October 17, 2018

Dear Gloria,

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I’ve been hearing from many of you about the current incoming energy and how it is showing up in your life. Tomorrow’s blog post, found here on the website, will summarize much of what I am hearing. Things move so quickly now… Here are two videos that summarize both ends of the spectrum (3D and multi-dimensional) quite nicely…

Arrests, Government Restructuring and Vertical Ascension
Arrests, Government Restructuring and Vertical Ascension

Regardless of your opinion on the Q Phenomenon or the US President, this one gives a nice summary of what is happening on the planet…

Q – We Are The Plan
Q – We Are The Plan

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October 12, 2018

I reach out now from a point of pure love to a point of pure love. Is there someone available who wants to connect?

There is Sophia, yes.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

It is an honor to be chosen to do so. These moments of connection are sought after. The human is “all the rage”.

I am sure! Please introduce yourself as we have not spoken before this now.

No, we have not.

I am not a resident of your galaxy Sophia.

This does not mean that I am not aware of what occurs now for your current home planet; for earth. Many are aware. Many watch (are watching). It is an extraordinary thing, to evolve in physical form.

Please be specific. We hear this a lot. We, right now, experience these rapidly changing frequencies as akin to chaos in body, mind and social structures, not to mention earth changes.

Why yes, of course. It would be experienced this way. What did you expect?

I’m not sure I had expectations specifically or personally. As a group though, there have been conflicting predictions. These range from wondrous to catastrophic.

Well, it would be surprising if there were none. It seems to be the nature of the process. Yes, in the case of earth, much has been suppressed and remains hidden. There is also, and still, manipulation of information. This comes not just from humanity but from others in your galaxy.

Please, be more specific. What do you mean?

What I mean is that there are many cooks in the kitchen, all of them stirring the pot to suit their own agenda.

These may or may not be helpful to the human.

With your unfamiliar voice and listening, there is the possibility for mis-understanding.

You are watched, talked to, and sought after.

What is your agenda?

I came to engage and to see what all the fuss was about. You are a neophyte, Sophia – an innocent. You open yourself up for contact and this is done in expectation of good intent and accurate information.

I declare as such.

And so, you receive what is anticipated. Others do not make such preparations. There exists the possibility of deceit.

Connecting with you now, I see why this is so.

Please give us some specific information. This does not feel productive at this point.

When then, in order for information to be productive, it must produce something – by definition.

What are you looking to produce in this conversation?

Something useful for us. It could be merely informative, such as a description of life on your home world. Or specific details, if you have them, of this physical ascension we proceed through now.

Yes, you have mentioned specifics before.

I can tell you that life for me is far removed from life for you.

Far removed in what arena?

Firstly, I am not humanoid, but insectoid. This connection is only possible in this manner, telepathically.

Secondly, all that that implies. My domicile is different, my society, my food, my goals are different.

I glean from this brief contact, that you (humanity) imagine beings other than you as somehow missing something they should have in order for life to be, as you put it earlier, productive.

We differ from your species in every way.

I am beginning to see you. I am getting a visual.

I am now sending one. I experience here one of what I believe will be the biggest hurdles of inclusion and acceptance for your race. I did not send an image initially for that reason.

You have no exposure to alternate life and when confronted, fear is aroused in you. Even the most open minded are fearful. This fear is a barrier to fluent, transparent communication.

With a different composite biology, there is a different perspective in all ways.

These differences, in order to be accepted, will have to be absent of opinion when they are encountered. Barriers thrown up with initial contact alter the conversation and limit the possibilities for growth and awareness.

Do you live in families?

Not in the same way that human’s do, no. We live in “colonies” and there are many of us from different “mothers” in a single colony. We reside individually.
I am not sure what you mean by that.

We each have a sleeping spot within a singular, larger home. Sleeping happens in one area of this home. Eating in another. Hundreds of us occupy a single home.

What else can you tell me about your race? I sense height that is greater than humanity’s height.

You would be correct.

From head to foot we are 8 to 9 feet in length.

Our color is golden/light tan. There are bright feather-like appendages on either side of our torso. These you notice now, are red, green, yellow.

I see that, yes.

What we’d like to leave you with is a notion of conscious trust, wary openness, willing discernment. We hope you understand the meaning of these words. This opening for your race is new and potentially equally wonderful and damaging.

With experience these new ways of understanding will be reached – experience comes with contact and this only now begins for your race.

We are pleased to have made contact.

Thank you.

Goodbye, Sophia.


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