October 22, 2018 3:11 AM

It is I. It is One.

I reach to you now from a point of pure love. This moment is one of great change for all of creation.

The portion of life you inhabit right now proceeds through a very specific process.
This procession requires the agreement of each participant. Like it or not, nothing happens until chosen by the whole. It is not like – “Ready or not, here it comes”. But more like – “Everyone get ready. Okay, now it’s on its way”.

This means, dear one, that as you lurch forward in readiness and hang back in fear or even do nothing specific either way – it all has an effect on the timing. This Event, like it or not, is a collective process.

Do not imagine this means that it won’t or can’t happen immediately – because you’d be mistaken. Do not imagine this means it is now somehow “delayed” because of these words. There can be no such thing as a delay for a thing with no specific “time”.

Timing is therefore relative, and in the case of current proceedings, dependent on the preparedness of a planet along with her people.

You will not be singled out separately for this Event. You will experience it differently according to personality, perspective and location at the time. It will be a single moment for all concerned, a universal happening.

In order to prepare for such a massive uptick in speed there are necessary ideas and relative changes. These enter individual consciousness according to personal plans and preferences.

What this means, dear one, is that none of you knows the other’s individual process. What may look like falling apart or crisis in someone’s life circumstance may actually be a necessary breakdown of a failing system – one that becomes necessary for survival in a greater frequency.

The vibration of love is having the effect of shaking things loose. Things fall apart of fall off that are NOT LOVE. Do you see?

You are witness right now to a unique and special moment for “third dimensional” life. Realize too that this third dimension is your current assumption. As you shake off what is not the frequency of love, there will be a change for you. As the collective changes its assumption, the dimension changes.

Yes, there are other choices yet I tell you now that few will choose otherwise. As you prepare and become aware, you realize that each soul came and played his or her part to accelerate and help manifest this shift. Each soul is here now on purpose. Beneath all action is a knowing of what occurs right now, whether conscious or not.

No one is here by mistake. You do not have to be aware of something for it to transpire. Your body changes and parts of it grow without your attention on the process. It is the same with Ascension.

Each of you will change, (and) are right now shaking off what is not your new and incoming frequency – in your own unique way.

If you were standing back, way, way back, and viewing the process as a single event, you’d see what appears to be a single form shaking off droplets of what, in some cases, it has been drenched with. The entire form will eventually be dry, yet parts individually remain at varying levels of “drenched”.

It happens slowly for some, immediately and quickly for others and all at once. From this view you witness it happening.

Your personal perspective limits your ability to appreciate fully the point of view of each other. It has to be this way.

There is such a thing as divine timing and yes, it is known when it will occur.
Unfortunately for you, the “when” cannot be seen with your eyes. It is seen as an event of universal readiness, and that moment looms ever closer.

I was told that the timeline had changed and that we were now closer to the time of the Event and Shift.

The timeline has shifted and in favor of an accelerated process. A momentum is happening and there is a ringing heard further now. This ringing is the freedom bell.

Know that freedom equals love, and appears many ways. In human form it is looking like allowing and revealing truth – truth in personality, in beliefs, in feelings, in opinion even. Realize that what may start out as opinion eventually becomes revelation. As you feel unlimited in your ability to state how you view the world, you simultaneously realize there are other equally valid ways to view the same thing. This is enlightenment.

It is not everyone reaching a certain level or specific viewpoint. It is realization that there are no “levels” that differ at all. Instead there are locales along a spectrum, that are (all) necessary for the diversity of creation.

You will find that the idea of twin flames is born in this dimension. Finding your twin flame is not a process available to you once you’ve assumed another frequency. This is representative of your current locale and not of your level of consciousness.

As in any theatrical production, all parts and props are necessary in order for the whole story to be told. There are “stars” and also less visible roles, but none unimportant.

Would you summarize for us the current landscape and timing? There are many thoughts and predictions for this month and year.

There is not a single date but instead an accumulation of events and summaries. These look like global realizations, local readiness, personal acceptance of previously perceived fault. All is One.

As people, programs and things in general appear more and more “real” – this Event gets nearer.

You will not speed things up with judgment, declarations and separation. This Event is purely love. This Event is purely love. This Event is purely love.

Each individual increase in acceptance adds to the acceleration of the process.
Acceptance starts in your heart.

This is not to say that outer work is not needed, for of course it is. You together accomplish this. Yet, here is the primary and single most accurate predictor of this Event – Self-acceptance.

When you see, know and absolutely love who it is that you are – every bit of your light vibrates faster.

It is not so much that you are traveling to another dimension, but that you are becoming one.

You are not pushing some away from you who are not (at) your level. There are no levels. You are standing in place, vibrating now to a frequency of love. Until every bit of you vibrates at that frequency, you will feel unsettled and out of sorts.

That is all.

Thank you.

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We are the ones
We have anchored the light
It is done

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