Marshmallow Message
From Kryon Book 14: The New Human
Magnetic Grid Changes Coming

What you should be aware of is that the grid hasn’t moved much in Human history and has remained fairly static through your many lifetimes.  In 1987, however, it started to move a lot.  The reason?  It is moving so it can be positioned to receive something – something expected that is coming.  Think of it as moving your furniture so that you can better view something you didn’t know was viewable.  The reposturing of the grid is for something coming that we are going to call “evolutionary energy” and it’s physical.  It is really physical!  In fact, you can even see it coming!


Months ago and years before that, we told you that your planet is going into an area of space that it never has been in before.  This is not esoteric.  Ask an astronomer, “Is the solar system coming out of a protective bubble into a new kind of radiation or energy that you haven’t seen before?”  Is it possible that your solar system is losing a protective sheath that it’s always had because of where it was in space?


Let me explain this more to those who don’t understand much about galactic movement and your solar system.  All the stars in your galaxy are slowly moving around the center.  Your solar system and its star [the Sun] has always been on the move as it rotates around the middle, you are always in a new period of time and space.  It moves so slowly, however [millions of years to go around one time], that for all of humanity, it has basically been in one energy, like a protective bubble – and now it changes.


Don’t believe it?  Do your research or ask an astronomer if there is something different.  Make this channeling real to you, and you will understand more fully what we are saying to you.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll 


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