Highlights of Recent Messages Genii Has Received 
We want to bring everyone up to date on the Guidance that Genii has been getting since the last issue of the newsletter. Here is her most recent visit.

NOW!  Embassy of Peace Headquarters Visit 11-18,2017
As the meditation scene began, no one was seen but me, running into an open 5 story high entrance. I feel excited and happy to be back. “Thanks God! Here I come Ooo-lon!” As I pass through the now-open entrance, the usual little yellow scooter (car) awaits with my City Guide La-Luke already in the back seat, leaving me up front to push the dashboard buttons to our destination which is the City Embassy of Peace, which I have been invited to many times, where I get to conference with the City headmaster Ooo-lon.
I am so blessed to have Master Hermes work with me as well. It is he who brought this City of massive delights of light and healing love through my now, so-called deceased husband, (excuse me, nobody dies). Rev. Dr. Bill Townsend. I also bless all the friends from outer space who have worked to build God’s dream into our 3rd level for much healing is indeed needed. Through the City of Light, we will experience the love that God sends us as the much-anticipated 2nd Coming of the Christ. Yes, this awesomely beautiful edifice called the City of Light is coming forth as a second coming. NOW!
That sacred energy spoken of so long ago spreads itself into 13 more Cities of Light healing just like this first one, around the planet so the holiness heals many many more at the same time … no one is left out NOW or ever. The healing is complete and accurate. It heals all the core issues, starting with the mental thinking that begets the physical problems. There is a building in the City called “The Body Temple.” It is the first place where the patient’s issues are diagnosed and the healing plan is created for that individual. It is very personalized for each case. Our friend, Dr. Rick Cohen, has been advised that he will be associated with that building, and he has been able to go into the facility and learn about how it works. Please see the article about his experience in this newsletter.
Meanwhile NOW… I take you back into the Embassy of Peace through the front doors into the sweet smell of foreign-looking flowers that smell so good. Oh my, How I enjoy the fragrance as I continue into the main arena where I get to speak with Ooo-lon, who is NOW waiting on the main stage for me to join him.
The main isle is quite interesting from my point of view, as hundreds of universal friends from far away places with strange sounding names, gathered to this unusual meeting with a blonde human female in attendance with Ooo-lon.  The best I can say is that the love I NOW was experiencing, was out of this world … really! Open the doors and send it out to every state in our country and get us united as is said in our “UNITED STATES” of America.” NOW! … WE NEED IT RIGHT NOW … L-O-V-E ! … AND LOTS OF IT … NOW! As a friend of mine says … “Either it comes from love or it does not … if not we don’t need it!”
Meanwhile up on the stage is Ooo-lon and as I near him, I get what I call an electric City Hug! … WOW! Worth the trip! NOW! It is time as we sit on a padded bench and he says, “NOW, what shall be our sharing?” 
G: “NOW… and just as I began to speak, from back stage curtain, came in light my Bill and my little white puppy Light Spirit (who both had passed over, came out  and surprised me. Darn. Here come the tears of missing them. The audience clapped and made funny sounds. A few moments with them and now was the time for my visit to be spoken of, and I was wondering why the heck I was here? … Oh! “When? When? When? Will this City Appear?”
O:  Smiled and said. “NOW!”
G:  “What?”
O: “NOW! … NOW! … NOW!” and he smiled that half smile of his and pronounced “Nnnaaahhhwww” incorporating the AHHH tone.
I fully expected the walls to shake and the audience to get up and run out! But all I saw and heard was applause and funny sounding tones coming from them NOW! Gosh … NOW, I am doing it!
O:  “Dear one, you live in a third dimension world. Today you are with us, in the 5th dimension City world. It takes you a bit longer in your time zone due to your using  that space to make dreams come into view. You help people grant wishes and what do you sound in doing that? Do you not claim that it be NOW! and nothing less will do?  OF COURSE! The world you live in is not sound proof. You have sound right NOW! 
“So sound the NOW tone for the City, and you will see it sooner than later. PROMISE … the more 4 KEYS Light Links that sound this Now tone, the sooner it will appear. This is yourCITY OF LIGHT and don’t forget your part as God! Got the picture? The more the merrier!NOW!“ 
G: “I understand.” And right NOW I feel a bit of overwhelm and so I brought this session to a close as my meditation energy is running low.
Meanwhile back at the Sedona home … time to rest … NOW! Thanks for tuning in NOW. USE IT, IT IS MAGIC … See you in the City of Love because I do love you … NOW and forever more!
JEDI GENII at your service …
Just a Matter of Time!

Guidance for Genii 10-8-2017
G: “I have been listening to my favorite Pastor Joel Osteen on television this morning.  He talked about giving birth, and I recognized that I am doing that with the City of Light. What do I need to be aware of?”
A: “Dear One, It is indeed true, and a matter of what you refer to as a ‘matter of time’ that you live partly now in a 3rd Dimension that uses the energy of made-up time. Most of your time is preparing for your part of introducing God’s Holy plan of cleaning up that which has gone astray with darkness. Thoughts and deeds that cannot and will not continue, will not be, as the powerful energy from God’s mind cancels all of that. He has you, (yes you) up for something spectacular.
“The City of Light! When the first of 14 such cities suddenly appears in the Sedona area,
it will heal everyone and everything that needs healing, as it is supposed to do with God’s direction and your energy in both the mental and physical realms. Then will 13 more Cities of Light appear all across the planet to multiply God’s action in the healing of all of humanity.
“You Dear One, are the chosen one for this appearance, so as your Energy Fields are elevating you (as pre-known,) and stay activated with the Dr. Bill Townsend’s energy fields, this combination makes for the birthing, and that with the power added from The Holy Hermes, this is indeed a 3 way birthing such has never been seen before ever!
“God trusts your vibrations and has you well in hand, as the birthing takes place soon.
The City of Healing Love comes with the Christ overseeing the whole production of this Holy City of Peace. ‘Be still and know GOD’ … that this unusual Birthing Event, (destined to be felt world- wide) can indeed change the frequencies of thoughts into love and eliminate the thoughts that are other than loving.  You dear one are set to see what You, Dr. Bill Townsend and Hermes are bringing forth to humanity”
The Power of Peace on Purpose! ….THE HOLY CITY OF LIGHT !
Can We Access The City of Light NOW?

by Renee Trenda
I am one of the locals here in the Sedona Area and I am so fortunate to be able to visit the City land any time I want to. For me, it is a place of special feelings. Sometimes I find it very peaceful and other times it is very exhilarating. I can’t see it, but I DO find that I can connect with some of the beings there. I have had some delightful conversations, and gotten much-needed advice and answers to questions on this sacred site. Is the presence of the City real for me? Oh Yes!
I get all excited when I think of the goodness that will happen here. I imagine that seekers will come by the thousands to get the healing they need and I rejoice for their happiness. I imagine those who will come looking for knowledge and finding it, take the new teachings out to their communities to change the world. I long for the revelation of this divine gift … the wondrous unveiling of what is sitting here.
I have no idea when that magic moment will happen. That overnight sensation when the City lets all know that it is here … lighting up the sky for hundreds of miles. The glory of God in our midst. Ahhh!
I asked myself if I really had to wait to use the blessings that are here. I have had a sense that the City is being used already for healing those who are in 4D. I can’t see those folks either, but I just sense that this is happening. Who said that this healing is only for those in 3D? I think it is for anyone that is trying to achieve their ascension to 5D, so that includes all of us presently in 3D and those who have crossed over to 4D as well.
Yes, it is all in my imagination for I can’t prove anything that crosses my mind. But I thought that I might as well try and access the healing facilities for myself and for remote healings. The worst that can happen is that they tell me no. Not until we unveil. Well, that did not happen. I have found that every time I asked for a healing, it was granted.
I simply address the “Healing Technicians” on the site, explain the situation that I am asking for a healing for, and ask for their help. And they comply. They do tell me that I need to ask those folks for their permission to have the City team work on them, but that is a principle that I have always known and followed anyway. No problem. Get the permission.
I have come away satisfied that it is indeed OK to use the City right now. We are in NOW Time and so use it NOW. Try it. You will love it. We do not need to wait any longer. Imagine That as Jedi Genii says!

     Renee Trenda
Dr. Cohen Is Still Fire-Walking and Teaching! 
The Fire-Walking Foot Doctor:
One Man’s Spiritual Journey 
by Dr. Rick F Cohen
Dr. Rick Cohen is far more than a Fire-walking Foot Doctor! He is one of the most amazingly gifted healing practitioners and spiritual teachers we have ever been blessed to know.  Check out his new short video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhdSQzPzOH0&feature=youtu.be  
Dr. Rick Cohen Answers Your Questions About Walking on Fire, Etc. 
Dr. Rick Cohen Answers Questions About Walking on Fire, Etc.


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