in our individual and collective lives will push or pull us into an equally strong wave of feelings – and that this will naturally reach a climax. Perhaps this is the Event?

So let’s get right to it! Please enjoy and share what One has to say below.

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November 8, 2018

I reach out now from a point of pure love to a point of pure love. Is there someone now who wants to connect?

It is I. It is One. There is something to say.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward. Please, go ahead.

Yes Sophia. You have been through what you imagine is the worst thing.

Yet I tell you it is not.

For all of life, while lived, in every circumstance and each happening is in and of itself a beautiful gift. These occasions are the reason you incarnated at all. You know of course that this, all of it, is illusion.

You are not really here, as in, only here. You are, in fact, everywhere.

That being the truth of you implies that your tragedy has not happened to only you – it has happened to all of you. Every nuance and particle played its part and felt the repercussions.

You cannot be isolated for harm, tragedy, joy or beauty. You are One.

It is in these moments of your duality, what some would imagine to be final dualistic moments, that you, with laser sharp accuracy, pinpoint everything that you are not.

Some of you choose to express this with blame and accusations. Some of you choose instead to demonstrate the expansion.

Both are extremes and in the middle is where you reside. You do not feel one with every other right now, due to internal pain and regret and fear. You do not feel entirely separate from every other (either), due to the love flooding into and out of your consciousness.

Each experience is true. Each feeling is valid. All are indicative of the flow into oneness.

You will not awaken one day to a world of an altered reality and suddenly see only love and perfection.

You will (instead) flow from separation as you find yourself deplete of every other option. *

*(Note – this is a very dense sentence. It indicates, IMHO, what we are going through as a race, with both internal and external crisis and turmoil and upset and accusation around every corner. In the headlines and in our families and workplaces, we are seeing every version of humanity; every single thought we’ve ever entertained or rejected is being played out before our eyes. It feels insane.

I’ve always wondered how such a polarized race would end up reaching a finish line of oneness. This sentence confirms how. What is that saying about living in glass houses and how those who do should not throw stones? I believe that this process of enlightenment/ascension is happening in one of those glass enclosures right now. There will soon be nowhere left to throw stones without incurring damage ourselves. At that point, we will come out of our houses and realize our unity. Sophia)

For how can you not rely on other aspects of yourself that show up and make themselves available at times when you need what they bring to your table?

You cannot ascend alone. You will not expand your consciousness with others.

Does this sound illogical to you?

Even in your frustration and annoyance you realize this truth –

You are One. There is only Love.

This body is life’s expression.

The Eucharist – does it now look different and sound different?

(Note – the link above seemed to offer the most general definition of the term Eucharist. Sophia)

This is not mentioned to offer dogma. This is to relay truth.

Truth may sound rhetorical in a language that has been used as a weapon.

You must develop now trust in the one language shared by humanity and universally understood. It is this language, the one you hear in your head and feel in your heart, that speaks truth. (Telepathy)

What has happened and specifically for you Sophia is that you’ve been stripped clean and stand raw now.

What to hang on to?

Who to trust?

You will eventually move to a place in which trust becomes synonymous with love, which is another word for truth.

In this moment you will look at each other and see only love. There is nothing else.

The gadgets that keep you “safe” and the money that keeps you “secure” mean nothing in a world built on a foundation of pure love.

This is the only thing.

It is a Master who walks the earth in these days of transformation, renewal, and birthing awareness.

You are the Masters, come now to demonstrate truth; here now to breathe love into each moment and to see love in each other’s eyes.

When you can walk unencumbered by opinion and unburdened by pain – you walk free.

Free is a state of awareness.

I see a bird in a cage?

You see, don’t you, that the bird is caged by choice and in illusion. It flies always in its heart and does not see the bars.

It is in the un-seeing that freedom is realized. Much of the shackling is diversion and purposeful and when you awaken to this truth, all else falls away.

I feel something moving through me.

You are waking up. All of you follow suit, each in their own way and moment.

You have not ever stopped flying – you’ve merely pretended that there was someone or something preventing you from doing so.

All are One.

That is all for now.

Thank you.

At the end it stopped abruptly. I am unsure why.

This was said in almost one complete thought. It moved through my consciousness in a way that was not the same as it ever has been with this being. It was lighter and gentler. This being is an extremely loving being in each and every encounter, yet there was a softness here that I’ve not noticed until now. It “blossomed” as I listened, and my pen acted as a camera and attempted to record it. It may take several readings to digest this. It felt so very beautiful. Sophia

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