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Posted Sunday, December 3, 2017
NorthPoint Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
December 4 to 10, 2017
by Pam Younghans
HAVING DELIVERED on her Full Moon promises, Luna now begins the second half of her lunar cycle. The waning phase we are entering, coinciding with most of Mercury’s retrograde (backward) phase, takes us on a journey of reflection and release as we wend our way to a rendezvous with an especially significant New Moon two weeks hence.

For an overview of today’s Full Moon, as well as Mercury retrograde, Saturn conjunct the Galactic Center, and more, please click here to enjoy a 20-minute BeLive facebook interview Elsie Kerns and I just recorded this morning!

CHIRON stations direct on Tuesday, completing its retrograde phase that began on June 30. Over these past five months, many wounds have been exposed to the light so that they might be healed. It’s rarely comfortable to look at our wounds, those fears and pockets of emotional vulnerability that have inhibited our full and joyous participation in life. And it can also be painful to go through the process of cleaning out the deeper wounds so that they might finally heal.

With Chiron in sensitive Pisces, the core wound we’ve been asked to heal has to do with a lack of faith in the universe, in the unfolding of a plan that we may not be able to understand from our limited viewpoint. As a part of learning to trust, we’ve challenged ourselves to move beyond a world of separation and to understand our interconnectedness at a much more visceral level. Our sensitivity to the suffering of others has increased, a sure sign that we are opening our hearts.

The existential question is always: If _____ (God, the universe) is made of love, how and why do terrible things happen? However we might choose to answer that question, the real issue is: How can I embody love and compassion so that even when terrible things happen, I add to the light and diminish the darkness?

MERCURY AND SATURN have their second of three alignments this coming Wednesday. This day marks a pivotal step in a process that began last week and will wrap up on January 12, when the final alignment occurs.

Both planets will be in exciting sextile aspect with Mars in Libra on Wednesday. This planetary interplay supports our having the courage to state our truth with authority and to stand firm in our convictions — especially as related to issues of justice and right relationship.

WE EXPERIENCE ANOTHER shift of energies next Saturday when Mars enters Scorpio. Whereas Mars in Libra might be reticent to be too forceful, Mars in Scorpio has no such qualms. If we’ve been worried about having the energy and motivation necessary for pursuing our passions, this change of signs should help us focus our intentions.

For those who are already strongly driven, Mars in Scorpio can shift them into overdrive. Power struggles can ensue, especially if lingering and unexpressed emotions such as resentment and anger have been brewing.

This is not the best time to prod the snake with a stick to see if it will strike, but Mars in Scorpio can help us have the courage needed to confront both inner and outer demons. Mars will be in Scorpio until it enters Sagittarius on January 26.

NEXT WEEKEND offers quite a mix of influences for us to choose between. In addition to Mars entering Scorpio, we have a highly energized and insightful Mercury-Uranus trine that occurs in the very early hours of Sunday morning (1:28 a.m. PST, 9:28 a.m. GMT). We may want to tap into this influence either late Saturday night or first thing on Sunday, while it is strongest, and before Mercury gets too tangled up in its square to Chiron (10:32 a.m. PST, 6:32 p.m. GMT).

In essence, if we take the time to breathe and get calm, the Mercury-Uranus aspect can help us access the higher mind more easily than usual. We’ll want to capture the insights and ideas we receive, however, through writing them down or otherwise recording them — because the Mercury-Chiron square that follows can raise uncertainty about whether to trust what we received, making it less likely that we’ll pay attention to the messages.

And, a lazy Venus-Neptune square, also on Sunday, can result in a general tendency to want to sit and do nothing, even something as simple as grabbing a pen and paper. And this is not an especially good day to divulge your deepest secrets to another, since our discrimination about who to trust with our vulnerability is not at its most acute.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You are coming out of a time of restriction and entering a period when you can expand creatively and spiritually. It is time to pay attention to what feeds you on those levels, and to make it a priority to open your life to activities and perspectives that will be most fulfilling. Let go of judgments that have limited your world, and open your heart and mind to the adventure that awaits.

In peace,


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