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Message from Dr. Meg:

Online Messages December 13, 2017       

Greetings to each of you.         

This isn’t, on my part, my usual newsletter. As you know I have always used my life experiences in my teachings and sharing, so this one is perhaps more delicate, more hit you in the heart kind of newsletter than usual. Never in 20 years have I written a newsletter like this because I ask for nothing back, ever.          

The Masters, well they are as always brilliant and amazing and their message follows mine below. I have to tell you it is one whopper of a message so if you are interested in all things cosmic, divine and of your earth and your selves, don’t miss this one.         

Please, read my words as they are intended, they are the truth and they are my heart.       

I want to talk with you about the difference between a dark night of the soul and the evolution of us. The difference is how we look at it and the resistance and even defensiveness we may have toward our challenges.         

What a year it has been. I had planned to get very personal about my experiences this year as I often do, using my stories to give you insights, my thoughts and experiences, but since I am still processing much and more continues to occur, I am going to speak more generally about some things.         

For me, it has been a year of one loss after another. Losses of every kind. And I know that many of you are moving through the same passage, trying to ride out the waves of change. Don’t try. Let yourselves be carried even if you don’t think you want to go there. The key is that we don’t always know where we are going and we might be afraid of that unknown.  If we choose the experience of a dark night of the soul all is lost. When we resist, kicking and screaming all the way, we gain nothing and lose more.         

20 years ago I did just that and life couldn’t have been worse for a while. I didn’t even know what a dark night of the soul was. What I did know was that everything in my life, all of the things that I thought defined me, fell apart over a matter of two weeks. Everything. And the pain was immense. Every issue I had rose up and reared its ugly head in my face requiring me to look at me from the deepest place of truth. Well here I am again but this time I see things differently. I hope that my sharing helps some of you who are transitioning in your lives as well.         

Instead of seeing ourselves as moving through a dark night of the soul, a place in us where it is dark and painful and the answers don’t seem to come, if we see our experiences as an evolution of self, even though everything around and within us feels like chaos, painful, unknown, and instead If we choose, find the light within us and allow our evolution to occur, the outcomes are far more magnificent and what we learn about ourselves and our lives can be filled with Grace and ease, leading us to all things beautiful. 20 years ago that experience led me first to myself, then to the Masters and ultimately to you.         

I have been considering how to write this newsletter to help you and honestly to help me too, since usually I keep my private life to myself because when I don’t, I receive a mix of emails, loving caring wishes, well wishers screaming at me to use this remedy or that fix, asking me if my work has caused my physical challenges or other ones, and if I am such a good healer why can’t I fix myself?  Why can’t I? Because I am human and I have things to learn from my human experiences. The magic of the divine is what drives us, what directs us, what brings us back to home in our hearts, but it is we who must be willing to let go of our resistance to see what it is we need and to go where we are guided. I don’t necessarily mean go literally. Sometimes an inner shift takes us farther than any worldly trip can. We can’t depend upon our outside world to give us the answers we need. Sometimes it is in our pain that comes brilliance, the comfort and the light. The Masters have always said that out of chaos comes magnificence. Never have truer words been spoken.       

Lately my struggles have been physical, emotional, spiritual and even questioning what I want to do. I want to touch as many souls at once as I can because I know that when I do, whether it is one or a thousand, they become contagious with the Divine Awakening as we share our energies together, never to lose their ways home again. Pretty powerful stuff.         

Unfortunately for health reasons, I have had to back off of much of my intense amount of conference and speaking engagements since I can’t always promise I can show up. For many years I ran and ran, often paying for those trips myself to share with you what I have learned, and what I keep learning and how those lessons effect our lives. Most often I was home long enough to wash my clothes and leave again Most of the time I never even got to completely unpack. .No matter what, whether it was a trip, a conference, teleconference or anything else I ALWAYS have showed up when humanly possible. I got so worried about letting others down that I showed up at my own expense and frankly it caught up with me.        

I spoke on teleconferences, and was required to supply product for free so that the hosts could make money and attract listeners literally at my expense. I have traveled around the world taking you with me, one of my most favorite things to do. There is so much out there that the ancients have left for us, clues to our origins and to who we are, where we came from and those who were here in the before times, before humanity was borne of the light that created all things.         

I have scaled down my international travel as well to a pace that is easy for me. Now one a year. Recently I excitedly announced that I have a trip to Guatemala coming up. and since my challenges have prevented me from getting my newsletter” Money Money Money” one said. “You are all about the money”. “Where is your newsletter”, another ueries bout my newsletter and why am I not on the radio anymore and on and on. Seriously?  None of them had a clue about what I was going through at the time but honestly? How rude. And weren’t the only two. I didn’t write them back. I found their emails devastating. I had been hospitalized several times with serious issues and nearly died each time. Why not a “Hw are you, are you ok? Haven’t heard from you in a while?”.

Seriously? I keep my prices as minimal as possible making sure that the indigenous people with whom I work are well paid. Then there is the lodging, food, transport. When you add that up well there isn’t much left.  From what I could tell none of those people had ever written me for any other reason, a simple thank you, a hello, gratitude, anything. Not that I expect it but really? It became all about the free stuff which no one knew or knows costs me inordinate amounts of money and leaves me often with very little. I expect nothing ever from anyone. I give because I want to, because it is my passion, it is my life’s mission, what I am drawn and guided to do no matter that the cost or what the sacrifice may be.        

For the rest of you and them too, I love that you love me back as I also love you. The exchange of our love creates a network around the planet and beyond that will ultimately change the world. We are watching it happen before our eyes. The dark rising in an attempt to find balance with the light. Doing so is impossible since as darkness lives it creates light. It cannot win. Can you hear what I am saying?         

The only balance of light and dark that we must find is within ourselves, to fact that which keeps us earthbound stuck in our beliefs that began without truth that as the moment we tried to understand was bastardized into untruths that grew into subconscious, buried pain, lies we told ourselves so we would feel better, the belief we aren’t good enough, or that we are somehow broken. We were taught that. From the moment we are born, that we hit air, our perfection touches the world with as new soul rising into Grace, touching the word with the heavens, morphing into its human beauty from our light body, which is pure and, effortless into human form.           

That is until we are told that we must mold into something it is not and cannot be who we are, we are directed to be what others believe we should be because that is what they were taught and the pain and lack of loving ourselves begins, rising with us into adulthood where we have lost the way to finding our purpose, our passion neither of which we need to find at all. Our purpose exists in every moment we live and breathe as we exchange our energies with others. What do we exchange? Our pain or our beauty? Our passion is simply put, everything we love. Neither is a singular achievement. In fact, in life there are no real achievements only a life well lived or one that could have been. It is up to us.          

For over 20 years more than 80% of what I have done in this world has been service, free of charge and with all my heart just like this newsletter. It still is, but I got tired for a while. I got burned out. I got sick. Honestly, I had to take a step back and take time for me. I am not telling you these things because I am a martyr or desire to portray myself that way, I am telling you because I love you that much and I feel that telling you these things might just help you too.          

All these years I was so focused on my passion of bringing the secrets of the infinite to you, it never occurred to me how you felt about me. Your loving emails have been fantastic but even then, my purpose burns within me. I began to learn a different kind of lesson when in Guatemala last fall. My group was comprised of 15 of my most favorite people, many whom had traveled with me before. I had been in the hospital the week or two before the trip in kidney failure, and knew I shouldn’t go and wear myself out. But I also knew that my group had spent money on the trip I couldn’t get back, had bought their plane tickets, were so excited, I never told anyone. No one. So no one had any idea what was going on.          

My group saw I wasn’t feeling well and started carrying my bags helping me on the harder terrains and even bringing me coffee in the morning. How beautiful. What did I do with that? I got worried that they weren’t having a good time because they were worrying about me. On the second night I talked to a friend about how I was feeling and she mirrored so beautifully “Meg, don’t you know how much they love you?”. I was dumbfounded because I had never thought of the circle of love, only concentrating on my mission.           

Grandmother Elizabeth and I sat one day talking about life, the cosmos and everything in between. Were in the jungle at one of the sites. The rocks of the ancient pyramids were black as could be but as we talked, they turned completely white. Grandmother was stunned and asked me if these kinds of things happen often around me and I told her all of the time. It was one of those moments. And after we left? The rocks turned black again. In our coming together and our heart to heart conversation, the stones had responded to us and it was amazing.         

Then the love happened again last winter. I was in a touchy situation that I will keep personal for now, and I needed to get off of the ranch fast. I didn’t have the resources. I didn’t feel good, and I prayed so hard. “God”, I prayed, “I need 5 people to help me get packed up and out of here  ASAP”. Unbeknownst to me my students were already on it and took up enough of a collection to send four, paying their ways including food and lodging and they stayed for 12 days. But first two others came on their own. I had been heard and I was so Blessed grateful I am still in awe of the love and generosity they had shown to me. I am still in immense gratitude. And yet another came out and drove my car for me nearly 1500 miles. What mirrors all of these situations were and are for me. .          

Always I had faith. Always I knew miracles would happen when I needed them but one after the other came and the love, the love, the love. .          

I had become so focused that I forgot to look at what was right in front of me. And I know better! But, being human we forget sometimes. Especially when we are laser driven as I am.          

Newsletters take me two to three days as a rule. I have no staff. Everything I do is me doing it. Why? Because it is my mission. I am not about becoming a millionaire, I want to keep it pure. I am bent upon relaying the human side of Divinity because that is where we live right now. I realize the greater picture, the Oneness of all of us together each as aspects of that same one. Once I began to realize things and there are so many, it became my passion to share them. I am not one to keep things to myself, my philosophy is that if things have been “given” then they are not mine to keep. So I share them with you in every way I can humanly think of and keep up with.         

Let me tell you a bit more about my evolution because maybe some of you out there need a mirror.         

As I chose to step back, last fall, finally having some time off, I ended up in the hospital twice, three weeks apart, and nearly left this earth both times. During that time my assistant of three years disappeared on me, leaving me with no one to do my scheduling while I healed and no records of where I was with everyone. Right before my season special. Ugh. So my sweet son Travis took over in a pinch for a while.         

I left my beloved ranch last winter, and my husband of 15 years. While I was packing I got the worst phone call of my life. I lost my sweet Travis, my son, my only child, on February 4th. He went to sleep and didn’t wake up. It turned out that he had a catastrophic cardio pulmonary disease and his liver was very sick. No one knew. He was only 39. He was my best friend and the greatest source of my joy and laughter. Even at our ages we still snuggled and would sit on my bed talking for hours. I miss him beyond words. Travis had taken over my scheduling and being dyslexic had done a layout on my calendar to make sure he didn’t miss anyone. But he hadn’t written anyone yet and I didn’t know it until some of you didn’t show up for appointments you didn’t know about.         

I fiercely began rebooking those appointments and in that process a wonderful volunteer, offered to help me get things on track. Problem was, she changed the name of my calendar to hers and everything I had worked so hard to get rebooked disappeared. I didn’t know that either until two people began showing up for each appointment time. OMG. I had no way to track what had happened when she over booked my appointments they just plain vanished. I have things back to normal and I ask that if anyone was missed through all of these events if you would write me a polite email, I will prioritize you as quickly as possible and make things right. I love you and I want to honor your trust, your orders, your light shining back at me. Thank you.         

Later this year it happened again. Each event was a different issue. If not for my gifts I would not be here. In the hospital with double pneumonia and septic. Nearly left the planet again. From ICU, I survived again and here I am. Guess I am a stubborn old bat LOL I am bringing back so much information, learning, growing, evolving and praying for a peaceful world in which we can make the greatest differences.         

I have the faith that I can pull through whatever creation brought me because I always learn from those challenges. It turns out that there are several issues going on in my body that we are unable to name or put together into one diagnosis. It has been hard, extremely painful, and I chose to take time out for me. No, my work didn’t do this and yes I am a fantastic healer, but sometimes we must have human experiences so that we can learn more about ourselves and others, and realize that we have the power to be and do whatever we want or need. I continue to be physically challenged and I continue to have faith.         

The most wonderful thing is that consciousness is not tied to the physical world so I have been able to continue my work, that which I dearly love, to teach, to heal, to help others even as I help myself. I am scheduling as it is comfortable for me, which won’t take away from you or cause you a longer wait. I look very much forward to working with you this year!       

I have appreciated the well wishes many of you who did know something was going on have sent. I tend to keep my life very private because it is my life and being in the public so much well, I have to create time for me. During those times, what I learn I teach. What I learn gives me more skills to help others in so many ways I can’t begin to name them. It is a gift from the heavens that even in pain I am in joy, knowing that what is, is what we make it. What we choose or don’t.         

Having moved from my beloved ranch, due to an invitation by a friend I love dearly, I moved to a city that I had never been to. It was a miracle at the right time. I have loved teaching here, getting to know new people and finding a social life I had been so isolated from at the ranch, although I miss the silence, my animals, the natural rhythm that creation created there. What beauty.         

I now find that my move has not worked out, and I am floating, wondering where I will be carried next, and what I will find there and honestly how I am going to get wherever that is since everything that has happened since last fall has drained me dry. Not to mention that my debit cards were stolen in the hospital on the way out of ICU, and weeks later I got frauded by a web site, and drained my bank accounts dry. Still, I have the knowing that all will be as it would and that is perfection.       

I am always provided for and have never, ever been let down by creation because I have faith. Faith is our greatest tool next to the love in our hearts. It is a bit daunting but also exciting wondering what in all my life travels I have created for what’s next. I have many decisions to make and I feel as if I don’t know where to start but I don’t need to. My dad used to ask me, “How do you eat an elephant?” All I could picture was this humongous elephant and where to even start. The answer? “One bite at a time”. So I will.         

If you are moving through an evolution I hope that my example, my attitude, will give you what you need to have that faith. Don’t fight whatever your challenges are, create what you want. No one makes you who you are. You do. Take that power and shine. Resistance only creates more problems and emotional pain. Evolve and allow yourself to walk the center line of balance between your inner light as well as the darkness. To walk in perfection, it is to have balance between both. Picture the Yin and Yang. It is the line in that center we speak of. Funny thing, when you travel through creation, you move out of our reality, through a few others and find yourself in the quietest place many call the void. There it is silence. It is peaceful. It is nothingness. And you can actually hear yourself. Many believe that is it, the end, but if you keep going after experiencing the peace of nothingness, you will circle back to the light. We are that. We just need to remember.         

And one more piece of this picture. Fear is rampant. It is being propagated by the media, politicians and even ignorance in our world. It is in our face 24/7. What creates this is the interest of people who just have to listen. Understand clearly that every time we participate we feed the dragon. Fear is a what if not a reality and worse, some of us feel world and earth events in our bodies and don’t always know what we are feeling so we think something is wrong with us. We are perfection. Walk in your light it is contagious. Don’t accept fear mongering from around the world. Let us have peace on earth and in all of creation for where the light dims anywhere it dims everywhere. Let’s light it up! We are that. We are the key to a beautiful sacred world and connections, love and truth with all others. If we don’t play there is no game. Trust your light and let the fear go. That isn’t who we are nor will it ever be unless we choose a world of destruction. I will call the first vote: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         

I am extremely proud to say that this weekend we will complete our 7th year of Touching the Light, and our family has grown. We have had a fantastic year, and I am infinitely proud of them all. My students support each other, love each other, and love each client well. I am awed by how each year my new students come in ready to go already having some of the skills I teach. It is fascinating to realize that all who came before them put the teachings into the common consciousness and my new students are pulling that knowing into their hearts and hands. I salute every one of you past present and future. I am already accepting applications for 2018. Just go to and click on program information. Everything you will want to know is there.         

I apologize that this is so late and so different but then truth is truth yeah? As I do every year as a thank you to you for reading my books, following my work, traveling with me, and everything else we do together, I am offering my annual thank you two for one special. It is already up on my web site at and below you will find links for each offering. Appointments will begin mid-February and gift certificates are available as always. The terms are listed with each link below. It is ok to share these with a friend or family member, to give them as gifts and they are good for one year. The sale expires at midnight Christmas day. I will personally be doing the scheduling so that you receive the very best of me, and your sessions in an expedient time.         

I want to thank each of you personally for being here now for 20 years with me. Can you believe it? Be light. Be love. Know that anything is possible if only you believe and have faith that it is already true. I honor your evolutions! All my love, my truest heart, and happy holidays!         


Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. 

Message from the Masters:

Message from the Masters     

December 13, 2017         

Antui, Anshallah, Asi Asi Asi         

Greetings to you from the light with the light and within the light.         

Much we have to say in this now as it has been much earth time since we have spoken to you.         

The veils have lifted and what was not previously seeable now appears infinite in nature even through and into the before times, the times before human beings evolved into life forms.         

Artifacts from other worlds are visible as is your personal library all the wat to your beginnings. This occurs in two ways. First, in your causal level, the bridge between your human and your divine natures, float harmonic containers (for lack of a better human word) that contain your etheric journeys, your lifetimes and the knowledge you have gained throughout all of your lives.         

Underneath your soul bodies is what appears to be a slab. It is in fact a compressed record of each of your past lives, and like the rings on a tree, these records is the story of each of your past lives. The events, your choices and even the Karma you have moved through or still carry. If the Karma is active, it moves into your soul field, prompting patterns in your lives to clue you of their existence. If you notice patterns similar relationships and behaviors, repeating events in your lives, know that these are Karma poking at you to pay attention and make different choices. With Karma, once a different choice is made, the Karma dies out and you ae carried to a different life path, where even different choice are available to you.         

The new harmonics are aso exposing different aspects in your overall personal fields. Visible now for instance are past life cordings that did not used to be visible. These cords in some cases are strangulating entire bodies or pats of the bodies, cutting off the circulation of energy through your systems.         

Many of your heart vortices are tense, defended.  Underneath everything you are feeling all that is happening in your world and beyond. When you feel things that you do not realize or understand you go into tense mode. This causes the walls of your heart vortex to pull in, restricting your ability to be emotional past the surface or not far from it. This affects your everyday being.

That being said, many of you are moving through huge life changes that perhaps you didn’t see coming or didn’t want to. Or would have never expected. Our vehicle has addressed some of this from her personal end but let us explain the what’s and whys of it. As your hearts tense, your divine nature and your earth beings are cut off from each other. What happens is a disconnect that then moves into the solar plexus and people become moody, sick, unpredictable, unhappy, confused, can’t focus or concentrate and so many other things. It is as if heaven and earth cannot speak to each other within you.         

Even though you are not really ever disconnected, it feels like it. Not everyone is feeling this but so many are, so many.         

We must tell you. The energies within and beyond your world are quickly changing. Not only the pathways in which they flow due to perturbations of planets farther out in your universe and those in parallel universes are causing the energies to sling toward your earth. Spinning, spiraling as energy will and as it does the frequencies are changing. As they do so do the frequencies and make up of your personal systems and of your world.       

The astronomical events in occurrence are shaking you up, 4 super moons one just past three ore in the near future are causing the water in your bodies to be pushed and pulled further adding to feelings of imbalance. This is at the Earth level. Above and far from your planet others are slowing backing up, then correctly rotating again. These are called perturbations. There was one of your earth at the exact moment of the alignment that occurred in December of your 2012.         

Imagine numerous planets all rocking back then forward again all at different times, slinging energy all over the place in directions that are abnormal in all worlds. You do not experience this alone. There are others out there who feel these things too. Some have been amongst you of late more than usual but back to that in a moment. Anytime anything happens anywhere it happens everywhere. With every action there is a reaction. And you are experiencing reactions to a high degree. Imagine a ping pong ball machine as you call them. One or a few balls moving simultaneously creating events within the game. In your game, the events are outweighing the reaction times. When this occurs all that we stated above begins to occur. And they multiply. And other reactions happen. Some years ago we spoke to you about a series of star gates and interdimensional corridors opening, closing, whirlwinds of energies bombarding your earth.  Passing through you and over exciting your bodies, your minds, your entirety.         


In this now one might consider that while vastly important and huge in their effects, what occurs no outweighs all of them put together. Why? As the energies bounce around they excite all the rest of creation, or at least the greater part of it. As they do, they trigger the awakening of multidimensional events one that moves like a hot wind carrying energies so fast the speed is immeasurable. Interdimensional harmonics are blended and frequencies change. As this occurs, the excitements continue. Dimension after dimension is reharmonized and in that things move. On the 17th of this December at 5:46 eastern time in your Earth time, three stargates will open simultaneously, triangulating together and causing an immense corridor to open. It is within this corridor that the hot winds will flow. The corridor will splinter off more smaller versions of the same for nearly three weeks.         


This is the Pernacian corridor that rarely ever opens. It will shake things up universally and has the potential to create events from within your planet. Strong earthquakes, strange weather, tidal anomalies, volcanic activity and even a very slight possibility of an unexpected metor shower but it will not be of any consequence. It is the risk of the earth moving that is the greatest possibility and the possibility remains that they have the potential to be very large in their power.         

2-3 days after the triangulation passes there is a possibility of a rebound effect as things begin to settle down they may actually become magnified. Quakes may occur after the actual triangulation.         

Now, we spoke to you earlier that those from other worlds have been walking among you. They do so because their worlds are at risk of severe effects from the Pernacian triangulation. They have done what they can to protect their worlds and have temporarily been moving to safer ground so to speak. Some of you feel them, see them, hear them. Some of you do not believe in them at all. Whatever your avenue is they walk among you both in your dimension and dimensions very close to yours. They have gone elsewhere too depending upon what part of creation they originate. And they will return after the effects on their world cease. Their risks are more plasma related and for some, the possibility of radiation or with enough proximity to the origin points, actual departiculation.         

We have spoken to you many times about the particulates of which all thing are made. There are events that can cause the order to disorder and the particulates to literally come apart. When they do, one of two things will happen. Either they will come back together as if nothing has occurred as in your Star Wars “Beam me up Scotty!” (How about that a celestial joke! Rare to say the least) or secondly the particulates will fly apart never to meet again, lost into the null zones where they will ultimately at another time in creation become of another reality. Your world is not at risk but that does not mean that others are not. So for this now, Those in need walk among you. Should you meet, be kind. They are temporarily refugees.         

This series of events is not a regular occurrence. It just is. In creation events occur when something sets them off. Everything isn’t planned, or predictable or regulated. Everything that happens effects everything else as we said. In your terms this is a whopper chain of events. So if you feel different somehow, if things happen that you do not expect, if your Earth shakes or other occurrences happen, know that all of these things are mere responses to much greater events.         

Remember you are created of particulates and between these are corridors through which energy flows, cleansing you, regenerating you, vitalizing you, get your heart and your solar plexus opened and relaxed so that the energies of creation can communicate and move through your corridors and out of your bodies. Aligning your energy system will assist in preventing discomfort and reactive events around you.         

If you are closed the world around you will become reactive. If you desire to feel this less, even avoid reactivity all together, breathe into your heart space, open it as widely as possible. Allow your solar plexus to be open and willing to allow the energies to pass through. Allow your divinity and your humanity to speak freely, combine, entangle as you are one with all things and in order for that to be fully true why allow any interference at all to restrict your greatest gift?         

Just as you do, Creation is moving through a period of evolution as it always has long before you were a spark in the darkness of the Beginning. This means that so are you evolving, morphing energetically, changing harmonically, seeing things differently perhaps than you have before, and yet when you look in the mirror there you will be but look into your eyes. Who is that staring back? Can you see you? Has the color of your eyes changed after the upcoming event has passed? Those who have been “home” experience this phenomenon. This time “home” is coming to you.


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